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Did you make the decision to get a Siberian Husky? Now it’s time to find perfect Husky Names to match their dominant, athletic, and bold temperament.

Husky Names Feature
Deciding on the perfect Husky name for such a magnificent breed isn’t easy but don’t worry, we are here to help!

This guide will help you find the right name for your four-legged friend.

When you are looking for inspiration to name your new pet, there are many places to look. There are many places you can find inspiration!

In this article, we have over 121 Husky Names to help you draw inspiration and name your dog.

Good Husky Names

Finding a solid, classic Husky name is easy.

It is easy to choose names based on the way they look, their special features and even their personality (good or bad). Here are a few ideas:

  • Jet
  • Bolt
  • Alpha
  • Hunter
  • Wolf – Classic
  • Houdini – Naughty by nature, you will soon learn that these dogs may be fluffy escape artists
  • Sky
  • Storm
  • Saber
  • Blaze
  • Dash
  • Fang
  • Turbo
  • Snow
  • Yeti – A mystical snow creature
  • Aspen
  • Alaska
  • Foxy

Siberian Husky Names

In order to find the perfect Siberian Husky names, let’s go back to their roots. Perhaps a name related to a famous Husky, or any Inuit/Alaskan name.

  • Balto – A famous Alaskan Sled dog.
  • Winter
  • Alpine
  • Ulva – (i.e. wolf)
  • Siku – (i.e. Ice)
  • Sesi – (i.e. Snow)
  • Miska – (i.e. Little Bear)
  • Amak – (i.e. playful pup)
  • Suka – (i.e. Fast)
  • Hachi – Hachiko (A true Japanese story about the magical bond between a professor and a stray Akita)
  • Koko – (i.e. Night)
  • Togo – The world’s bravest sled dog
  • Akira – (i.e. Intelligent)
  • Nanuq – (i.e. Polar Bear)
  • Shila – (i.e. Flame)
  • Sakari – (i.e. Sweet)
  • Atka – (i.e. King)
  • Kavik – (i.e. Wolverine)
  • Aro and Jiro – Two dogs who were the only survivors of a Japanese expedition to the Arctic in 1958.)
  • Kaskae – (i.e. Chief)
  • Nanook – (i.e. Cute)
Siberian Husky Names
The key to finding a good name is to focus on their most loveable characteristics.

Female Husky Names

When it comes to finding the perfect Husky Names for your new female Husky; you definitely want to think of a name that relates to beauty, dominance, and intelligence.

This is the perfect opportunity to name your Husky after a female role model who truly inspires you:

  • Buffy – The Vampire Slayer
  • Sansa – Game of Thrones
  • Belle – Beauty and the Beast
  • Leia – Star Wars
  • Xena – The Warrior Princess
  • Mulan – Disney Character (Mulan)
  • Hera – Queen of the Olympian Gods
  • Elsa – Disney Character (Frozen)
  • Venus or Serena – Tennis Players (Last name – Williams)
  • Mika – Meaning “Gift from God”
  • Laika – First Husky in Space
  • Tonya – American figure skating legend (Last name – Harding)
  • Desna – Inuit name meaning “Boss”
  • Nova – Astrological term meaning a brightening star
  • Kyra
  • Amal – Human right’s lawyer (Last name Clooney- Yes, George Clooney’s wife)
  • Astra – Meaning star
  • Akira – Japanese translation to “intelligent”
  • Sasha – Meaning “helper of mankind”. The Husky was bred as a sled dog and is therefore indeed a helper to mankind
  • Athena – Greek Goddess of Warfare and Craft

Male Husky Names

Oh, and let’s not forget our male Huskies. Again, let’s think of something macho and masculine to match their temperament.

The A strong male name can enhance the naughtiness, boldness and power of this breed. Here are some of our picks:

  • Thor – God (Germanic Mythology) or Marvel Superhero
  • Atticus – Ancient Philosopher
  • Zeus – The King of the Greek Gods
  • Bruno
  • Oscar
  • Yuri – (Last name – Gagarin, the first person to travel to space aboard the Vostok)
  • Diego
  • Axel
  • Ace
  • Stark – After Tony Stark (Iron Man)
  • Hulk – Marvel Superhero
  • Obi
  • Phoenix
  • Leo
  • Ares – God of War
  • Beau
  • Duke
  • Loki (The God of Mischief – this one is perfect!)
  • Tank
  • Zorro
Husky Names from Movies
Vader (Darth Vader from Star Wars) – a great name for a darker Husky.

