100 Unique 50th Birthday Card Messages and Sayings for Cards

Here are the 100 most unique happy 50thBirthday messages and personalized images can be shared via Facebook or email with friends.

#1 50 years old, 50 years strong, 50 year old! You inspire others every day. Happy birthday

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#2 Happy 50thBirthday, to the most incredible person I know! Thank you forAlways being there to lend a helping hand, a friendly word or a hand. andYou can count on us to be there for you in times of need.

#3 Happy 50thBirthday wishes to the most loving, amazing, andWe are blessed to have the opportunity to meet compassionate people.

#4 May your 50s have as many beautiful days as possible andBright andYou are as beautiful as you. You are a friend. andBeautiful soul. I’m so blessed to know you. Happy Birthday!


#5 It’s time to blow out the candles and make a wish…someone awesome is turning the big 5 0 today! Happy Birthday andMay all your dreams come true.

#6 May your birth be blessed andMay you feel the love from those around you andThe Lord’s light is always above you. Happy 50thYou are a magnificent soul.

#7 Happy 50thBirthday wishes to someone truly special. Everywhere you go, there is more sun and sweeter flowers. andThe world is a little happier.


#8 It’s finally here: THE BIG 50! Celebrate 50 years of great memories today andGreat friends. You deserve the best!

#9 Wishing for the Happiest 50thHappy birthday to a friend andFollower of Christ. All the best for your day.

#10 A blessing is shared with a friend who is as sweet as you. Happy 50thBirthday, to the coolest friend. Thank you forAlways being there

#11 Happy 50thBirthday, to an incredible, positive, and sunny soul! Every day is a treasure. and I’m so grateful to know you.


#12 Happy 50thBirthday to the person who is always kind and has a bright smile. and a silly joke to make everyone’s day better.

#13 It’s time to celebrate your 50thBirthday! This day is yours to enjoy. All your wishes be granted andYour dreams can come true.

#14 Slice the cake and pour the champagne and let the good times flow…you’re turning 50, and it’s time to party! Let your day be full of fun! andLet’s laugh!

#15 It’s time to party until the cows come home…you’re turning 50! Happy birthday. Let all your wishes come true today. You are deserving nothing less than the best in this decade andAlways.


#16 Here’s the end of your 40s andYour 50th birthday! This decade will be even more amazing! andFUN. It’s time to live it up!

#17 Another decade is here and it’s time to celebrate…you’re turning 50! May you have many more years to enjoy.

#18 Happy 50thBirthday to someone who truly rocks! Wishing you a day filled with great music, great friends, and the best music! andIt’s amazing.

#19 Let the good times roll…you only turn 50 once, and it’s time to celebrate! Happy birthday to the coolest person on block.


#20 50 Years Fabulous, 50 Years Fun, 50 Year Fierce! Happy 50thHappy birthday to a FANTASTIC buddy. All your dreams may come true today.

#21 You’re finally over the hill, andAll the best for the future! Happy 50thTo an amazing person, happy birthday

#22 You’re 50, and that means it’s time to CELEBRATE! Let your dances never end! andMay your glass be always full.

#23 Happy 50thHappy birthday to the most optimist person we know! Your optimistic outlook andKind spirit can make every day with your family a blessing.

#24 Happy 50thHappy birthday! Here’s to another decade of us laughing at each other’s jokes andOffer each other a shoulder.

#25 You become more amazing each year. Happy 50thBirthday. You make me happy.

#26 It’s time to celebrate another year of wonderful, fabulous YOU. Happy 50thBirthday, to someone special.

#27 Happy 50thBirthday, to a talented andCreative spirit who has always something positive to say. You deserve the best today andAlways.

#28 Happy 50thHappy birthday! I wish this year to be even more amazing than the one before! I’m so grateful to have you in my life.

#29 Happy 50thBirthday to the most generous, memorable, andThe most loving person I’ve ever met. I’m so blessed to know you today andEvery day.

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#30 Here’s to a brand new decade…may your 50s be blessed with more love, more laughter, andThere is more to life than ever before.

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#31 Happy 50thLive the life of the party! Live it up; it’s time to celebrate another wonderful decade of being you!

#32 Happy and Happy! 50thYou are the sunshine that fills up the room. You are the light that fills the room. andThe laughter we hold in our hearts.

#33 May you fulfill all your dreams andAmazing! This is where dreams can come true and special day. Happy 50thHappy birthday

#34 Happy 50thHappy Birthday! You make every day count! forYour friends and family will be there for you. andYou deserve the best of this new decade.

#35 Happy birthday to someone special, who turns the big 5,0! All of your wildest dreams may come true.

#36 Happy 50thbirthday to someone who makes every moment a work-of-art. We’re so blessed to have you in our lives.

#37 50 Years ago today, the world was filled with beautiful people. Happy Birthday!

#38 Happy 50thBirthday to the person who knows exactly what to say to make others feel loved. Today, may your heart feel the love of all those around you.

#39 Happy 50thBirthday, to one cool cat. All the love in the world will fill your day. and laughter…andOf course, cake.

