How to Use Cable Tie Guns

Cable Tie Guns

Cable tie guns come in a wide variety of different styles and strengths, depending on the kind of work for which they are required. Cable tie guns can both remove and install cable ties, which make them a highly versatile tool and an accessory that is vital to the success of any project or type. 

There is extensive use of cable ties within constructional, electrical wiring and industrial jobs to bundle together cables and wires. Having the correct tools means that even a big job is made easier and quicker to accomplish and will also result in saving both time and money. 

Why use cable tie guns?

The majority of people assume that zip ties would be simply enough to install just by hand, but the reality is that by not using the correct tools the full securing potential and strength of those ties will not actually be able to be used. 

On the other hand when cable tie guns are used, this means that the right amount of tension will be able to be used on each and every cable tie, because cable tie guns are actually able to be adjusted to suit almost any cable tie type. Cable tie guns are also capable of automatically cutting the tie to the required length after it has been installed. 

There is really no good reason why not to use cable tie guns, especially since they are also very easy to use. 

How do you use cable tie guns?

The majority of cable tie guns come with an incremental tension adjustment indicator in the form of a tension adjustment dial, which is usually situated on the handle of the cable tie gun

This dial is there to regulate the level of tension that will be applied to the cable tie prior to it being cut. Turn the tension adjustment dial until the desired setting is displayed on the adjustment indicator. 

The cable tie should be looped around the bundle of cables and then the tapered end inserted through to the rear of the tie head. The cable tie should then be pulled through until there is a nice snug fit, at which point it can be inserted into the tool gripper slot and the user should squeeze the handle of the cable tie gun. The tie will be tightened by the cable tie gun and the excess cable automatically cut once it has reached the pre-set tension level. 

All cable tie guns should be inspected after purchase and prior to use and then at regularly scheduled intervals in order to ensure that it has not been damaged and can function at the level of accuracy for which it has been designed to do. 

Cable tie guns help not just with the installation of ties but also with the tensioning of the tie and also remove any excess strap that may be left over. This also means that the person who is installing the ties will not have touch them once they have been installed in the cable tie guns and thus also adds an extra layer of safety.  

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