Meet Jordan (AKA, the “Fun Cheap or Free Queen”)

Hi, I’m Jordan Page! Also known as the Fun Cheap or Free Queen. I have a tale to tell. Keep scrolling to THE VERY END to check out everything that I do!

I’m Jordan Leigh Francis Page. Leigh as in “Lee”. But don’t be mistaken—it is, in fact, spelled Leigh. I learned this the hard way in Kindergarten when my teacher informed me that, thanks to the cross-stitched name plaque gift hanging on my wall (since birth, mind you) I was incorrectly spelling my own middle name. Note to self: Spell-check with your mom-to be before making baby gifts.

I’m obviously still working through the trauma.

You might also know me as The Fun, Cheap, or Free Queen. What started out as a dinky blog to post random coupons and occasional good deals I found, turned into a “New Frugal” revolution that has pretty much knocked my socks off. We won’t even go as far as my pants.

This isn’t your ordinary blog. I don’t take Pinterest-perfect photos. I don’t have any craft skills. I don’t love or even like cooking, but I do it for the love of my family.

You won’t find perfection here if you are looking for it. I don’t concentrate too hard on the blogging tricks (i.e. My posts are often way too long. Sorry. It’s a sickness.I have my ultimate goal to host my own TV series someday. I keep it down-home, back-woods, take-it-or-leave-it for REALSIES on this blog. Oh, and I definitely recommend reading the truth about how my blog makes money to better understand how things work over here.

The purpose of this blog is to help as many people as possible achieve their best life possible…and have lots of fun while doing it.

Though not a typical blogger, I am, however, your average, everyday, run-of-the-mill wife, stay-at-home-mom, and snake-avoider. I really hate snakes. Like, I’ll kick you in the nose and snap your elbow if you toss one at me. Otherwise, we are good.

And if you’re curious… here are a few other random facts about me:

  • I refuse to drink the last 1/2 inch of a drink. Water bottle, cup, glass, pitcher, or hose, I will always leave the last bit of drink in there. Why? I don’t know, I’m just neurotic. But mostly because I know that’s where all the floaties, back wash, and slobber hang out so I want no part of it.
  • I have big feet. I wear a solid 11 in women’s (and have since I was basically 3 years old…or so it feels like to me…).
  • I secretly desire 12 children. Blame it on the movie Cheaper by the Dozen (the Hilary Duff version, of course…). This loving chaos is so charming and real, it makes me want to own my own football team.

*Little side note: I started another blog called Shelf Cooking where I share homemade meals for your family using the ingredients you already have on-hand in your fridge, freezer, and pantry. Grab your apron and get ready to change the way you look at your food and lower your food budget for the rest of your life!


I grew up in a tiny town in Northern Oregon called The Dalles. Yes, THE Dalles. (Random, I’m sure.) It was a good place to grow up but I was eager to say goodbye to a small town and hit the big city of glitz and glamour…

Provo, UT!!


I went to Brigham Young University (Go Cougs!) and had the time of my life. My major was technically Recreation Management and Youth Leadership with a Recreational Therapy emphasis…but let’s call it like it is; I basically graduated Summa Cum Laude in “Social Studies” (aka dating and friends).

My sophomore year, I met my best friend at a mutual friend’s house. It was “ooh-you’re-kinda-cute” at first sight…until I realized I was taller than him in heels and he realized I was only 19 and all sorts of immature. Wah Waaaaaah.

We promptly put each other in the friend zone and had a blast, until he went and ruined everything and formed a crush on me while I was working in Leprosy colonies in India one summer and accidentally showed him that I had a little ounce of substance to me. Darn it all…

It didn’t take long for me to fall pretty hard for him too, so it was not even 1 year later I hung up my “commitment-issues” hat and got hitched in 2007 at the ripe ol’ age of 21…and 1 month.

Bubba is the greatest thing that has ever happened to me. He is the kindest, happiest, most positive, and most self-controlled person I’ve ever met. And he’s also a killer athlete and entrepreneur which makes him all the hotter. He can also rap and dance, so you can blame me for becoming obsessed with him.

We still laugh and have fun together every day, which makes all the inevitable, hard, downright crappy life and marriage-y stuff feel a little like Disneyland—even the long lines and annoying crowds are entertaining, and certainly worth the ride.

Isn’t he the best?

Oh, and just to set the record straight, you can call him Bubba. It’s not some creepy pet name or anything. Though his birth certificate says Brandt Hutchings Page, he’s been “Bubba” since the day he was born. It’s true, it’s even on his diploma from high school and business cards.

Moving on…


We settled in inner-city Salt Lake City in a cute 2-bedroom townhome, where I worked with at-risk youth and my hubby quit his job to start a company, Launch Leads (more on that later). The 3rd anniversary was just before we had our first baby. And they kept coming!