#40 Happy 50thBirthday! You are a beacon of light in darkness and a friend in times of need andA friend who makes your life million times more enjoyable. Your day may be truly blessed.

#41 Happy 50th BirthdayThank you! We are so proud of you for reaching this important milestone. I look forward to seeing you again. andYou deserve to be proud of all that you have done. And most importantly, I hope you will realize who you have become.

#42 Happy 50th BirthdayTo an inspiring and wonderful person. You have accomplished so much! All the best for the future. I wish you a long life. andHappily for the future

#43 Happy 50th BirthdayYou are a legend in our lives! You possess that magical touch that makes everything extraordinary. We wish you a joyous celebration. andWe look forward to many more great years together.

#44 Happy 50th BirthdayTo a remarkable person who has earned respect andLoved. We wish you a wonderful second half on this important birthday!

#45 Happy 50thYou are amazing! I can’t believe your age!! You have a young heart. andYou are so young! We are so proud of you for reaching this important milestone. andI wish you many happy returns.

#46 Happy 50thYou are unique! You truly are one-of-a-kind. and I’m thrilled to know you! Here’s to you! Well-being, happiness andMany wishes of love and happiness to you on your special day!

#47 Happy 50th BirthdayTo a one in a billion person with a heart of Gold. This special day may bring you rich blessings. andLet the journey ahead go smoothly.

#48 Happy 50th Birthday. This is a great day for you to be celebrated! We always put everyone else first. Today, however, we are putting you first. Here’s to your health, happiness, andPeace of mind. Let’s make sure you are at the top so you can live another 50 great years.

#49 Happy 50th BirthdayTo a special person. Thank you forYour beautiful touch touches our lives in such an amazing way. Your big heart is a huge difference in our lives. Today, may you be blessed! andAlways.

#50 Happy 50th Birthday. You’ve cared forThere are so many. andMany lives were touched by this. andIt is now time to care forYou will be able to feel at ease as you enter this new area andWonderful stage in life. I wish you self-love and happiness as you age. All the best.

#51 Happy 50th Birthday. You certainly did it your way…you have a style andYour own class! Here’s to you! Today, may you be abundantly blessed andAlways.

#52 Happy 50th Birthday. It’s a wonderful milestone to celebrate. Time does seem to fly when you’re having fun, andYou are the most entertaining person we know. Enjoy every moment of your life. We believe you can finish the second half with another 50.

#53 Happy 50th Birthday. You have made the world a better place for the past 50 years. You are a blessing and may you be blessed.

#54 Happy 50th Birthday. Your zeal forLife is exciting and wonderful. I wish you a great celebration andContinued joy is the future.

#55 Happy 50th BirthdayTo the life and soul of the party! I know you’re going to have an awesome celebration! I wish you happiness and success. andBring joy into the future.

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#56 Happy 50th BirthdayTo someone who makes family of everyone they meet. Thank you for being so reliable andSolid. May you andYours is happy today andAlways.

#57 Happy 50th BirthdayThank you. I hope that this special day brings you wonderful surprises. Relax and put your feet up. andLet those who love your remind you of how loved they are. All the best for health and wealth andHappiness is in the future.

#58 Happy 50th Birthday. With each passing year, you become more wise. It is so inspiring to see your daily life. Thank you forBeing a role model. Be respected. You are respected. May your future be peaceful and happy!

#59 Happy 50th BirthdayTo a wonderful wise human angel! Your gentle energy andWisdom is admired. Thank you for being you. You shine! forFor many more years to come.

#60 Happy 50th BirthdayTo an eccentric and expressive wonder! It’s a pleasure to get to know you. Keep true to who and what you are. Here’s to another 50 awesome years forWe are glad you found us!

#61 Happy 50th Birthday. Your natural charm is still as strong today as it was when I first met you. You are as amazing as ever. All the best.

#62 Happy 50th BirthdayYou are in a league of your own. You are in a class of your own. Your spark is not lost with the passage of time. Keep sparkling forever andAlways. Here’s to you!

#63 Happy 50th Birthday. You are the one who sets your own rules and don’t fall forThe norms and expectations. That’s what I love about you! Keep doing it your way – you’re awesome!

#64 Happy 50th BirthdayYou are invited! Get out your dancing shoes. andHave a great time! This milestone should be celebrated. We wish you all the best for today. andAlways.

#65 Happy 50th BirthdayThank you! May you always be surrounded by loving people andBeautiful places. Keep inspiring. Stay inspired. Birthday.

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#66 May your 50thMake your birthday memorable. You can do it all! It isn’t every day that you reach such an important milestone. We wish you all the best forA successful journey lies ahead.

#67 May your 50thMay your birthday be filled joyful reminders of the journey you have made. You will be encouraged to continue your journey in good spirits. Happy Birthday.

#68 May your 50thMake your birthday filled with laughter and love andInspiration. Here’s to the wonderful loving person you are. Happy Birthday.

#69 May your 50thMake your birthday full of sunshine andHappiness. You deserve happiness today andEvery day. All your dreams may come true.

#70 May your 50thAll the people you love are invited to your birthday. Make your birthday memorable! We wish you joy and strength andBest wishes for the future.

