18 John Muir Quotes to Deepen your Connection with Nature

Born April 21, 1838, Dunbar (Scotland). John MuirNaturalist, inventor, explorer and writer. He also advocated for U.S. Forest Conservation.

Growing up withA strict father MuirHe and his brother had little time to spare as their dad made them work hard every day. While working MuirLoved toHe loved to wander the woods, and he soon became more interested in the natural world.

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He was an inventor. toHe was able to create practical mechanisms from wood, and eventually was recognized for his handmade thermometers and clocks.

Muir’s Studies in the Sierra along withHis other writings, which describe his adventures in the natural world, have made him a great writer. It is by putting nature above culture and civilization. MuirHelped preserve the Yosemite Valley, and Sequoia National Park.

An activist, who taught people the beauty and importance of protecting nature. MuirNature lovers and people who support the preservation and restoration the natural environment should continue to be inspired.

Here are some examples 18 John MuirQuotes that encourage love for the natural world


Many thousands of over-civilized, tired, nervously shaken people are starting to emerge toLearn more about the going toThe mountains are going home, that wildness is a necessity.

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Beauty and beauty are essential for all people. toPray in and play in nature to heal and gain strength toBoth your body and your soul.

In every step withNature offers far more than what he needs.

God has never created an ugly landscape. The sun’s rays are beautiful as long as they remain wild.

I am losing precious days. I have become a machine to make money. I’m learning nothing from this world of men. I must get out of this world and go into the mountains. toLearn the latest.

God has taken care and protected these trees from drought, disease, and many other hazards. They cannot be saved from fools.

Forest wilderness is the best place to get into the Universe.

The mountains call and I must go.

Earth can heal any sorrow it causes.

Use a book like a bee handles a flower. Extract its sweetness, but don’t damage it.

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If one pulls at a single thing found in nature, he will find it attached toThe rest of the world

We are infinitely creative because of our imagination.


The world, we are told, was made especially for man — a presumption not supported by all the facts.

The sun does shine not on us, but inside us.

I was only going for a short walk before concluding. toFor going out, it was best to stay up until the sundown.

Consider the dirtiest of all the roads you will take in your life.


Yet, how hard do most people work to provide dust and ashes, care, and not think about growing in knowledge or grace? toBe aware of your own ignorance.

The fight for conservation will never end. It is part the universal battle between right & wrong.

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