Importance of Vocal Health

Vocal Health

I’m a person who has always been clear about my love of music and vocal about trying to live in a way that lends itself to health.”


Let’s acknowledge the fact that the human voice is not merely a communication device.  It is also a valuable instrument that needs to be taken care off and occasionally pampered! Remember your voice defines who you are and is usually one of the first things others notice about you. 

However, general observation is that we hardly pay much attention to our vocals until we have a problem with them.  But once we are in the midst 

of a vocal issue, it grabs all our attention. So, it is no exaggeration to say that we take our voice for granted.  And only when it develops an issue we end up realizing its importance.  

Hence, it becomes all the more important to take care of our vocal health. Let’s try to answer why vocal health is important to all, especially singers?  

1. To begin with, for singers their body is their tool that supports them in their professional endeavour.  And taking proper care of the vocals is important for successful singing. This can be achieved by being adequately hydrated, avoiding diuretics, avoiding smoking and passive smoking.

2.Basic care of the voice is essential for musicians who speak, sing, and practice or teach others.  By creating a vocal maintenance routine you can ensure longevity of your vocal habits.

3.Since practicing, rehearsing, and performing music is physically demanding, musicians are exposed to several vocal disorders.  Most of them can be prevented or treated by following a daily voice management routine.  These include:

  • Warming up
  • Good posture
  • Adequate breath support
  • Understanding your voice and its limits so that you can handle it delicately
  • Systematic breaks during practice 
  • Setting reasonable time limit for practice sessions
  • Healthy eating habits and limiting usage of alcohol
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4.Everyday decisions can have a short term and long term impact on your vocal health. Hence, it is once again important to take care of your own vocal health on a daily basis. Attempt to reduce vocally demanding behaviours such as talking loudly, cheering, yelling, or frequent coughing and throat clearing.

It is important to understand that maintaining the vocal machinery is simpler than fixing a problem once it is has occurred.  Hence, vocal health is all about awareness.  So, while you take care of your body, do take care of your voice to maintain vocal longevity.

With the prevalence of social distancing, online music classes are a blessing for beginners. Becoming a good singer calls for passion, talent besides being at the right place at the right time. So, pull up your socks and listen to good music on various platforms to extend your musical know how. 

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