125 Kids Name Tattoos that Will Help Strengthen the Bond with Your Child

The bond between a parent and child is one of the most beautiful things on this earth. Not every child may be lucky to have a good relationship with their parent, but those who do are truly blessed. The moment a couple gets to know they’re expecting their first child, they develop an emotional bond with the unborn, especially mothers. Parents’ life usually revolves around their children.

Many parents like to mark the love and bond they share with their children by getting their names tatted on their bodies. It may sound cheesy to many kids, but this is one of the most beautiful things any parent could do for their child. With the rising trend in kids’ name tattoos, there are now different advanced designs and styles in which you can get your child’s name tatted. These styles are beautiful ways to express your love.

Mentioned below are some of the most exciting and fantastic kids name tattoo ideas that will blow you away. It’s going to be difficult for you to ignore getting a kid’s name tattoo once you see the designs. So make sure you’re entirely sure that you want to get one before scrolling below.

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What does a Kid’s Name Tattoo Mean?

There are many reasons why someone would get their kid’s names tatted on their body, but one of the main reasons is to show off the love and adoration they have for them. Getting a kid’s name tattoo represents parents always think of their children and how they are the most important people in their world.

For parents who are struggling to keep their children and family happy, and who might be on the verge of giving up on that hectic job, this tattoo reminds them to keep going for their child and how all the hard work will pay off. Some people get a kid’s name tattoo as a tribute to their child, whom they have lost. The kids’ name tattoos are more of a meaningful thing than a fashionable trend. These are one of the most precious and meaningful tattoos anyone could ever get.

Ideal Placement for Kids Name Tattoo

The place where people usually get their kid’s name tatted is on the arm, chest, or wrist. The chest is one of the ideal spots for these types of tattoos as the name appears near your heart, portraying how close to you the person is even though they might not be physically there.

Many kids’ name tattoos appear as a band on the arm, which makes them look unique and presentable. You can also get it tattooed on your collar bone or hand. The collar bone is a unique place and looks quite good once the tattoo is ready. A child’s name is very special to a parent, so no matter where you decide to get it tatted on, it will still look precious and beautiful.

Types of Kids’ Name Tattoos

There are many categories of kids name tattoos. Below is a list to help you choose the right type of tattoo.

  • A curvy kids name tattoo
  • Cartoon kids name tattoo
  • Portrait Kids name tattoo
  • A colorful Kids name tattoo
  • Footprint kids name tattoo
  • Heartbeat kids name tattoo
  • Sleeve kids name tattoo

These are just a few of the main types of kids name tattoos. Scroll down to see more designs.

Kids name Tattoo Ideas

Footprint with Kids Name Tattoo

Footprint with Kids Name Tattoo

If you’ve just welcomed a newborn in your life, this footprint with kids name tattoo is the cutest tattoo for you. It incorporates a small black inked baby’s footprint with the name and date of birth inked in black below the foot in an elegant style of writing. This tattoo portrays your unconditional love for your child and marks how your life has changed with their presence. This tattoo is often inked on the stomach or inside of mothers.

Birthstone Kids Name Tattoo

Birthstone Kids Name Tattoo

This birthstone kid’s name tattoo is the most precious tattoos you will ever come across. This tattoo includes the name and date of birth written in a curvy font with a birthstone tatted near it in colored ink. You can choose the birthstone associated with their birth month, so for example, if your child is born in July, the birthstone for July is a Ruby. You can get a bit more detailing done on the writing for an added effect. The perfect place for this type of tattoo would be on your chest near your heart, making it the ideal location for your kid’s name.

Fist Bump Kids Name Tattoo

Fist Bump Kids Name Tattoo

This fist bump tattoo is one of the cutest kids’ name tattoos with an emotional touch. This tattoo includes and black and white inked sketch-like fist bump showing a big fist that may represent the parents and a small fist that represents the kid. Above is the name and date of birth of the kid tatted. This tattoo has a stunning shading that gives it a real look. Your chest is the perfect spot for this tattoo.

Heart-Shaped Kids Name Tattoo

Heart-Shaped Kids Name Tattoo

If you’re searching for something unique, this heart-shaped kid’s name tattoo will help you stand out. It includes a black and gray inked heart made by placing two hands in the shape of a heart. Inside the heart is the name of a child is in a creative writing style in black ink.

The shading and contouring in this tattoo make it so unique and beautiful; hence for this tattoo, you have to find a tattoo artist with good experience. The hands represent the wearer’s hand and how he/she would protect their child at any cost. This tattoo is best placed on your chest or arm.

