Christmas Card Messages & Wishes for the Holidays

Last updated December 12, 2019.

ChristmasIt is a special season when friends and family can reconnect through shared hopes and wishes. ChristmasMessages Families look forward to their messages. ChristmasDisplay or hang family photos and greetings cards for theHoliday season. For that reason it’s important to take theTime to craft your message well forYou are your family. If you’re looking for Christmas writing inspiration, we’ve collected a list of perfect ChristmasCard messages and wishes forSend your holiday greetings!

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Best Christmas Card Messagesamp; Wishes

ChristmasCards are primarily made from cards theThe following sections: theA greeting, a personal note, a holiday message or quote, your signed name and photos of the family are all acceptable. Each of these pieces should all be thoughtfully chosen and deeply felt. If you’re struggling to find the right message or sentiment, we’ve found some great ChristmasWünsche forAny occasion, any relationship. Take a look at our options below.

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ChristmasGreeting Card Messages

ChristmasChristmas is a time for tradition so traditional christmas card messages are ideal for any season’s greetings. You can find inspiration from our favourite classics by clicking the link below.

Merry Christmas Wishes

Sometimes a simple “Merry Christmas” is theMost elegant message we can give to our loved one. This is a beautiful and simple message that can be sent to loved ones. theHere are some examples

  • ‘Tis theSeason to wish one another happiness, love, and peace. Merry Christmas Christmas.
  • Merry ChristmasAll the best for a happy new year!
  • All the best for a very Merry Christmas. Christmas.
  • The gift of love. The gift of peace. The gift of happiness. May you have all of these. Christmas.
  • Santa Claus may bring you all that you desire for. Merry ChristmasYou can!
  • Here’s to a year of blessings and beyond. Merry Christmas! ChristmasYou can!

Happy Holidays Messages

These classic greetings are great for those who want to send general Holiday wishes and messages.

  • Best wishes forHappy HolidaysAnd a happy New Year.
  • Best wishes and warmest greetings for this holiday season forThis New Year, happiness.
  • We wish you a wonderful and peaceful holiday!
  • All theAll the best this holiday season!
  • All your wishes come true. Happy HolidaysYou can!
  • Here’s to a wonderful Holiday season and a Happy New Year!

Oder forYou can find more examples in our resource on holiday card messages and wishes.

Religious Christmas CardGreetings

Find the right Christian ChristmasCard messages forFriends and family theBelow is a list of greetings:

  • May you ChristmasFill it with theThe true miracles of this Merry Time and the meaning thereof are truly amazing.
  • May theJoy and peace are the result ChristmasAll the way, be there theNew Year. We wish you many blessings from the heavens.
  • We wish you joy-filled holidays, and that your world is filled with warmth. Christmas.
  • A quiet night, a star high, a blessed gift to hope and love. Merry ChristmasFor you and your family.
  • I wish that you would be happy theGod is unconditionally loved in all circumstances theYour daily prayers and dreams will be remembered. Merry Christmas Christmas.
  • We pray for you to have a wonderful day. Christmas filled with moments you’ll always remember.
  • God bless you with a happy, peaceful, loving celebration ChristmasAll throughout theYear.

Christmas MessagesFriends

Friends are the best friends. ChristmasGive a gift to let them know you appreciate their contribution. ChristmasLetter. Some of our favorites examples are listed below.

  • To your ChristmasTime I wish you many blessings and much happiness.
  • Being my friend makes it feel like I am in a real friendship ChristmasEvery day. Merry Christmas Christmas.
  • ChristmasIt is the feeling that true friends share, with laughter and love, to show their support.
  • I hope you’re all making this a ChristmasRemember!
  • We are so grateful to have a friend like yours ChristmasAll year.
  • Your friendship and your love are the best Christmas gift that I’ve gotten. Merry Christmas Christmas.
  • It’s friends like you that make this season so special and magical.
  • We wish you joy, peace, and harmony. theThis wonderful holiday is the best. This holiday of sharing and spending time with loved ones may bring you joy. theJoy that lasts theYear.

Christmas MessagesFamily

ChristmasIf theBest time of the year forSpending time with your loved ones is important. ChristmasThis sentiment is reflected in the card. Take a look at our examples for ChristmasMessages forBelow are the family members:

  • Spending time with loved ones is the best gift for this holiday season the ChristmasTree.
  • You’re all so important to us. Be safe and happy this holiday season
  • To all theTo all my dear friends, I wish you the very best. theJoy and happiness are what this brings. ChristmasIt’s all about you!
  • Being surrounded by family is a blessing. the best ChristmasGifts are the best.
  • At ChristmasAnd always, how blessed you are.
  • Sending lots of love and thoughts to you Christmas.
  • We are so grateful to have such a wonderful family. Merry Christmas ChristmasYou can!
  • You can give gifts of love and time. theThe basic ingredients for a truly Merry Christmas Christmas.

