Is Cheap Cell Service Worth It? X Things to Consider


When it comes to owning a cell phone there are a lot of factors to consider. Yes, the latest and greatest cell phones have all the bells and whistles, and the top national carriers like AT&T and Verizon offer incredible features and services, however, it all comes at a price. While cell phones have become a normal part of daily life in society, these incredible pieces of personal technology have a drawback, and that is the fact that they aren’t cheap. Over the last couple of decades, the entire landscape of modern culture has been transformed by the cell phone. 


Things like navigation, Google searches, Facetime calls, and much, much more will never be the same thanks to the convenience and power that cell phones have given people. The kind of connection and communication that is taken for granted today thanks to cell phones is something that people would have thought impossible not more than twenty years ago. 


But are cell phones and all their hype worth the incredibly high prices that can oftentimes be associated with them? For example, when flagship tech companies start releasing baseline models of their phones that start at a thousand dollars and just go up from there, are you willing to put that kind of cash down for an experience? 


One of the biggest expenses when it comes to having a cell phone is typically found in the service fees for whatever carrier you use. National name brand carriers charge a premium for their services, and even though their services can be exceptional, this can build up really quickly. 


If you have been contemplating ditching the expensive phone bills and contracts and exploring more affordable options, here are four things to consider. 

1.Cheaper Cell Phone Service Doesn’t Mean Less Quality

One of the main reasons that people are apprehensive about cheap cell phone services comes down to a fear of poor quality. This is a warranted fear because if you are going to be using a cell phone, after all, you should want the experience to be a good one. Is it really worth saving a few bucks if your service is spotty and you constantly lose connection? 


The good news is that cheap cell phone service does not equal cheap quality. Saving money with a cell phone service like Red Pocket allows for you to have an incredible quality of service but at an affordable rate. This happens because Red Pocket uses the major cellular towers all over the country, but doesn’t pay for their upkeep. Not only that, but because they don’t have multi-million dollar marketing campaigns that encompass Super Bowl commercials or sponsoring sports arenas, they can focus their resources on their customers. This means the same great coverage and quality of service you enjoyed with AT&T, but at a fraction of the cost. 

2.You Don’t Have to Downgrade Your Phone

Getting a cheaper cell phone service doesn’t mean ditching the phone that you love – or avoiding an upgrade you are interested in. While there are alternatives such as pay-as-you-go or even prepaid phones, a cheaper cell phone service doesn’t always mean you ditch the tech you love. In fact, with Red Pocket, you can switch today and keep your phone or trade it in for the upgrade you want! 

3.Flexible Plans That Save You Money

Cell phones are considered personal tech, and as such their service plans should be equally personalized to your needs. This means that switching to a cheaper cell phone service should include being able to create a plan where you pay for what you will use. No more expensive premiums that cover features and services you never ended up using in the first place. With Red Pocket, you can find affordable plans that are flexible and can fit your exact needs so you only pay for what you need. 

4.No More Contracts

One of the most disappointing parts of signing up with a major carrier is the fact that you have to sign expensive contracts that lock you into high payments. With Red Pocket, you can break free contracts completely and cancel anytime you want. This kind of flexibility puts the power of your money back in your hands. 


There are a lot of benefits to having a cell phone. In today’s world, it’s almost a disadvantage to not have one, however that doesn’t mean that your only options should be expensive plans that lock you into contracts. With Red Pocket, you can keep your old phone, and even your old phone number, and get the service you want at the price you deserve. Because they use the world’s strongest networks, you can upgrade your phone or keep it where it’s at. Finding a cheap cell phone service can save you money, without depreciating any of the quality you enjoy. 

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