Blocks Kids Name Tattoo

Blocks Kids Name Tattoo

A fun way to get a kid’s name tattoo is by trying out this blocks kids name tattoo. This tattoo includes your kid’s name on building blocks toys. Each block is made up of one letter that is placed on top each other using black and gray ink. This tattoo is the perfect way to flaunt your child’s name tatted on your body. You can add the date and some more features for an additional touch. If you plan on getting this tattoo, the perfect place to slay it would be on your arm as the stacked blocks fit that area properly.

Heartbeat Kids Name Tattoo

Heartbeat Kids Name Tattoo

This special heartbeat kid’s name tattoo is a perfect choice for you if you want to go for something subtle yet powerful. This tattoo includes a cardiogram inked in two colors, and in the middle, you can get the name inked. You can go for a pure black ink look if you don’t want colors. This tattoo will look stunning and meaningful on your chest as it connects to your heart, showcasing the love you have for your kid. For an additional touch, you can add in a small red or plain heart in the corner.

Simple Bold Script Kids Name Tattoo

Bold Script Kids Name Tattoo

If you want to go for something subtle, touchy, and impressive, this bold script kid’s name tattoo is just right for you. This tattoo includes the name of your kid tatted in black ink in a cursive script style. The bold script in this tattoo makes the name very prominent. If you don’t want to go for plain back, you can add in some colored ink for an additional touch. This tattoo is best placed on your arm, forearm or chest. So get ready to proclaim the love for your kid boldly.

Watercolor Kids Portrait Name Tattoo

Watercolor Kids Portrait Name Tattoo

If you’re searching for an over the top kid’s name tattoo, look no more as this watercolor kid’s portrait tattoo is the perfect choice for you. This tattoo includes the portrait of your kid’s face with the name inked right next to it as well as the date of birth. This tattoo includes the watercolor technique with different colors like red, blue, and green.

You can opt for one shade if you don’t want too many colors. This tattoo is perfect for showing your love and affection. The best place for this tattoo is on your chest, considering the size of the tattoo.

Arrow Kids Name Tattoo

Arrow Kids Name Tattoo

You could also go for this exciting arrow kid’s name tattoo. This tattoo includes a simple, yet beautiful, inked arrow. Along with the arrow appears the kid’s name written in a curvy style. You could also get two arrows in which the other arrow would include your name or your other child’s name if you have more than one kid.

The arrow in this tattoo represents power; hence, it showcases the powerful bond between you and your child. You could add in your child’s date of birth for an additional touch. If you’re opting for this tattoo, the perfect place for this tattoo would be on your forearm or chest.

Kids Drawing Tattoo

drawing Tattoo

If you want your kid’s name tattoo to be a special one, you should go for this kid’s drawing tattoo. Kids always love to doodle around with different colors and love creating family pictures. You can choose many cute drawings of your kids and get it tatted on your body with their names. You can get this tattoo in different colors, including hearts, doodle characters, and many other objects. This tattoo is quite unique, as it’s something that your kids made. Your upper chest is the best place to display this tattoo.


Can I get a tattoo while I’m pregnant?

Getting a tattoo during pregnancy is a high risk as it can come with many consequences that could affect your child. There are small chances of your child getting infected with HIV or Hepatitis B; hence many doctors and tattoo artists discourage getting a tattoo during pregnancy. It’s just nine months, and then you can get one anywhere.

Can I get two tattoos at once?

Yes, you can get two tattoos at once, but only if it doesn’t get in the way of your other fresh tattoo. Getting two tattoos on one day wouldn’t be a wise decision. It’s good to take a break for at least a week and then come back for the second tattoo. But if you’re in the ‘you live only once’ mood, then go for it as long as it doesn’t get in the way of your other tattoo.

How much will a kid’s name tattoo cost?

The cost of a kid’s name tattoo depends entirely on the design of the tattoo and from the place you’re getting it done. If your tattoo doesn’t include much detailing and is simple, it should cost you about $70-$100. For tattoos that include more color and detail, it will cost you much more. The cost of your tattoo artist will also depend on the hourly rate they charge.

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With the help of these fascinating kids name tattoo ideas, you can now choose the best kids’ name tattoo and engrave the love for your child on your body. If you’re a parent who’s reading this, you would know how precious getting this tattoo would be as you’re getting your world’s name tatted on you. You must now know what kind of children’s name tattoo you want. So, don’t waste any more time and tell your kid how much they mean to you by getting a kid’s name tattoo.

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