How To Reset Rca Tablet 2021: Top Full Guide

How To Reset Rca Tablet 2021 Top Full Guide

Are you having difficulty with your RCA tablet device? Is touch ability not as sensitive as previously? Can you not understand How To Reset Rca Tablet to reset the device to the original setup?

Do not worry, and Gone App will provide you with the quickest and best therapy. Should you do so, you don’t have to bring your device to the shop for repair unless the device is damaged.

Plenty of minor problems can be solved using a hard reset. Many individuals don’t understand this, which means that you may follow some basic steps and find out how to hard reset your RCA tablet in your home.

Before You Start

Primarily, all glitches do not expect a hard reset. If the display isn’t responding or the tab suddenly, you want to understand how to reboot an RCA tablet computer in this kind of circumstance.

Unlike the majority of other pills, RCA pills include a hard reset button in the back. The button is deep-set, which means you might require a pin or paper clip to press on it. Long-press the reset button, and your device will restart.

  • But If You’re facing some of the following problems such as,
  • Slow performance or programs getting hung,
  • Forgot your password,
  • Or other glitches That Aren’t fixed with a reboot,

You have to understand how to mill reset RCA tablet computers, precisely what we need for you.

Master Reset Directions

Master Reset Directions

To perform a master reset, follow these steps:

1. Backup all data on the memory.

2. Save any open files, and back up all crucial information to a computer if the unit is responsive and may synchronize documents.

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3. From any Home display, touch the Menu key.

4. Touch Settings.

5. Touch Privacy.

6. Touch Factory information reset.

7. Un-assess the Erase SD card check box.

8. Touch Reset telephone number.

9. Touch Erase everything.

Performing a factory reset out of configurations

Performing a factory reset out of configurations

Follow the detailed instructions below on how to reset your RCA Android 4.1 tablet computer fully.

1. Together with your tablet computer turned off, then press and hold the volume up (+) button. While holding up the volume (+) button, then press on the tablet’s power button till you find the RCA emblem with Nipper and Chipper on the monitor. After a couple of moments, the display will change, and you’ll observe the Android bot on his rear with a warning symbol.

2. Now, you’re going to press and hold the tablet’s power switch, and without releasing the power button, press back on the volume up (+) button. You should then see the display below.

3. Utilize the tablet volume up (+) and down (+) keys to browse to and pick the “wipe data/factory reset” alternative. To choose this option, press the power button.

4. The pill will request you to validate your choice. Use the pill up (+) and down (-) keys to browse to and then choose “Yes – delete all user data information ” Yet more, use the button to select this choice.

5. At the bottom of the next screen, you may see “Data Wipe complete” Press the power switch to restart the machine.

6. The machine will begin to reboot and once more exhibit the RCA emblem with Nipper and Chipper. The following “Welcome” screen will prompt you to pick your language of choice.

Scroll through the choices together with your finger and press on start once completed. Congratulations, you have successfully reset your RCA Android 4.1 tablet computer.

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Reset Process (Device OFF )

Use this technique if you can’t unlock or turn onto the pill. By way of instance, in case you forgot your password. The measures for mill hard reset are similar but vary slightly for Android and Windows apparatus. We’ve covered for your convenience.


The most usual RCA tab which runs on Windows is your Cambio 10.1. Many Windows tablets include a keyboard. Here is the way to mill reset RCA tablet computer with a computer keyboard, which may hard reset any RCA Windows tab.

Step 1

Entirely switch off the unit (if it is not off ).

Step 2

Switch it on repeatedly while it’s loading, press and hold the “fn” (work ) button, and press F9 on your computer. Keep pressing until you see please wait look on the monitor. Publish the function button after it seems.

Step 3

Wait a couple of seconds and choose the ‘troubleshoot alternative’ Then select ‘Reset your PC.’

Step 4

Next, you may either opt to eliminate files’ or ‘wash the push’ thoroughly (that will erase all of your data factory reset option and then reset your tab into its default configuration). Make your choice, and you’ll observe the RCA logo look in addition to the ‘loading’ cartoon.

Depart from your apparatus apart and allow it to proceed by itself.

Based upon your system setting, the quantity of information, etc., this process may take anywhere from 30 to 60 minutes. The apparatus may turn off and on its own through this, and thus don’t manually press any buttons. When the process is done, your tablet computer will restart using its original factory settings.

For Windows tablets, if any applications or software don’t appear to operate correctly after reset, run the Windows upgrade. This should resolve the problem.\

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Step 1

Entirely switch off the unit (if it is not off ).

Step 2

Press and hold the Power switch along with up the Volume at the Exact Same time. As soon as you find the start screen using the RCA logo, release the buttons.

For some pills, you Might Have to go with the following alternate step:

Press and hold the Power button and Volume Up button at precisely the exact moment. Now continue to up the Volume button and then keep pressing the Power switch several times until you find the start screen.

Step 3

You will find a command prompt display with blue and yellow/orange text using the Android emblem. Utilize the Volume Up and Down buttons to browse and proceed to ‘wipe info/factory reset. Utilize the button to select the choice.

Step 4

You will see a confirmation page. Navigate precisely the identical manner and choose ‘yes – delete all of the user data.’ Pick the Power switch.

Step 5

After the data is erased, then you’ll be redirected to the command prompt display. Next, pick ‘reboot system’ and allow your device to finish up. Just how much time it will require the information to be erased is dependent upon the sum you’ve stored.

Your device will restart and ask you to pick your speech, just like when you first turn to a new apparatus.

You may use this procedure for the two RCA Viking Pro and factory reset option on your RCA voyager tablet computer.


Factory reset to your RCA tablet ensures you lose your information. Be confident that you back up any data before performing this activity. A factory reset can resolve several technical problems, but it can’t repair the physical damage by itself.

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