Moving to another place can be daunting especially when you have to shift all your furniture and belongings. But by renting the furnished flat in Delhi you can at least reduce your stress by eliminating the need for moving the furniture, appliances, or lines. Also, now there is no need for you to pay the movers for heavy lifting or exhausting organizing of the house. Now the main question is how you can find a fully furnished flat for rent in Delhi? This article will help you to locate the perfect furnished flat which you can call home. 

Understanding different levels of furnishings

With so many different flats available in Delhi, it only makes sense that you can come across different levels of furnishings. When talking about the scale of furnishings, there are three different types of flats:

  • Semi-furnished flats: many people assume semi-furnished as a unit equipped with only half furnishings but the same is not true. A semi-furnished flat is always equipped with the essentials such as bed frame and mattress, dining table, sofa set, some kitchen appliances, and other items. In case you are renting a semi-furnished flat then you will have to carry your bedding, décor items, toiletries, etc.
  • Fully-furnished flats: If you want a flat having all the necessities and do not want to carry heavy lifting then you should invest your money in the fully furnished flats. Every room such as the living room, bedroom, kitchen, and bathroom will be acquainted with all accessories and items. You need not shift anything apart from your personal stuff to such flats. 
  • Move-in ready flats: The relocation process can be mind-blogging. In case you want to rent a flat that feels like a home, then you should search for move-in-ready flats. While these will also be fully furnished- it’s just that these will be equipped with decoration and some personal items. You will feel at home within the least amount of time when living in such flats. 

Take a look at the amenities

Before you sign the lease agreement for the potential furnished flat it is recommended to take a look at the amenities offered. Although with the increase in the number of amenities, the rent also increases, the housing cost paid by you will be less compared to getting the flat furnished with amenities. Therefore, see if the basic amenities including laundry, heating and air conditioning, balcony, etc are provided. Apart from the amenities offered by the flat, the particular building must also offer a number of amenities such as a pet-friendly space, an elevator, swimming pool, fitness center, parking space, and many others. 

Even though you will have to pay them once, you should consider the application fee and security deposits.

Get the written lease agreement

Even if the furnished flat may seem perfect to you, the rental agreement can make or break the deal. It is a must to have the lease agreement in writing as it acts as proof in case of any problem with the landlord in the future. The landlord offering oral agreement should not be trusted. In such a case it is suggested to drop the option of renting his or her furnished flat and start looking for the other one. Once you are equipped with the lease agreement you must go through it once. Do not ignore reading any terms or conditions to avoid any issues in the future. 

Check for how long the lease is and what it entails. Long-term leases require security deposits that you can’t have back in case you shift to any other flat before the termination of the lease. Therefore, it is usually better to get the lease offering the month-to-month option. 

Check if the utilities are included

Just because you are going to rent a fully furnished flat in Delhi it is not essential that utilities will be included in the lease. For example, the flat may be internet or cable-ready, but it is you who will have to get a TV, router, or modem. Therefore, it is always suggested to ask the landlord if the utilities will be provided or not. The list of common utilities that your flat must be equipped with is electricity and water connection, gas, cable TV, Wi-Fi connection, and trash and recycling. Don’t just take the word of the landlord but check yourself if all utilities are available in the flat. 

Wrapping up it all!

You can find several options of furnished flat on rent in Delhi but it can be challenging to narrow down them to one. The above-mentioned checklist will help you to rent a perfect furnished flat suiting your requirements and offering you the feel of home in a completely unknown city.

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