#71 Happy 50thThank you! You are one in a gazillion andAll who meet you feel your charisma. Keep looking beautiful, and stay true to yourself! Happy Birthday.

#72 Happy 50th BirthdayYour attitude is inspiring. Your positive attitude towards life is admirable. Your strength of character is amazing and will keep you going strong.

#73 Happy 50th BirthdayYou are welcome! This is the stage in life where you are free to be you! andEnjoy your life to the fullest You don’t have time to think about other people! Get out! forIt andHave a great time!Have fun!

#74 Happy 50th BirthdayA mature person is a beautiful person. andYet, he is still a child at heart. It’s a beautiful way to be. Keep playing. andHave fun. All the best.

#75 Happy 50th Birthday. Through your highs and lows, you’ve always managed to live in the key of love! Your life will continue to be touched daily by love. forFor many more years to come.

#76 Happy 50th Birthday. It’s been a pleasure to get to know you. I’m happy our paths have crossed as I’ve learned so much from you!

#77 Happy 50th BirthdayYou are amazing! It is amazing how much you put into everything. Your work is a great inspiration to me! May your birthday be wonderful.

#78 Happy 50th BirthdayWe are so grateful! You will be the center of the celebration tonight, I hope! It’s a wonderful milestone birthday to be celebrated. I’m wishing you all the best, andMany happy returns.

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#79 Happy 50th BirthdayFrom me, so much love to you. Thank you forAlways go the extra mile forThose you love. It is a great honor. I wish you are blessed abundantly.

#80 Happy 50th Birthday. Wow! Look how far you’ve come! I’m sure there were tears of sadness throughout the years. andTears of joy. I hope you realize that it’s all made you the remarkable person you are today.

#81 Happy 50th Birthday. I hope that your birthday will be just as memorable as mine! I wish you all the best for your journey.

#82 Happy 50th Birthday. Today is a great time forIt’s a celebration for you! Let go of all worries forToday andFocus on the positive aspects of life and not the negative. I am grateful forAll the best. All the best.

#83 Happy 50th BirthdayIt’s time to get off that treadmill! It’s time to get off the treadmill forA moment andGive yourself a huge pat on your back. You did a great job! Bravo for a wonderful journey. All the best for the future! andIt could be better

#84 Happy 50thIt’s a great time! This is a wonderful time in your life! You now know who you are, and the world is your oyster. All the best for the future!

#85 Happy 50th Birthday. Life gets better with age, just like a fine wine. Enjoy the new taste andAll the good things that life has to offer. We wish you all the best! andMuch joy ahead.

#86 Happy 50thThanks! I hope this makes you feel more at home. andYou have five decades of experience and you are ready to rule the world! It’s time to rule the world! Go! forAll those hopes! All the best!

#87 Happy 50th Birthday. It’s remarkable how time flies! I can hardly believe you’re 50 today! There’s so much to be proud of andTo be thankful forSo get the party started!

#88 Happy 50th Birthday. I am so proud of you! You are a beacon of awesomeness.

#89 Happy 50th Birthday. I wish you the best smiles as you travel down memory lane. andYou will be able to recall heartwarming images. Life is amazing, isn’t it? I wish that you have space to think and time to relax. andFamily andTo share the journey together, bring friends.

#90 Happy 50th Birthday. I hope you’ll find time to take a break today. and remember what amazing experiences you’ve created. You’ve done a lot. I wish you many more opportunities to do what you love. We wish you a long journey. and prosperous future.

#91 Happy 50th Birthday. Your smile has brought joy to so many of my daily life. The memories we’ve shared come flooding back to me when I think of how long we know each other! Time flies when you’re having fun! Enjoy every moment.

#92 Happy 50th Birthday. I think you’ve now earned the right to truly do what your heart desires. I wish all your dreams come true.

#93 Happy 50th BirthdayCongratulations! It’s a wonderful milestone to celebrate. I wish you faith andHave confidence. You are amazing. You are a star!

#94 Happy 50th BirthdayPlease! I’m glad to see you. andI see changes in your character that reflect strength. and depth. Sending you a sincere wish. andEnjoy the journey.

#95 Happy 50thYou are a bright and colorful person! Your lively personality is what draws people to you. Your unique spark is appreciated by everyone. We all appreciate your natural wonder. forMany more years to come. Happy Birthday!

#96 Happy 50thYou are loved! Celebrate your journey and honor who you are. andEvery quirk andYour flaws are what make you unique. Accepting you forYou are all amazing! Happy Birthday! All the best.

#97 But you don’t look a day over 30!!! That’s the way it is with you – always surprising us! We wish the 50-year-olds we know all the best! May you always remain young in spirit.

#98 Happy 50th Birthday…let’s celebrate by letting go of any baggage andEnjoy this moment! We celebrate you! andI wish you a happy life beyond the moment andLiving life to the fullest.

#99 Happy 50th Birthday!!! Can you feel the stars shining down on you today? You are the reason I smile with joy! You are truly special! All the best!

#100Happy 50th Birthday. A day to remember. andLong, meaningful walks ahead andIt’s possible to have fun in any way you want.

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50th Birthday Messages

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