Top 12 Kofi Annan Quotes Everyone Should Know

Kofi Annan QuotesBorn in Ghana to an aristocratic family, in 1939. Kofi Annan’s experience with advocacy began at a young age. Early in his education, he learned that all suffering is a global issue. He graduated in 1957 from the University of Ghana. This gave rise to his passion for international affairs. This passion would lead him to a career in civil service, starting at the United Nations in 1962. He held a variety of roles during his time at U.N., including Peacekeeping Operation during the Rwandan genocide. He was eventually appointed Secretary General of the United Nations Security Council. Kofi AnnanHe was a gifted speaker and left an impression on many people around the world.

Top 12 Kofi Annan Quotes

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  1. “We are not only all responsible for each other’s security. We are also, in some measure, responsible for each other’s welfare. Global solidarity can be both essential and possible. It is necessary because without a measure of solidarity no society can be truly stable, and no one’s prosperity truly secure.”
  2. “Education is, quite simply, peace-building by another name. It is the most effective form of defense spending there is.”
  3. “What governments and people don’t realize is that sometimes the collective interest – the international interest – is also the national interest.”
  4. “Today’s real borders are not between nations, but between powerful and powerless, free and fettered, privileged and humiliated. Today, no walls can separate humanitarian or human rights crises in one part of the world from national security crises in another.”
  5. “I have always believed that on important issues, the leaders must lead. Where the leaders fail to lead, and people are really concerned about it, the people will take the lead and make the leaders follow.”
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  7. “Open markets offer the only realistic hope of pulling billions of people in developing countries out of abject poverty, while sustaining prosperity in the industrialized world.”
  8. “We may have different religions, different languages, different colored skin, but we all belong to one human race.”
  9. “We have the means and the capacity to deal with our problems, if only we can find the political will.”
  10. “If one is going to err, one should err on the side of liberty and freedom.”
  11. “You are never too young to lead and you should never doubt your capacity to triumph where others have not.”
  12. “In the 21st century, I believe the mission of the United Nations will be defined by a new, more profound awareness of the sanctity and dignity of every human life, regardless of race or religion.”
  13. “The world is not ours to keep. We hold it in trust for future generations.”

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Themes Kofi Annan Quotes

These are the top 12 quotes by Kofi AnnanYou should focus on the themes of leadership, peace, global stability, and advocacy. These are the themes that define Annan’s career and legacy. December 2001 AnnanFor his efforts in ending the HIV/AIDS crisis, he was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. This was a huge achievement in his life and a big step towards ending the epidemic.

Kofi Annan’s Legacy

He did not retire from the United Nations to end his commitment to advocacy and civil service. Annan went on to continue promoting a more peaceful and stable world through work with multiple organizations in his home country, even contributing to peace efforts in Syria’s civil war.

On August 18, 2018, the entire world lost Kofi Annan to illness. His legacy is not limited to these top performers. Kofi AnnanQuotes, but in his continued influence of his words and actions on the world of advocacy for peace and justice.

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