How to Secure Vulnerable Data on Your iPhone and iPad in 2023

Secure Vulnerable Data

Importance of Keeping your Device Secured- Secure Vulnerable Data

Many users of the IOS operating system believe that standard security measures are enough to keep personal data protected. Nevertheless, expert cybercriminals can be skilled sufficiently to pass through security measures and get access to your pictures, videos, payment data, contacts, etc.

Or just imagine you have lost your device and it appeared in unsafe hands. At first, you might be calm since you will think that strong passwords and fingerprint touch IDs will prevent dishonest people from stealing your personal data. But are these security measures really effective and reliable?

In order not to give even a chance to cybercriminals to get access to your private information, you should know how to make the iPhone more secure. There is no necessity to be an IT specialist to apply iPhone and iPad security tips in reality. Thus, let’s consider how you can be calm after you take care of the protection of your device.

Setup Parameters of IOS for Maximum Protection and Secure Vulnerable Data

We have already mentioned that your device has default security system parameters. Although these measures are not enough, they can still be efficient if you improve them at maximum. For example, you can select home screen widgets with carefulness.

Cybercriminals can get access to widgets on the home screen without entering passwords. This function might be convenient for users, still, your security is in danger. If you do not desire scammers to get access to your important widgets, it is advisable to delete them. All you need to do is to swipe right on your lock screen and press the “Edit” button. Every widget you choose will be removed from the home screen.

Aside from deleting widgets, you should take into attention one of the most useful iPhone security tips is creating strong passwords. Make sure your password is more than 6 digits long and contains numbers and letters. In order to change your password, you should go to Settings. After that, find “Touch ID & Passcode”. Next, press “Turn Passcode On”. Then select “Passcode Options” and “Custom Alphanumeric Code”. After that come up with and enter a new and strong password. 

Turn On Two-Factor Authentication

While strong passwords can be a challenge for newcomers cybercriminals, skilled hackers can easily crack your passcode. In order to stop these hackers before they get access to your private data, you should activate two-factor authentication. This means that even when a hacker guesses your password, he will not be able to access your personal information further. Two-factor authentication will block these hackers.

In order to activate two-factor authentication, you should go to Settings. Then, go to “Your Apple ID”. After that, find “Password & Security”. Next, there is a necessity to enter your Apple ID password. Finally, select “Turn Two-Factor Authentication On”. As you can see this action does not require special IT skills but it will assist to keep your device protected well.

Turn Off Location Tracking

Another tip on how to make an iPhone more secure is simply disabling location tracking. When location tracking is turned on, those applications that possess access to this function can know exactly where you are and where you were. This is a very personal type of information that can be sold on the data market. That’s why you should make sure you turn off location tracking on your applications. In order to do this, again go to Settings and find “Privacy”. Next, go to “Location Services”.  After that, press “Choose Apps”. You have the possibility to determine by yourself what applications will possess access to location tracking and what applications will never get access to.


Turn On “Find My iPhone”- Secure Vulnerable Data

“Find My iPhone” is a useful function and will be handy in case your device was stolen or you lost it somewhere. When you activate the “Find My iPhone” feature, you will have the possibility to remove all data from your device remotely. Thieves or dishonest people who will find your device will never get access to your private and confidential information.

In order to use the “Find My iPhone” function, you can utilize any computer. In order to delete data from your device log in to the Find My iPhone application and press “Select your iPhone”. Next, find “Actions” and select “Erase iPhone”. All that is left is to confirm your selection.


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