44 Kenny Powers Quotes from Eastbound & Down

Even though everyone knows that, Kenny Powers Although the quotes are fictional, they can be a part of his life.

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Kenny Powers This fictional character is featured in the HBO TV comedy series “The Simpsons”. Eastbound& Down.

Danny McBride. Powers  He is a well-known baseball player, but he is also known for his short temper and poor work ethic. His personality took its toll on his professional life.

After enjoying a successful career as a pitcher, his star had lost its shine due to his temper. Powers Ended up becoming a temporary physical educator.

44 Kenny Powers Quotes from Eastbound & Down

This taught him many lessons in life while dealing with other character’s own stories.

These funny videos will explain why this character is so beloved by many. Kenny Powers quotes.

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Best Kenny Powers Quotes Lines about Playing

1. “Stay in school. Fight for your rights. Don’t do drugs. Unless, of course, you’re doing them with me.” – Kenny Powers

2. “I’m sober and ready to destroy the competitions.” – Kenny Powers

3. “There’s no better feeling than winning.” – Kenny Powers

4. “If you’ve got something you want to say, then just say it.” – Kenny Powers

5. “I play real sports. This is not an attempt to be the best in exercising. F*ck this guy.” – Kenny Powers

6. “Do I have all the attentions of everyone? Attention. For those of y’all who do not know who I am, my name is Kenny Powers. And as f*cked-up and weird as it may seem, I used to be a teacher here. But I am now back with you. A victor, a champion, a man who has defeated the face of Mexican baseball… not to… get back my old job… f*ck that noise.” – Kenny Powers

7. “Oddly enough, the people here aren’t that different from the ones back home, when you get past the lack of interest in real sports, and the need to have yellow rice at every fuckin’ meal.” – Kenny Powers

8. “I’m sick and tired of carrying all the weight… the coaches and owners not giving me the shh*t I need to win. Atlanta, you’re Fu*king out. Kenny Powers You are now a free agent. Let’s find a bar and get shh*t-faced.” – Kenny Powers

9. “Kenny Powers A man. Kenny Powers A professional athlete. Kenny Powers He is a lover. The most he is, I mean, he is the thing that matters. Kenny Powers is the most, is a goddamn champion.” – Kenny Powers

10. “Ask anybody out there, and they’ll tell you that the foundation of a great baseball player starts with an understanding of some basic fundamentals: running, stretching, physical conditioning. These are the things that prepare your body for the many challenges a baseball player faces.” – Kenny Powers

11. “When my ass was 19 years old, I changed the face of professional baseball. I was handed the keys to the kingdom.” – Kenny Powers

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Funny Kenny Power Quotes

12. “How does any genius figure out his inventions? I mean, how did Leonardo DiCaprio learn about gravity? ‘Cause the bitch was sleep-in’ underneath a tree and an apple hit him on his head.” – Kenny Powers

13. “Toby, what do you want from You? I’ve been super cool to you. I’ve given you a bowl of Chex Mix and some water. I don’t understand why you are making curses on me. If I give you a toy, will that erase the curse?” – Kenny Powers

14. “Is that my thong? Dude, no! You won’t reach into my drawers to find a pair of my cones. That is a big no-no!” – Kenny Powers

15. “Sure, I’ve been called a xenophobe, but the truth is I’m not. I honestly just feel that America is the best country and all the other countries aren’t as good. That used to be called patriotism.” – Kenny Powers

16. “Why give 100% when 35% will get you paid and laid.” – Kenny Powers

17. “Whenever I look at a Mexican I will think of you. Whenever you look at that jackass you think of me, OK?” – Kenny Powers

18. “In most of nature, the alpha is the strongest of the pack. A creature of great strength and large size that is a leader from birth, hippos, bumblebees, Wayans brothers – most of the time, they just look to the biggest amongst them.” – Kenny Powers

19. “I can’t believe I opened up my heart up to that bitch. It was wide open. And she just squatted with that big beautiful booty and dumped all over it.” – Kenny Powers

Wise Kenny  Power Quotes

20. “There have been many comebacks throughout history…Well, my comeback is almost complete, and I can say that, when it is complete, it will shake the pillars of this land or town.’” – Kenny Powers

21. “See, in life, when you have talent all the other s**t doesn’t matter. Who would be the top if we lived on an island without running drills or weights? The guy with the talent.” – Kenny Powers

22. “I learned a lot down in Mexico. Sometimes, to be the man you have to beat the man. I learned that not all grass is greener. I learned that adversity’s sweet milk. That’s philosophy, April.” – Kenny Powers

