Killua Quotes From the Popular Anime/Manga Series

These KilluaQuotes starting at theThese series include the ones about theGon is friendship, killing and death. You’ll also find some quotes from Hunter x Hunter characters such as Gon.

KilluaZoldyck is one theHunter x Hunter’s main characters, a popular manga and anime series. He is theThird child of Silva Zoldyck & Kikyo Zoldyck theHeir of theZoldyck Family.

KilluaHe is drawn as an anime character with spiky silver hair and almost transparent skin. His blue eyes change color depending upon his mood. He flees his home to become an Rookie Hunter.

Gon Freecss is his best buddy and Alluka Zoldyck is his traveling companion. Alluka is his sister who shares her possessed body, with a Dark Continent creature they have named Nanika.

50 Killua Quotes From the Popular Anime/Manga Series

When Killua’s character was first introduced, his personality was like Gon’s: playful and mischievous. Contrary to Gon who is extremely polite KilluaHe can be rude to elderly people and strangers. He also has a sweet tooth. He has spent an absurd amount of money on Chocolate Balls.

How does someone who is sweet and innocent become an assassin. Continue reading for more information KilluaFind out more about our quotes

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Killua Zoldyck quotes on Gon and friendship

1. “If I ignore a friend I have the ability to help, wouldn’t I be betraying him?” — Killua

2. “Friends are supposed to help friends.” — Killua

3. “I want to become friends with Gon… I’m sick of killing people… I want to become friends with Gon, and to live a normal life.” — Killua

4. “You don’t need to thank friends.” — Killua

5. “I must protect him because he’s my friend. He’s the best friend I’ve ever had. I don’t ever want to lose him! Gon… he’s my friend.. My best friend!” — Killua

6. “The next time stuff like this happens, I won’t thank you for it. You can trust me to save your life. the future, don’t thank me either. Friends are meant to help each other. So its lame to say thanks each time for something that goes without saying.” — Killua

7. “Gon, you are light. But sometimes you shine so brightly, I must look away… Even so, is it still okay if I stay at your side?” — Killua

8. “Gon’s suffering right now! Someone who was very dear to him was brutally altered! His mind was also changed. As we speak, Gon’s facing against theResponsible! If you up without warning, looking like that, he won’t be able to hold it together.” — Killua

9. “So you have to promise to call him by his name first! That’s my one condition! Let him know you’re okay. You were so concerned about him, he even went as far as to say that he was going to kill you. theThe moment we arrived in this place. Give him peace of mind. Please. Please calm his mind. Palm, that is all you can do right now. No one else can reach him. I can’t help him. I can’t help him anymore!” — Killua

10. “I won’t let you off theHook this time. You’d better make it up to me, Gon.” — Killua

Killua Quotes about killing, death, or being an assassin

11. “I’m so tired of killing. I just want to be an adult. Doing things with Gon, hanging out. That’s it.” — Killua

12. “Not killing people is really hard. Clean living is tough.” — Killua

13. “Assassination — It’s theTrade is family. It is a common goal. My friends consider me an exceptional prospect. But I don’t see that I should have to live up to their expectations.” — Killua

14. “Gon, let’s get in front. Yeah, and it’ll get us away from Hisoka. He’s killed and wants to kill again. The fog will be a great cover. You’re wondering how I know. Fact is, I’m like him. I can smell it in him.” — Killua

15. “I’m not an assassin anymore! I’m a hunter!” — Killua

16. “Move, and you die. Nen is a way to say one word. Now close your eyes… You see what happens when you break promises? Now, close your eyes and take a look at me. theMirror. Listen. Don’t you ever show your scummy face to us ever again. This is a promise you will keep.” — Killua

17. “Risking your life and throwing away your life seem alike, but are two totally different things. People who live at the brink of death never think of throwing their lives away.” — Killua

Short Killua quotes

18. “When I say it doesn’t hurt me, that means I can bear it.” — Killua

19. “People only find me interesting because they can’t tell whether I’m serious or not.” — Killua

20. “Sorry, but what’s about to happen is just me blowing off some steam.” — Killua

21. “Who wants to have their life planned out for them?” — Killua

22. “Nanika, will you forgive me for being a bad big brother?” — Killua

23. “The one who’s cursed is the one making wishes!” — Killua

24. “We didn’t do anything.. our enemies did.” — Killua

25. “It’s foolish to show your hand when theYou are in danger. That’s my dad’s logic.” — Killua

26. “The stronger someone is, the better they are at hiding that strength.” — Killua

27. “You’re cool for having all these goals. I don’t have a plan… I don’t know what to do with my life.” — Killua