  1. January 26, 2010: Enter our bright, sensitive, rule-follower, Brandtsen Hutchings Page (“Hutch”) – baby #1 – named after his daddy who was named after his Grandpa.
  2. July 29, 2011: 18 months nearly-to-the-day later, enter sparkly, dramatic and sassy, Miss Priya Jean – baby #2, named after a gorgeous little girl I worked with in India, and my Grandma Jean Francis.
  3. February 25, 2013: 19 months nearly-to-the-day later, enter our sweet, happy, hilarious wild and crazy dude, Beck Avon – baby #3, named after Bubba’s grandpa Beckstead and my grandpa Avon.
  4. November 23, 2014: 21 months later (again, almost to the day), enter sweet, dream-of-a-baby #4, Daivy Kaye
  5. May 4th, 2016: and yes another 19 months later, our beautiful Mory June (baby #5, if anybody is counting) came straight from Heaven.
  6. September 26th 2018: McEwan Fischer joined the ranks as baby #6
  7. AND 8. March 8, 2020: 17 months after the long-awaited TWINS Joss & Devereux were born, Joss and Devereux are now 8! Babies #7 & #8 are healthy, happy babies!

Yes, they were all planned. We may be a bit crazy. We can’t blame you.

We fell in love with Utah and now live an incredible life. We have since settled, in our dream home, in the suburbs of Draper, UT. This is where we spend our days having dance parties in our kitchen (no, for real…check out #PageDanceParty on Instagram. You’ll love it.I love hosting parties and changing diapers.

Motherhood is my obsession. Addicted to it, really (but don’t worry, I’m successfully fighting the urge to be the next OctoMom…so far…). I feel that in a world where children are often times viewed as a burden that slows us down or hinders us from “bigger” things, I find no greater joy than being a mom and raising these precious little people to be the best big people ever…and find no job in the whole world as important. *sentimental tear*

Our journey started when our financial situation hit rock-bottom when I was pregnant with Hutch, Bubba quit his job to start Launch, and we lost all our money to a home that we built and decided not to buy (more on that HERE). The best part about this journey is the fact that it never ends. There is no “end point” to frugality. It’s an ever-changing, always evolving lifestyle that keeps you on your toes, and teaches you how to be truly, undeniably, incomparably, unapologetically HAPPY—regardless of how hard life gets.

So, sit back, relax, and enjoy the Fun Cheap or Free ride. I hope it’s enjoyable. You can sense that I put every ounce of me into every word you type. I hope you find inspiration here, in one form or another. I hope that you will take this inspiration and put it in your own hearts and homes to make it a path to absolute happiness. Thanks for becoming an official Freeb (aka my new virtual BFF), and welcome to the FCF family!


In 2010, we hardly had money to pay our bills. We had $10,000 debt on just one credit card (about $15K total) and $0 balance in our savings accounts. Literally. (Read more about Our Debt Story HERE. I was a SAHM and my husband, Bubba had a brand new business that didn’t bring home much. We looked at each others and decided to have a better life together; for our kids. We decided we wanted to stop getting by and start getting ahead. We set goals and worked hard. We sacrificed lots of good things, having faith that it would lead to great things.

It worked.

With good old-fashioned elbow grease and a scholarship into the school of the Hard Knocks, we were able to get out of debt in just one year. We worked harder and over the next year we built up a cushy savings. 18 more months of hard work paid off and we were able to secure a fantastic deal on a short-sale that we rehabilitated and then sold for a great price.

And now…just a few years after our financial disaster…we wake up every morning in our 8,600 sq ft dream home, on 1.5 acres, in a fabulous neighborhood (that we got for pennies on the dollar, of course).

And no, we aren’t rich, haven’t won the lottery, and no one has ever given us money. Never.


During our F.D (Financial Disaster) I found a gaping void online in terms of finding someone I could relate to; someone who knew what it felt like to have 5 babies in 6 years and feel the stress of choosing between new socks or an extra box of cereal. Sure, I could learn how to pay off my house and put money into a (non-existent) 401K, or find coupons to clip that I had no interest in clipping. How do I figure out how much grocery shopping costs? How to be stylish, look beautiful and keep your style on a budget. How to have a conversation about money without trying to kill each other? Or where to start when your finances are on the brink of disaster?

I got to work and solved the problem myself.

I immersed myself in the world of what I call Family Finance; the real deal, meat and potatoes, grit and dirt reality of how a family spends money…and how to do it the right way. We came up with terms. Programs. Principles. Rules. These are the standards. A new way of life.

It worked. It worked quickly.

Along the way, we learned the value of being scrappy and entrepreneurial. We realized the world wasn’t going to hand us any success in life; it was going to have to be earned through hand-to-hand combat. 5 businesses, 2 houses, 8 kids, and thousands of posts worth of trial and error later, we take pride in being a direct result of the truth that you CAN live the life of your dreams, on any budget.