A young mother and her son are celebrating Christmas morning together, they are both lying on the floor and playing with newly opened toys together.

Christmas MessagesTeachers

Your children have received a lot of attention from teachers this year. ChristmasIt’s a great way to express your gratitude. Take a look at these examples for message inspiration:

  • Let this holiday season be filled with cheers and surprises, because that is what you deserve the best.
  • Season’s Greetings from theFamilie! All the best! theThe year ended on a positive note.
  • Best wishes forYou and your family will love it Christmas. Merry ChristmasHappy New Year!
  • Enjoy a happy, joyful, holly and jolly holiday! ChristmasA Happy New Year!
  • We are so grateful for all that you’ve done this year. Merry Christmas ChristmasBest wishes for a happy new year!
  • Happy Holidays. All my best wishes for happiness this holiday season as well as throughout the year. theNext year

Business Christmas CardGreetings

Professional settings require more reserved but still warm greetings. We’ve collected a list perfect for any office, whether it’s forA coworker, an employee, or a manager.

Employee Christmas Card Messages

  • We wish you and your family good tidings! We wish you all a Merry Christmas! Christmas.
  • Happy HolidaysAll theYou are the best theYear to Come
  • All things holiday the time, I so appreciate the great work you do.
  • Peace, love, harmony and joy are our wishes for you. We also wish that your home is filled with love. Happy Holidays.
  • We hope that your holidays are filled with joy, laughter and happiness theNew Year. Merry Christmas ChristmasYou can!

MessagesFor your coworker

  • I wish you a joyful holiday season, and a prosperous New Year.
  • It’s a pleasure to work with you and a joy to wish you a merry ChristmasYou can!
  • We hope that theThe new year offers new opportunities and new possibilities.
  • Take some time to relax and spend quality time with your family. Merry Christmas ChristmasHappy and healthy new year!

MessagesFor Boss

  • Merry ChristmasFrom all of us! Here’s to a season of success and harmony.
  • We’re all hoping that you have a fantastic holiday season and a fabulous New Year.
  • Warmest wishes forHappy holidays!
  • You have so many reasons to be happy in this most beautiful and joyful season. Enjoy a magical holiday season! ChristmasYou can!
  • We wish you a happy and joyful holiday season.

Christmas CardQuotes

Sometimes a quote conveys your holiday sentiment best. In that case, we’ve found a few favorites for theHoliday season you might like forMake your own ChristmasCards

  • Peace will remain on Earth when we live. ChristmasEvery day. by Helen Steiner Rice
  • We live by what you get, but we live by what we give. Winston Churchill
  • I will honor ChristmasKeep it in my heart and try to keep all of it theYear. Charles Dickens
  • ChristmasWave a magic wand across the world and you will see that everything becomes more soft and beautiful. Norman Vincent Peale
  • ChristmasIs theDay that holds all times together. Alexander Smith
  • I’m dreaming of a white ChristmasEverybody. ChristmasCard I write: May your days and nights be bright and merry, and may all of your Christmases be white. Irving Berlin
  • Perhaps Christmas, he thought, doesn’t come from a store. Perhaps Christmas. . . perhaps . . .means a little bit more!’ Dr Seuss
  • ChristmasOpening our hearts is more than opening our presents. Janice Maeditere
  • ChristmasIt is not a date. It is a state or mind. Mary Ellen Chase
  • Blessed are they theSeason that engages theWhole world in a conspiracy to love. Hamilton Wright Mabie
  • Perhaps theBest Yuletide decoration: wreathed with smiles Unknown
  • From one place to the next, from Home to home and heart to heart. The warmth and joy that are ChristmasIt brings us closer together. Emily Matthews

Signing ChristmasCards

ChristmasSign cards by hand using either blue ink or black ink. Even if theRest of your card has been printed. You should sign it personally thecard. If you’re looking forHere are some examples of closing remarks ideas:

  • Best wishes
  • With love
  • All our love
  • Happy Holidays
  • Merry Christmas
  • Much love
  • Hugs and kisses
  • XOXO
  • All the best
  • Warmly
  • Take care
  • Yours truly
  • Sincerely
  • Cheers
  • There are many reasons to love.
  • God bless
  • Your friend

Make sure you choose the right sign off for the recipient. For example, if it’s for a professional relationship, “Take care” or “Happy Holidays” will do. For friends and family, “Much Love” and “Yours Truly” are fine.

Top view of female hands writing a letter to Santa. Christmas presents and decorations placed on wooden table next to the letterContinue reading Christmas CardResources

If you’re looking forAdditional ChristmasYou can find card resources in our article on What to Write In a Christmas CardYou can also visit our website. You can also visit our ChristmasTo find the perfect card collection theRight card and stationary forYou and your family.

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