How to understand and memorize theory lessons better: tips for students 

How to understand and memorize theory lessons better: tips for students

 Our academic subjects are mixed of theories and applications. Along with applicative subjects, facts, numbers, formulas figures, numerical, physics questions, and mathematical exercises, chemistry equations, and symbols, we also have theoretical chapters which need to be learned in our educational courses. The main theory subjects are history, geography, biology, political science, and English Literature. The lessons and texts here are quite deep and lengthy. Because of this students find them a little challenging to memorize. To overcome this problem, let us discuss some tips and techniques which students can use to understand and memorize theory lessons better. 

Tips for understanding and memorizing theory lessons 

  • Visualizing 


Theoretical lessons are quite lengthy and deep. This makes understanding, memorizing, and retaining theoretical lessons a little challenging for students. And this affects the academic scores and results of the learners. To overcome this problem, all students must start visualizing the concepts.


 For an example of learning a theoretical topic digestive system, using a diagram or making a diagram yourself can help learners. Only reading the textbooks might be difficult but the technique of visualizing can help a lot. For theoretical topics, making flowcharts, graphs, colorful notes, diagrams, bulleted points can help a lot. This makes theories more attractive, and presentable. Because of this students tend to learn theory topics better and properly. 

  • Read line by line 


Reading is linked with understanding. The more we read with focus, the better we understand. And with a good level of understanding, learning theory lessons become better and quicker. Many students avoid reading as they find it a boring learning practice. They start memorizing directly which becomes very difficult for them. 

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To overcome this problem, students must read the lessons properly. When they read, they understand well. Good understanding makes rhetorical lessons easier to memorize for learners. While reading you can use a pencil or highlighter to mark or highlight the important terms, definitions, facts, and figures. This way reading will become interesting and you will be able to re-read the important stuff with more interest. 

  • Make notes 


We know that theoretical lessons are lengthy, deep, and difficult to understand and comprehend. To overcome this problem, students must practice note-making. All students must prepare notes for all theory lessons. This way the detailed theoretical topics are more systematic and orderly to learn. Students should also make notes in class. This will help them to listen actively to the teachers. Attentive listening will help to note down the important terms and information being emphasized by the teachers. Also, students must review the created notes in the class. This will help them to read more and make necessary additions to their notes. 

  • Use technical tools for learning 


Theoretical topics become difficult to learn from textbooks and guides. The lengthy printed information seems boring and less engaging for students. But the technical and audiovisual tools make rhetorical lessons more relatable and easy to learn. For example, to understand the theory lessons of history and geography, students can watch educational videos and short movies from youtube. 


Along with this, students can access attractive PowerPoint presentations, modules, visual notes, picture cards, and audio lessons from several online teaching  sites and apps. Our mind captures the information better with the help of visual aids. Also retaining the theoretical lessons for longer durations of time can be done this way. 

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  • Always recall 


Many students read and learn a piece of information and later close the books without recalling what they have learned. Because of this, they can’t make out how much they memorized and what they could have done for improvement. This lack of proper memorizing affects their class answers and exam scores. To overcome this issue and memorize better, students must recall what they just learned.


 After completion of a theoretical topic, take a few minutes to rest and recall in your mind what you just learned. Or write down the important points which you memorized. This will help you analyze your learning. If you feel that you forgot something, re-read and re-learn the texts. This will surely help you to have a good command of theory lessons. 




By following the above-mentioned five tips, students can understand and memorize theory lessons better and quicker. This will help them to perform well in classes as well in exams. Their academic performance and learning effectiveness will be increased this way. 


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