Husky Names from Movies

The Husky is an astonishing and athletic breed so it is only natural that they were bound to make their way onto our cinema screens. Whether the Husky is the main character or a side-kick, they are hard to miss:

  • Demon
  • Mack
  • Diesel
  • Yodel
  • Sniff
  • Duchess
  • Scooper
  • Max
  • Maya
  • Truman
  • Jasper
  • Tiberius
  • Dewey
  • Shorty
  • Old Jack
  • Gus
  • Inca
  • Kayla
  • Jon Snow
  • Shasta

Celebrity Husky Names

Since 2004, the Husky breed has been growing in popularity.

Celebrities are adopting the breed, and it is not surprising that they have become so popular. Here are a few celebrity husky names for additional inspiration:

  • Floyd – Miley Cyrus
  • Alley – Ben Stiller
  • Aurora – Ashlan Gorse
  • Sky – Jared Leto
  • Bowie – Rita Ora
  • Buckets – Quincy Pondexter
  • Buddy – Taylor Lautner
  • Eli – Lesley-Ann Brandt
  • Luna – Louis Smith
  • Dallas – Danica Sue Patrick
  • Sasha – Russell Westbrook
  • Clark – Chad Michael Murray’s husky inspired from the main character off National Lampoon’s Vacation (Film Series)
  • Baylor – Selena Gomez (This one is actually a Husky mix)
  • Blue – Leah Remini
  • Kona – Nick Lachey
  • Waldo Picasso – Joe Jonas
  • Swaggy Wolfdog – Alex Lange
  • Vodoo – Bella Thorne
  • Lilo
  • Maru
  • Maska

There are so many famous Huskies on Instagram, feel free to go and check them out.

Parent and Puppy Husky

Did You Know: 7 Husky Facts

You have heard all of our best Husky Names. These top 7 facts about huskies will amaze you. These facts will make it easy to see why the huskies are so beloved.

They Were Born To Live In The Cold

Huskies have three special physical characteristics which help keep them warm in the colder climates:

  1. Their coat – They have a double coat to keep them nice and toasty, even in the snow. Their undercoat is warm and soft, while their long overcoat is water-resistant.
  2. Their eyes – They have almond-shaped eyes that allow them to see clearly in the snow.
  3. The Swirl-They sleep with their tails wrapped around them faces to keep their noses and face warm in the cold.

They Were Employed By The Army

Although it may be a well-known fact that Huskies were bred to be working and sledding dogs by Alaskans, it is not a well-known fact that they served in World War II. They were used as search and rescue dogs, transport, freighting and communicative dogs in World War II.

They Can Come In A Range Of Colors (Fur And Eyes)

Husky pups can come with a variety of colored fur. For For example, there are white, black, white and brown, brown, and white and grey.

You may also find a variety of eye colors. From green to hazel, to brown and then, of course, an ultimate favorite, the piercing blue-eyed Husky.

They May Develop A Pink Nose In The Colder Months

Also known as hypopigmentation, this condition is referred to as “Snow Nose” or “Winter Nose”.

When a Husky has this condition, their nose goes pink or more pale in color during the cooler months. The change can be more permanent as they get older, but it usually returns to normal when summer arrives.

They Are Smart Yet Naughty By Nature

Huskies are known to be among the most intelligent breeds of canines. They can also be naughty or mischievous, and they can sometimes be a bit too stubborn or playful.

Don’t panic, just be patient, remain positive and you’ll get there!

Huskies are known to be among the most intelligent breeds of canines. However, they have a naughty and mischievous


The Husky is a remarkable breed, mischievous yet intelligent, beautiful, and bold. They are known for their strong and muscular build and great stamina.

They are well-deserving of a unique name. It can be based on their personality or appearance or named after a celebrity husky or a movie star.

There is a large range of names to choose from, it’s up to you to choose the perfect fit.

We hope these 121 perfect Husky Names will put you a step closer to finding the best name for your dog. We would love to hear your favourite name.

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