5 Best Image Downloader Extensions for Chrome

It’s very easy to download images on Google Chrome. All you have to do is right-click and choose the ‘Save image as’ option from the pop-up menu. Alternatively, you can also choose the ‘Open image in the new tab’ option to download it in the original resolution or just drag and drop it to a folder on your desktop. But what do you do if you wish to download images on a page in bulk or simply download one frame from the YouTube video you’re watching? These are some image downloader extensions for Chrome With just a few clicks, you can save large quantities of images from most websites.

Best Image Downloader Chrome Extensions

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1. 1. Image Downloader

Best for: (*5*)Replacing the right click save image option with a keyboard shortcut

I have already mentioned that the native way to download an image is on Chrome Works well forOne or two images. Click Image Downloader Extension for Chrome This keyboard shortcut allows you to save images and save time. Hold the Shift key while right-clicking to save a little time. This extension is compatible with Google Images and Bing but not other websites.

Shift Click is another similar extension. Image Extractor even displays a preview of the image before downloading it. It opens each image in a separate tab, so 1 Click Image Downloader This is a faster and better option.

One Click Image Downloader

2. Image Downloader

Best for:(*5*) Bulk downloading images from any website

I tried several bulk image downloaders, but none of them worked. Image Downloader ChromeExtension is the best. It’s open-source and allows you to filter images by image width and height. Additionally, URLs can be accessed. forAll images found on a webpage. The extension works forBoth single and bulk image downloading is possible. You have the option to click and choose the images you wish to download.

Bulk Image Downloader for Chrome

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Only one issue is known about the extension. It might sometimes download the image thumbnail instead of the full size. You can still open the images in a new tab, then download the solution. If you continue to have trouble with resolution, Image Downloader You can also try another extension with the same name.

Register Image Downloader

3. Un splash for Chrome

Best for:(*5*) Downloading free high resolution images that can be used without attribution

Unsplash is an excellent place to find high-resolution stock-free photos on the internet. These images are available for download and can be used for You can use the images without any attribution. If you use images frequently, please give credit. for This extension lets you search any website, blog or other media quickly and easily. The extension displays an assortment of pictures in a small window at top right, regardless of what webpage you are currently on.

Unsplash Image Extension for Chrome

In addition, you can right click and save the images or click on the image contributor’s name to open Un splash’s website.

Get Un splash for Chrome

4. Codify Smart Image Downloader

Best for:(*5*) Downloading pictures and color codes used in a website

Codify, an extension for image downloading, is very special for Chrome browser. This allows you to not only download images but also shows you the color codes. It’s very useful For those who love designing and need to know the color codes.

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Image downloader extension for Chrome

These extensions include an image downloader, which detects the smallest icons and opens them in a new tab. The UI is simple and clean. You can hover over an image to see the download icon. You can also see the resolution of these images before you download them.

Get Codify Smart Image Downloader

5. Image Download for YouTube

Best for:(*5*)Download YouTube thumbnails in full resolution with a single click

Want to use a YouTube video’s thumbnail as your PC’s background image? Image Download for YouTube extension allows you download thumbnails for You can download any video in one click. Lo-Fi is now available for download.

Chrome extension to download YouTube video thumbnails

You can open YouTube videos by clicking on the extension icon at the top right corner. This will display a preview and the option to download the file. Click on Save and Download.

Register Image Download for YouTube

Closing remarks: Download images using Chrome Extensions

You have many other options, but these are the best. Chrome Extensions to download images in bulk Personally, I use 1 Click Image Downloader as it allows me to skip the ‘save as’ option. Pick one that best suits your needs. Don’t end up installing too many extensions which would slow down the browser itself.

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