25 Kung Fu Grasshopper Quotes From The 1970s TV Show

‘Kung FuAmerican martial arts are known as “American Martial Arts.” TVSeries.

Kwai Chang Caine is this grasshopper TVseries. Master Po gave this name to his disciple.

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Master Po also told Caine once to choose wisely in her life. This TVSeries aired on TV since 1972. After three seasons and 63 episodes it was cancelled in 1975. David Carradine was the fictional character of the Grasshopper.

This show may be your favorite even right now. TheEach episode’s strength lies in its ability to teach people about their inner weaknesses and strengths. Each episode ended up in a philosophical pool that anyone can enjoy with a friend. There are many lessons you can learn, such as patience as well as strength. GrasshopperThey did. Plus, David Carradine told GrasshopperWhen choosing his name for his baby, a young man should be careful.

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Best ‘Kung Fu” Grasshopper Quotes

These are some of the most memorable quotes from young grasshoppers.

1.Kan: Use force to defeat evil. Belief in the goodness of man is what you must do. We are ready for evil, but we also encourage it.

Young KCC: What is the greatest reward for trusting others? … Is there anything greater than good?

Kan: Love

– “Kung Fu.

2. “KCC: Master. As I walk these roads are there any I may turn to for help, when ever I need it?

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Po: None

– “Kung Fu.

3. It was the truth. To say less would disrespect the respect she has earned for truth at such great expense.”

– Kwai Chang Caine.

4. “Young KCC: Lee-You is gone.

Po: Isn’t he still there, labor upon labor and beauty upon beauty? It is a monument or the man?

– “Kung Fu”.

5. “Young KCC: TheStick is straight. Yet in the water it seems to bend … Is what I see so unimportant?

Po: Did you know that the reflections in your eyes are sent back to you? As a ball being thrown against a wall.

– “Kung Fu”.

6. “We learn to use our bodies’ power. We are taught to respect all those against whom such force may be used.

– Kwai Chang Caine.

7. “Heaven is one with earth.” Therefore, we must strive for discipline in our mind and bodies.”

– Kwai Chang Caine.

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8. “Kan”: You will defend your life and the life of an innocent person if it is at stake.

KCC: If I’m so well prepared, why shouldn’t I stand up and fight?”

– “Kung Fu.

9. “KCC: Master, may I ask? What is the expectation of me after I leave this temple?

Po: To travel the roads of the country and to use the knowledge you have for the benefit of the people.

– “Kung Fu”.

10. “Kan: Seek always peace. If the soul is at risk, do not follow the steps of others. Our souls are our common bond. Endangering one can endanger all.

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KCC: And if so endangered?

Kan: It is the warrior soul who must prevail in such times.

– “Kung Fu”.

11. “A man can be broken… by a strength outside, greater that himself.” Or a weakness within, which he does not understand.”

– Kwai Chang Caine.

12. “Lee’You: I cannot read and write. What can I do to help someone?

Young KCC – Master Po said that you have found great wisdom and great joy. You might even teach me if you were to observe me.”

– “Kung Fu.

13. “Po: Have you said farewell to your friends?

Young KCC – As best as I could

Po: Death did not win. Grasshopper”

– “Kung Fu.

14. “Young KCC – It belonged to my father who saved his life.

Po: And may possibly, one day, allow you to repay the debt your father owed this man…. A son inherits the goods of his father, and so inherits his debts.

– “Kung Fu”.

15. “Young KCC: Master? TheLee-You spoke to a man, Lee? Is he confused?

Po: He seeks to satisfy a stronger hunger … Not to understand a man’s purpose does not make him confused.”

– “Kung Fu”.

16. “Master Po”: A bridge that can withstand time and death is the bond between fathers and their sons. Each person stands at one end and needs to cross the other.

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Caine: But he’s gone.

Master Po: Thebridge of which i speak Grasshopper”Your love for him, is it?”

– “Kung Fu”.

17. “Learning is not restricted by age.”

– Kwai Chang Caine.

18. “Master Po: Close your eye. What do you hear? … Are you able to hear the grasshopper that is right at your feet

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Caine: Caine: No.

Master Po: Young man. How is it possible that you don’t?”

– “Kung Fu.

19. “Lee-You: No, you are not paid. TheWork is hard. You should stop working.

Young KCC: Master Po has not taught me what I need to know.”

– “Kung Fu.

Important QuotesBy Other Characters in “Kung Fu”

Here are some quotes by other characters from the “The Greatest Show on Earth”.Kung Fu” TVshow. These quotes can help to understand life better and provide wisdom for both young and old.

20 “Still water’s like glass. It is the perfect level … TheThe calm heart of a wise person is tranquil, and thegoneapp.com’s glass of thegoneapp.com. Take a look at it and then you can see yourself.”


21.GrasshopperTo understand your journey, first seek out thegoneapp.com. In this searching, be patient.

Master Po.

22. “Learn more methods to preserve, rather than to thegoneapp.com every life is precious.” Neither can they be replaced.”


23. “But how do we control friendships like this?” It is worth taking the time to reflect on your feelings before you make a commitment to a cause or man.


24. “Humility can lead to meanness. But vanity could lead to violence.”

Master Po.

25″TheThe purpose of discipline is to live more fully and not less.

Master Po.

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