17 Quotes To Remind You To Breathe & Take Time For Yourself

Take a deep breath in. For six seconds, hold it. Let it go.

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Everybody needs to take a deep breathe every once in a while, especially when life’s stressors seem overwhelming. Anxiety can take control of our lives and sometimes even make it difficult to breathe.

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You can keep your mind healthy by setting aside time for yourself, regardless of whether it’s school, work, relationships, or family. Next time you feel anxiety or panic, place your hand on your chest. Remind yourself that both your feet are on the ground. YouYou are in control, and can calm down your body during stressful times.

It can be hard to remember to breathe. Even though we do it subconsciously 24 hours a day, it can be very difficult to do so. These “just breathe” quotes will help you remind yourself to take deep breaths in, and let them out.

1. Oprah’s wise words.

Breathe quotes for anxiety and stress

“BreatheLet go. Let go. Remind yourself that you only have this moment to be certain. – Orpah Winfrey

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2. TakeTake your time to find yourself.

“No one can achieve inner peace by pleading for it.” – Harry Emerson Fosdick

3. It is possible to choose to be positive.

Breathe quotes for anxiety and stress

“I have decided to be happy because I believe it is good for my body.” – Voltaire

4. Find your inner joy place.

It is great to find a place you can relax and just be yourself. – Moises Arias

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5. Who waits for the right things will reap the rewards.

Breathe quotes for anxiety and stress

“If you relax and wait for the answer, your mind will be able to answer most of your questions.” – William Burroughs

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6. Deep breath in, deep breath out.

“Sometimes, between two deep breaths, the best thing about a day is the rest you take.” – Etty Hillesum

7. Find the humor in your life.

Breathe quotes for anxiety and stress

“Life isn’t always as serious as we think.” – Eckhart Tolle

8. Sometimes, being productive is as simple as taking some time for yourself.

Relaxation is sometimes the best thing that you can do. – Mark Black

9. Have faith in the universe.

Breathe quotes for anxiety and stress

“YouYou don’t necessarily need a plan. Sometimes all you need is to let go, trust and just breathe. – Mandy Hale

10. Slow down and take deep breaths.

“Slow down and everything that you are chasing will appear around you.” – John De Paola

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11. Stress is a sign of slowing down.

Breathe quotes for anxiety and stress

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“The time to relax is when there’s no time.” – Sydney Harris

12. A calm mind is a calm person.

“Calm mind is good for your health. It brings inner strength, self-confidence and inner strength. – Dalai Lama

13. Step 1: Learn how to relax.

Breathe quotes for anxiety and stress

“Relax. YouYou are enough. You do enough. BreatheExtra deep: Let go of all control and just be in the moment.” – Unknown

14. To have a healthy mind, it is important to let some steam out.

“You”You’re permitted to cry, and you’re also allowed to scream. But do not lose heart.” – Unknown

15. When your mind tells you to slow down, listen to it.

Breathe quotes for anxiety and stress

“There are moments when we have to stop and just sit still. We listen, and the breezes of another world begin to whisper. – James Carroll

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16. Be grateful.

“Whatever happens in my life will happen.” “I am just grateful to be alive, to have breath.” – Unknown

17. To relax, you need to feel comfortable in your skin.

Breathe quotes for anxiety and stress

“Sometimes, it is necessary to go outside to get fresh air and to reset your perception of who and what you want. – Unknown

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