Basic Karate Moves

When someone starts their martial arts journey, there are some basic moves that make up the building blocks of everything that you will do. These moves include punches and kicks as well as blocks. The foundational moves of Goju Ryu will allow you and your child to progress from white belt to black. These are the three most basic moves in karate and how you can do them.

Straight Punch (Choku Zuki)

A straight punch, Choku Zuki in Japanese, is also known as the jab. This is the most basic punch and can be used in all types of punches. Make a fist. This is done by folding your fingers down, leaving your thumb behind. Next, place your fingers so that your fingertips touch your palm. Next, bend your fingers at the base to insert your fingers into your hand. Next, place your thumb between your first and second fingers. Your thumb should not be buried between your fingers. You may cause injury. Now, you’ve made a punch.

Your punch should be thrown with the pointer and middle finger of your fingers. This is your strongest hand part and will protect your fingers and bones.

Front Kick (Mae Geri)

One of the most basic kicks is the front kick, Mae Geri in Japanese. If you’re standing in a fighting stance, you can throw the front kick from either your back or front leg. It can be used as either a snapping, quick, and powerful front kick or a thrusting, longer, stronger kick to push someone away.

You should follow these four steps when performing any kick: chamber, kick and chamber, then down. You can’t do a front kick any other way. To chamber a forward kick, raise your leg high enough that your thigh is parallel to the floor. Then, bend your knee and ankle so that you can reach your foot. This is the moment you’re ready for your kick. Next, move your leg forward in either a snapping motion or thrusting motion. Keep your ankle bent and your foot flat so you can hit your target with your flat foot. To finish the kick, bring your foot back into the chamber.

Roundhouse Kick (Mawashi Geri)

A roundhouse kick is called Mawashi Geri in Japanese. This is a powerful kick that works by twisting your hips. It is similar to the front kick’s chamber, kick, chamber format. You must ensure that your front leg is straight up so you can perform a roundhouse kick. Lean slightly back, raise your leg to the side and bend your knee so your ankle and knee are bent. Your shin should be tucked towards your target. You can kick by moving your leg forward in a quick snapping motion. Your leg should be brought back into the chamber and then lowered to the floor.

Building Blocks

By learning these basics, you can then move on to more intricate kicks and combinations that will become essential parts of your karate journey and competition repertoire. These are the basics you will learn, along with many defensive moves, if you are interested in starting karate. Contact No Limits Martial Arts to learn more about this and other karate moves. Get started on your karate journey today!

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