Meet The 6 Most Popular Girls Of The Mario Franchise

We all know Mario, Luigi, Toad, Wario, Bowser, and many other famous characters from the Mario franchise.

They have been popular for a long time and are highly iconic.

However, they are not given as much attention to the other characters in the same universe.

Did you know Toad had a sister? Do you know who Mario saved in the first Donkey Kong game?

Well, if I just made you curious, stick around and get to know the 5 girls of the Mario Universe:

Female Characters in the Mario Franchise

Peach, the Mushroom Princess

mario peach the mushroom princess

This princess needs no introduction. We’ve all helped her in too many games.

The Bowser is constantly trying to kidnap the princess of Mushroom Kingdom.

There are many games that you get to play as her Peach. Mario Bross 2, Super Smash Bross, and Mario Kart are a few examples.

Peach is portrayed as classy, delicate, and brave. Although she’s a traditional, charming princess, Super Smash has shown us that she can be a strong competitor!

Daisy, the other Princess

mario daisy the sarasaland princess

Although she is not as famous as Peach, Daisy has been in over 80 games of the franchise.

Her reputation as being competitive and light-hearted makes her a possible love interest for Luigi.

She was originally meant to be a copy of Peach but she came from another country. As time passed, the princess from Sarasaland evolved into her own person with an individual design and personality.

Toadette, Toad’s Sister


She is Princess Peach’s assistant and Toad’s little sister. Toadette is basically a female version of Toad.

She is also a mushroom kingdom resident and has proven to be cheerful and energetic. Her unique trait is her bouncing ponytails.

She first appeared in Mario Kart: Double Dash!She was first seen in Kart: Double Dash! but she has been in many different games since then.

We may see her dynamic personality fully developed in a future game. The Some of the worst characters have been brought to attention, but who knows?

Wendy O. Koopa, the Female Koopa

mario wendy o koopa the female koopa

Wendy is the only female of the Koopa clan, which was originally presented as Bowser’s children.

She is Bowser’s only child, and a bossy, spoilt, daddy’s girl.

She was named after Wendy O. Williams (lead singer of the Punk Rock Band Plasmatics), many people don’t know. Wendy has appeared in Mario Games as a boss at least 15 different times!

Rosalina, the Watcher of the Cosmos

mario rosalinathe watcher of the cosmos

Rosalina, also known as Rosetta in Japan, has first appeared in Super Mario Galaxy.

Ever since, she has been playable in several other Mario games. After her first appearance, she was already a fan favorite, earning her place as heroin in the Mario franchise.

Pauline, the first Damsel in Distress

mario pauline the first damsel in distress Although most people think that Peach was the first damsel in distress that Mario had to save, Mario’s first love was Nintendo’s first female character: Pauline.

Since her kidnapping by young Cranky Kong in the original Donkey Kong, she has been featured in more than 20 games.

Although she was first introduced as a love interest to Mario, this idea was quickly dropped. Peach was the plumber’s love interests, and Pauline is now portrayed as a friend.

Final Words

Did we forget any important girl of the Mario Franchise? Did you know Toad had a sister?

I was certainly surprised to learn that Pauline was Mario’s first love! Do let us know if you know any other fun facts about the Mario girls!

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