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I Cherish YouQuotes When you send a special person a message of love, they can be very touching. These are I Cherish YouHe can also be reached with messages orHer.

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I Cherish YouQuotes

Let me take your to places you’ve never seen, and let’s travel the world together. Forever I cherish you, my love.

I Cherish You Quotes

Don’t be afraid, IYou will always have my support IYour support and life. I cherish you, my love.

I can’t live alone; II would love to live this life with You. I cherish you so much.

I adore you so much. INever leave your side. I promise IWe will always remember you.

I am at every stage of life. IWe will never stop loving and cherishing you, until the end.

I Cherish You

Beginning today IWill love and cherish you for all eternity forYou are my heartbeat.

Darling IWe want to tenderly kiss you so you can understand how much we care IYou are loved and cherished.

Today is a very special day in our lives. It’s a day unlike any other. CherishThe people you love every single day.

When IAm with you. I feel week, it’s like you are controlling me. It is a blessing to have you next to me and it’s my dream come true. I cherish you forever

It is my prayer forFind people who love you. forWho you are. People who tell the truth are people who are not right. They will treasure you for the rest of their lives. I cherish you.

CherishYour loved ones while you still have the time. Because you don’t know what you have in your time orThey are very generous with their time.

When ISay that IWe love you deeply. I don’t just say it, it is a way of reminding you that you are the best thing that ever happened in my life. I cherish you forever.

ILove you exactly as you are. There is no perfect person. IWe will always remember you.

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Every love song that I listen to, IThink of yourself. It’s like the song is about you. II will remember you forever.

My best memory of my life was spending time with you. IRemember to cherish each moment II have enjoyed being with you. YouThey are the best. I cherish you forever.

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I Cherish YouSMS

IAm not looking forA perfect person. IDo you want someone that IYou will be loved and cherished.

I care forThank you for everything. IYou will be a part of my heart forever. I cherish you, my love.

You make me desire you so much. IWe will always be there for you.

Every day of my existence IYou have waited forYou must show up. That’s it! I found you, II will always be there to support you and your family.

YouThese are the best ITo want, to love, and to cherish. IWe love you. I’ll always cherish you.

My feelings forYou are pure IYou won’t be disappointed IWe love and cherish you so very much.

How IWish IYou could reverse the clock so that ICould be there sooner to find you and be with your for longer.

I didn’t know it was possible to cherish someone until the day I met you. IYou will be remembered forever.

IThank you so much.

I Cherish You Messages

II have found the love and joy of my life. You are my only choice. IYou will be remembered forever.

Sweetheart I can’t deny my love forYou, for IYou are my greatest love.

II will give it all to you. for IYou are the queen of my heart. II will always cherish you.

YouThey are the reason forMy happiness, the main reason why ISmile more often YouThey have made my hopes and dreams come true. IYou are loved and cherished.

I am most happy when you are in my life. IWe love you. IYou will be remembered forever.

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IYou will always be my friend I’ll cherish and love you until my last breath.

It was my dream for my life to be surrounded by someone as beautiful as yours. IYou are truly a blessing to me I cherish you.

IYou are my love and I will always cherish you IWe will not turn back orDon’t forget to leave your side. YouYou are my life, my everything. IWe love you.

I Cherish YouMessage for Her

Darling, I love you so much. IIt was obvious the first day. IKeep my eyes fixed on you. I’ll cherish and love you until IYou can no longer breathe.

YouThey are a rare treasure that is hard to find INever lose heart IWe will always remember you.

IHave searched everywhere, but IYou are the most caring and loving person I have ever met. YouWill always be my love, my true and lasting love. I cherish you so much.

IWe wish to keep every moment of our lives together in our hearts. II love you so much.

Since IMy life was complete when I set my eyes upon you. II saw my future forIt was the first time. IMy love, I will never forget you.

YouYou are an angel sent from heaven; you have made my life complete, and filled it with happiness. IYou will be remembered forever.

Darling, you are perfect for my life. II will always be there to support you and your family.

YouYou are the sun in my life, the light within my life and the beat in mine. Forever I cherish you.

I Cherish YouPoem

I cherish youMy love, more than anything in this world YouThey are the most important people in my life IYou are a treasure forWho you are

My heart melts and becomes weak when I see it. IThink of you. My heart is full of pure love. IWould you like to share your thoughts?

Thanks for all the great and terrible times we shared IWill always remember you for your beautiful smile, eyes and voice. IYou will always be my dear.

YouAre a rare and beautiful diamond YouThey are always available forYour help is needed by those in dire need YouAre kind, caring, loving I cherish you dearly

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