How To Wear A Strapless Dress That Fits Comfortably


The neck and shoulders are some of the most beautiful parts of a woman’s body framework. An outfit that gives you an edge to flaunt your femininity while looking tastefully captivating is a definite buy-in. On the flip side, the incredibly feminine dress styles have a high potential to cause a wardrobe malfunction. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with wearing a strapless dress and as long as it’s the right dress, you would look and feel awesome.

Potential problems you may have with wearing strapless dresses are commonly bust size and hairstyle. Short hairstyles and a boy’s haircut on females can make the upper part of the body look bare since the dress to be worn is strapless already. Long and layered hairstyles work best on this dress style. The length of the hair could stop at the middle of the neck or extend to the mid-back.

The bust size is more of a problem with wearing a strapless dress than the hairstyle. If the bust size is too small, the dress could fall off so you’d need to affix it to your body. If the bust is too big, it may make the dress look out of proportion, so you would need the cup size of your dress to fit properly. You could opt for a strapless dress styled in such fashion that the top front bust slopes downwards to the top back line. This helps to reduce the impact that your bust may have in pulling down the dress.

Strapless dresses look their best when they are worn with a strapless bra or without a bra. But then how do you wear a strapless dress without taking awkward glances at your boobs to know if they’re in the right position? What should you wear under a strapless dress? What holds a strapless dress up? Let’s find out!

Should You Wear A Bra Under A Strapless Dress?

There’s nothing wrong with showing off some skin in a strapless dress but what doesn’t look great is wearing the outfit with your bra straps showing. Not only is it a fashion faux to have your bra straps showing, but it also looks frumpy and doesn’t get the best of compliments.

Bra straps are the most convenient support for the boobs in just any dress but when it comes to strapless and cut-out designs, you’d have to go for other alternatives. 

Going braless in a strapless dress also looks fabulous. If you’re not very used to not wearing a bra under your dress, you can try the new look with some casual dresses ahead of the big day, so you can get used to the style. 

Your strapless dress may have built-in support for the bust area, but if you’re not feeling confident enough in it, try other means to get support. This could be from double-sided tapes or fashion tapes. Better still you could use toupee tapes.

Ensure to read reviews and the product description to find out if the tape can stick strongly to the dress, and if it will adhere to your skin. You can dab alcohol on your skin to remove excess oils since tapes can’t stick to oily surfaces.

Making Your Strapless Dresses More Comfortable 

Asides from getting your boobs in the right position, other factors can get in the way of your confidence when wearing a strapless dress. Now we’ve gone loose from the trusty straps, here are some final checks you need to make. 

1.Test your dress

When wearing a strapless bra under your dress, always look twice in the mirror to ensure that the bra is properly shaped and the bra lines are not very visible. Wearing poorly shaped choices of strapless bras spoils the tailoring of your dress. If you do this at a formal gathering, you could be spotted as lacking class and taste. 

Also, ensure the bodice of the dress fits well and is not loose. The bodice should be tight but not too tight. At least, you shouldn’t tug up the neckline for it to fit well. Handling the bust area, without sectioning the waistline properly can make the dress still feel uncomfortable. Raise your arms above your head and bend over to see if there any clues for future wardrobe malfunctions at your event. If there are not, you’re good to go.

2. Care For Your Skin

Take some time out to pamper your skin; most especially your neck, shoulder, and arms. Gently exfoliate in the shower and apply a rich moisturizer to leave your skin feeling soft and supple.

3. Protect Your Underarms

Since you would be exposing lots of skin, ensure you’ve got a clean shave. Applying antiperspirant deodorants can give you the right confidence boost you need to throw your arms around at any party. Deodorants marks can ruin your look so use a deodorant that doesn’t get in the way of your glam

4. Slaying Your Strapless Fashion Dresses

Real confidence in a strapless dress comes from within. Now you’re ready to rock that dress you’ve been dreaming of, stop worrying about your cleavages, arms, and back and just focus on the looks you would be serving.

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