23. “But to capture the heart of one of your teachers, and take her away from you forever. So at this time I would like the beautiful, the forgiving, the talented, big-chested art teacher, to please step forward.” – Kenny Powers

24. “Chapter One, continued. More of what I was just saying…Never in a million years would I imagine myself being in Mexico. Because who would? Most Mexicans spend the bulk of their day just trying to get out, so you can hardly blame foreigners like myself for not thinkin’ about gettin’ in.” – Kenny Powers

25. “What is that smell?…What did you eat? Diarrhea?” – Kenny Powers

26. “Why would you do this to me? You thought I was a gold-digging whore all along. Instead you’re just a whore with a real whore’s heart.” – Kenny Powers

27. “OK, Toby, here we go, bud. We’re going to put you on the big people’s furniture. Try not to shit all over it, OK?” – Kenny Powers

28. “The good thing about getting over depression is…well…you can start to see your enemies more clearly. Suddenly, everyone isn’t an obstacle, just some people are.” – Kenny Powers

29. “A quest is nothin’ if you got no one to brag about it to, will never reach the end if you’re only doing it for yourself. Me, I’m doing it for a girl I had to leave behind just to get this far. Now, I need to do more to reach her. All I can do is hope that one day she’ll understand, and when that day comes, it’s not too late.” – Kenny Powers

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30. “A man fights and fights, and then fights some more. Because surrender is death, and death is for p*ssies. And my ass ain’t no p*ssy. My ass is a f*cuing champion.” – Kenny Powers

Other Memorable Kenny Power Quotes Catchphrases

31. “Once upon a time, I believed in destiny, but now I say, F that B. All I have in my life is mine. There’s no cosmic luck deciding shit for us. My wealth, my fame, my World Series pennant — I earned myself. The one thing I didn’t earn myself was when I caught crabs. I believe I got those. from sleeping at a Red Roof Inn.” – Kenny Powers

32. “I brought you guys up from less than f*ckin’ nothin’, and took you up to a championship level, only to abandon you there.” – Kenny Powers

33. “You know what? I can already tell that I don’t like you. And I’m probably not gonna like you no matter how many pull-ups or push-ups you do. All right, anybody who wants to pick on anybody in class, aim for him, ‘cause I’m not watching.” – Kenny Powers

34. “Purity-it’s what we all desire, and it is what I’ve come here to share with you. Hence the all whites.” – Kenny Powers

35 “If there’s one thing I hate, it’s losing. If there are two things I hate, then it’s losing and getting cancer.” – Kenny Powers

36 “Sounds like Fifty Shades of Gross to me, mothers*cked.” – Kenny Powers

37. “Truth be told, things aren’t going as good for me as I led on to believe. The love of my life married some other dude, and my new girlfriend fed her p*ssy to the owner of the baseball team I just quit. I stole homeboy’s car, and now I’m probably a wanted fugitive.” – Kenny Powers

38. “Once again, I’m with the hottest chick in town, buying’ the most expensive fashions, dining’ in the fanciest food places, riding around on goddamn jet skis. Raisin’ trim. Hallucinogens. Jet skis again. Thorin’ heat.” – Kenny Powers

39. “Cut to black. Audience goes f*cking apeshit.” – Kenny Powers

40 “How does any genius figure out his inventions? I mean, how did Leonardo DiCaprio learn about gravity? ‘Cause the bitch was sleepin’ underneath a tree and an apple hit him on his head.” – Kenny Powers

41 “I paid cash for the motherf*cker. Bought it with an advance that I was paid for this, uh… self help novel I’m about to have published onto the Oprah’s book clubs… Pretty much saved all my pennies from my major league days. Invested a lot of it very wisely in stocks, bonds, famous works of arts.” – Kenny Powers

42. “Did this tale end the way I thought it would? It probably didn’t. But as long as I win, who gives a shit.” – Kenny Powers

43. “Everyone wanted a piece of my sh*t. Just a man with a mind for victory and an arm like a f**king cannon. But sometimes when you bring the thunder, you get lost in the storm.” – Kenny Powers

44. “Fundamentals are the crutch for the talentless.” – Kenny Powers

Which of these are you? Kenny Are power quotes your favorite?

Even when Kenny Powers Although he lost the spotlight on the field, he was able to accept the changes in his life. He learned to be more mature, patient, and willing to learn. from His other characters.

He was able to grow as a person and made people fall in love with him. The audience was able to see the other side of the fictional character, despite his temper tantrums.

Kenny Powers’ quotes may seem just funny, but by watching the HBO series and looking closely at where he came from Many will soon get to know you as a person.

These might be your favorites Kenny What are your favorite power quotes and lines? Which quote is your favorite? Please leave a comment below.

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