Matchmaking for Friends: What to Do and What Not to Do

What can make a matchmaker do much better than you? Many people consider this a normal question before choosing the best service. 

You see, nothing is wrong with your ability and skill to find someone for your friend. Your concern is usually with the people you need your help with. It is a huge risk to set up people you are unfamiliar with that a matchmaker can handle. 

Dos and Don’ts for Matchmaking for Friends 

Matchmaking is much harder and more complicated than it appears, especially when dealing with a friend. What could start as a kind act that could end up causing resentment, grief, and broken friendships? So, before you begin thinking about your next “match,” here are some dos and don’ts for setting up a friend.

What to Do – Consider Your Motivation 

If you are happy in a relationship, others may be tempted to feel the same way. There is nothing wrong with that mindset. You surely want your friends to feel true love from a special person. The sad thing is that many people are now focusing on different areas in life, such as:


  • Career
  • New apartment 
  • New technological gadgets
  • Having pets
  • Business investment


These areas are completely out of dating, and many are giving them a priority. 


If you need a professional matchmaking service, your friend and the other person must show interest. They at least need to have fun getting to know each other once you set them up. Always consider your motivation if you want your friend to meet a good person.

What Not to Do – Never Set Up a Lonely Friend 

Do not consider a matchmaker if your friend feels worried and lonely. The setup might not work because it does not result in a perfect match. A friend with a turbulent mood may not also build a healthy relationship. Remember that no good act will go unpunished. 


What to Do – Make Things Easier 

If you want to help your friend find a good match, you have to make things easier. Act like a trusted friend and avoid complicated things. Do not consider yourself a middleman because your plans will go wrong.


When you search for a matchmaking service for help, consider the following criteria:

  • Hopes
  • Dreams 
  • Dating results
  • Kind of relationship


Being a true friend helps you decide to match people better because you understand them. If things are easier for everyone involved, this develops a smooth connection.  

What Not to Do – Never Creep in Advance 

Chemistry is an element of surprise; you might lose control if you creep for the best result. Your friend might be keen on meeting someone for the first time, But you also need to consider that a good date may result in a perfect match.  


Even if a potential person shows up for your friend, it does not mean it is the best match. You need to sense the person to develop interest and anticipation. 

What to Do – Set Low Expectations

After you find a matchmaker and your friend is going on a date, set low expectations. If you have higher expectations for both of them, it can disappoint you if they fail after dating. You need to act as if you are the matchmaker by allowing them to make their impressions.


Never involve yourself too much during the setup if you choose a dependable matchmaking service. Since both are adults, you need to let them:

  • Connect 
  • Sort out their date 
  • Decide if they like one another 


All you need to do is relax and let the magic unfold. 


What to Do – Giving Expert Pre-Date Advice 

Giving pre-date advice on the first date of your friend can help ease her nerves. Your friend does not know the person she is meeting. This person is a professional matchmaker who gives the best advice on what to wear in a potential starting conversation.


When talking about pre-dating advice, your friend will speak from her personal dating experience. Before the date, she does not know how she will be on a date. Remember that the first impression is a one-shot opportunity, and the matchmaker speaks to your friend before the date. 


Expert advice can ensure an ace first date or meetup with a lasting impression. 

What Not to Do – Never Come Off Strong 

It is essential for your friend not to become overconfident or come off strong. She needs to be confident when talking to the person. As a good friend, you must tell her how she must behave during the meetup. She needs to avoid the following undesirable traits:


  • Being clingy
  • Being needy


Your friend needs to allow the time to take its natural course. She must act smoothly on things without forcing herself. Some relationships start in the wrong direction but end up better because of showing good behavior. Allowing things to flow naturally results in good matchmaking.

What to Do – Date Another Person 

It is best for your friend to date another person and not limit herself to one guy only. This strategy is helpful when searching for and dating a person for the first time. Remember that the opportunity that comes to your friend might not be the same for others. 


Not dating a single person is always possible to find a perfect life partner. You need to help your friend search for anyone that defines a perfect soulmate. It ensures your friend a better relationship by picking someone who is a complete package. 

What Not to Do – Never Treat a Date as a Joke

It is best to tell your friend not to treat the date as a joke. She needs to use the opportunity to enjoy and have fun. By being serious when dating the person, your friend will be happy. 


As a trusted friend who finds the best matchmaker for her, she will always think your decision is correct. A perfect date can develop true love and not just a joke.  



Choosing the most reliable matchmaking service is key to finding a willing and sincere person. You must admit that you cannot easily force your friend to date someone without expectation. It will help if you do not assert whether she needs your help or not. A good matchmaker will keep your friendship longer and stronger.  


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