28. “There’s a list of things I don’t want to do. As in taking over the family business.” — Killua

Hisoka and Gon Freecs also have Hunter x Hunter quotes

29. “If you want to get to know someone, find out what makes them angry.” — Gon Freecs

30 “If you are lying, it will be easy on my mind. I won’t have to show you any mercy. I can defeat you without hesitation.” — Gon Freecs

31. “If you’re willing to do whatever it takes, I won’t hold back.” — Gon Freecs

32 “Qualification isn’t something we have to talk about. The ones who are not okay with their success can go through training until they are.” — Gon Freecs

33. “Being able to cry for his companion. I was thinking you couldn’t cry, nor did you have a heart. But in that case why… even a little… don’t you share that feeling… with all the people you kill!” — Gon Freecs

34. “In my next life, I want to be me, and meet you again.” Go on Freecs

35 “The grim reapers riddles don’t need anyone to answer” Hisoka

36. “My greatest pleasure comes when such people buckle to their knees and I look down upon their disbelieving faces as their plans fail.” Hisoka

37. “It takes a mere second for treasure to turn to trash.” Hisoka

38. “Love and hate are two sides of the same coin.” — Hisoka

39. “Right now, I’m letting you live. And I’ll continue to keep you alive… until you’ve grown enough to become worth killing.” Hisoka

KilluaHxH quotes on life and love from other characters

40 “Electricity won’t work on me. However, that doesn’t mean I can live with it. It still hurts. And sure it doesn’t make me happy.” — Killua

41 “We were complacent. Too confident in our abilities. Together, we were worth less than a single-armed Kite. That was his assessment… That’s theRealism. If Kite was by himself, this wouldn’t have happened. We were fools.” — Killua

42 “For the right price, you can buy not only treasures, but dreams, hearts and even people’s lives!” — Leorio Paradinight

43 “Normally, as people love and are loved, they feel happiness. I feel happy when people hate me. I then want to tear people apart and inflict unbeimaginable harm. theThese are the things I love. But is that really all that strange, I wonder?” — Pariston Hill

44. “There are liars who only lie when there’s a reason to, and there are liars who also lie without a reason.” — Biscuit Krueger

45 “You should enjoy the little detours. To theEnjoy life to the fullest. Because that’s where you’ll find the things more important than what you want.” — Ging Freecs

46 “An apology is a promise to do things differently next time, and to keep the promise.” — Ging Freecs

47. “In thePower is nothing but destruction in the hands of an incompetent. This could only be the works of imbeciles.” — Meruem

48 “Human potential for evolution is limitless.” — Isaac Netero

49. “A beast in human’s clothing understands better than anyone how people want to be treated.” — Kurapika

50 “I want money—money can get you anything in this world.” — Leorio Paradinight

Which one of these? Killua What is your favourite quote?

KilluaBecause his home life is so bad, he runs away. His family is all assassins, and he undergoes some intense “training.” This leads to him developing a ruthless side, under his innocent exterior.

He actually did some very horrible things, such as murdering another contestant while taking the hunter exam. He doesn’t show remorse, and seemingly doesn’t even have a reason for doing so, as he failed theBecause of his actions, exam

Despite doing some truly terrible and evil things, KilluaHe is kind and loyal to his friends. Think about it theIs character good or bad? Are you able to redeem him if you think he’s bad?

He has seen some pretty crazy things, such as when his family had Illumi place a special needle inside his head to fear and change his character. Also, to stop him from releasing Alluka from her playroom, It is really no wonder that he is a bit off…

What are your thoughts? KilluaWhat do you think? What is your favorite? KilluaAdd quotes and other sayings Use theComment below to let us all know!


1. Who is Killua?

Killua is a fictional character from the anime and manga series “Hunter x Hunter.”

2. What makes Killua a popular character?

Killua is popular because of his unique personality, impressive fighting skills, and relatable backstory.

3. What are some of Killua’s memorable quotes?

Killua’s memorable quotes include, “I don’t care about being number one. I just want to become strong enough to protect what’s important to me,” and “I’m not going to stop. I’m going to get stronger and stronger until I can protect the people I care about.”

4. What is Killua’s role in the story?

Killua is one of the story’s main characters and is the protagonist’s best friend, Gon. He accompanies Gon on his journey to become a Hunter and helps him overcome various challenges.

5. What are some of Killua’s defining traits?

Killua is known for his lightning-fast speed, agility, and ability to manipulate electricity. He is also highly intelligent and analytical and has a strong sense of loyalty to his friends.

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