Being frugal is not about giving up everything you love, but rather learning to get everything you love – the smart way. It’s not just about scraping by, pinching pennies, or clipping coupons. It’s true that it does help. But to me, “FRUGAL” is a lifestyle. It’s a mindset. It’s a way of living that teaches you to stop saying, “we CAN’T afford it”, and instead say “HOW can we afford it?”. This mindset, the new frugal mindset, has led us to have more, do more, and live more now than ever before. It is not because we are frugal that we have the amazing life we live, but because we are.

Jordan Page


Fun Cheap or Free was born! I started the we know today in February 2011 to share our progress, success, and tips with others. It took off like a wild fire in the prairie. Just as Rachael Ray became a cooking pro by…well…cooking, I quickly became a go-to everyday finance and frugal living expert that TV shows, friends, newspapers, magazines, and even my own family turned to for advice and hope. I became known as the “Fun Cheap or Free Queen”. You can see my favorites segments on my As Seen On page.

P.S. – I love Rach and enjoy being on her show. Our relationship is essentially one of soul sisterhood.

I set my sights on learning everything possible about family finance and frugal lifestyles, and will not let anything stop me from sharing this knowledge with you.


After years of blogging success, being featured in magazines and selling out classes and conferences, I finally decided that I would listen to my Freebs. A program that has all my best information in one place. I committed that this would be the year! Budget Boot Camp was born after months of working all night, drinking a lot of caffeine, and spending 16 hours straight in front a camera, reading a prompter until my eyes hurt.

Almost immediately the comments, emails, and success stories came pouring in, and I find no greater joy than celebrating small (and large) financial victories with my Freebs.

You can find out more information about Budget Boot Camp HERE.

It’s my mission to bring the new definition of frugal to the world and prove that it’s not the drab, miserly, miserable “frugal” of yesterday. No, sir. It’s great fun. Hip. Sassy. Organised. Beautiful. And, believe it or not, simpler than you ever imagined.

So pull up a chair, grab yourself a snack and a snuggie, and kiss your mama’s “frugal” goodbye. You’re in for the ride of your life because…

…Frugal just got a facelift.


After my first program took off, one of the most common questions I have been asked by my online audience was “how do you do it all?” For years I laughed off the question with some form of “oh, I don’t do it all. See my garage! It’s a disaster!” reply. I tried to find affordable and effective productivity resources, but couldn’t find any. Finally, I decided that it was time to create another program to share my productivity secrets.

However, in time, the questions not only continued to pour in, but they got more and more pleading: “I’m overwhelmed.” “I’m depressed.” “My anxiety is through the roof.” “I don’t think I can have any more kids even though I want to, because my life is too chaotic….” The tone changed, so mine changed.

You can do it all… just not all at once. It’s all about doing the things you need more efficiently so that you can do what it is you love more often. Going to bed fulfilled at the end of the night; THAT is the power of productivity.

Jordan Page

I have since made it my mission to help women feel LESS overwhelmed, LESS overworked, and MORE satisfied with their lives. I have spent years analyzing productivity, time management, organization, and defining how I was able to “do all that I was doing”—running 6 businesses, supporting an entrepreneur husband with his endeavors, running a household, church duties, maintaining an active social life, traveling, hosting and throwing parties and events regularly, all while staying home with eight kids age 10 and under.


You can find out more information about Productivity Boot Camp HERE.


In addition to these amazing programs, I’ve created one-of-a-kind planners to help you Whip Your Wallet Into Shape AND Do Life Better with the block schedule! These babies are amazing!


You may have noticed that I looooooove babies. Like… REALLY love them! So much that I’ve developed my own line of baby products, including the revolutionary modern Moses basket I created—the Moses Bag™! You can check it out, along with the Bomb Shelter™ nursing cover, swaddles, hats and bows on!

The Moses Bag from Mory June

It’s been quite a ride! I’m grateful to each and everyone of you for making it possible. 😉

  • Want to send me something? Send to: 12180 s 300e #1028 Draper, UT 84020
  • See all the places FCF has been featured HERE.
  • Head shots by Chelsea Peterson Photography
  • Family photos by Lizzyography

So glad you’re here! XOXO


Q: Who is Jordan Page?

A: Jordan Page is a popular blogger and YouTuber who helps people live frugal and organized lives.

Q: What is Jordan Page Kids?

A: Jordan Page Kids is a brand created by Jordan Page that offers educational resources, products, and programs for kids.

Q: What kind of resources does Jordan Page Kids offer?

A: Jordan Page Kids offers a variety of resources, including printables, activity books, and online courses that help kids learn about money, organization, and goal-setting.

Q: Is Jordan Page Kids suitable for all ages?

A: Jordan Page Kids is suitable for kids of all ages, but some products and courses may be more appropriate for certain age groups.

Q: How can I purchase products from Jordan Page Kids?

A: You can purchase products from Jordan Page Kids by visiting the website and browsing the available products.

Jordan Page Signature from Fun Cheap or Free

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