How to Plan Your Next Visit to Amsterdam

How to Plan Your Next Visit to Amsterdam

Traveling can be stressful and ultimately not enjoyable if you don’t plan well. Especially when you’re traveling to a place like Visit to Amsterdam which is chock full of rich culture and beautiful landmarks. 

 Select the Perfect Time of Year

When it comes to “the perfect time of year”, Amsterdam doesn’t necessarily have one. Every season is beautiful and amazing for what it is. The perfect time of year depends on what you desire the most. Do you want warm (but not too warm) weather, fully bloomed flowers, and rich greenery? Or would you prefer a winter wonderland full of holiday spirit? 

 Research the “Must-Sees” 

Every place you visit has its own set of must-sees. Amsterdam is surely in no shortage of these. It has a rich history, beautiful landscapes, and many activities that are well worth your time. There are so many must-sees that you most likely won’t get a chance to see them all. That is why it is so important to research them ahead of time and choose the ones that are most important to you. Here are a few things you won’t want to miss. 

Anne Frank’s House 

Taking a tour of Anne Frank’s house is a sobering experience that transports you back in time to an era much darker than our own. During this tour, you get to catch a glimpse into her life by viewing the room where she, her family, and a few others would hide. You also can read a few of her journal entries and learn a little bit more about life during World War II.

 Van Gogh Museum 

Whether you are a fan of art or not, this impressive collection is something anyone can appreciate. Vincent Van Gogh is up there with some of the most prolific artists in history. This museum dedicated to him contains the largest collection of his work with upwards of two hundred paintings, over seven hundred and fifty letters, and five hundred drawings. 

Canal Tour 

A canal tour, or canal cruise, is the perfect way to sit back, relax, and enjoy the beautiful scenery of an evening in Amsterdam. Most cruises offer an array of drinks and food as you float by some of the city’s most renowned sights and landmarks. These cruises typically provide guides to explain the history behind some of the more important sights you see. This is often a must for those who visit Amsterdam. 

Take Part in Local Transit

When planning a trip it is always good to think about transportation. For Amsterdam specifically, plan on renting a bike or using public transportation. Bikes are the locals’ favorite means of transportation as Amsterdam is rather compact and environmentally friendly. It truly is a sight to see so many people racing through the bike lanes at any given moment. Jumping right in is the perfect way to immerse yourself in their culture. 

Indulge in Local Events 

Just like any other country, Amsterdam has its fair share of festivals, celebrations, and events. When planning your trip it’s important to hit the best tourist spots, but don’t forget about the local gems that make you feel like you’re a part of their way of life. This is where great memories can be made. They really like to party. 

Get a City Card 

If you are one of those travelers that like to do as many things as possible, you are not alone! There’s something very satisfying about getting home from a vacation and feeling like you need another vacation to rest after all of the things you just did. If this is you, then you should get a city card. 

The city card provides you with unlimited access to public transportation, several museums, and one canal cruise. That way once you step foot in the city, nothing is standing in your way from exploring. 

Store Your Luggage

On travel days, having to wait to check into your hotel, or carry your luggage around the city after checking out can be very annoying and impractical. This is why there is luggage storage Amsterdam. This provides an affordable way to store your luggage or shopping bags while you explore. So you can get the most out of every second spent there. 

The Bottom Line

Amsterdam is a beautiful city with lots to do and see. It’s crucial to take the time and research what there is to see, how to get around the city, what events you want to participate in, and how the logistics of it all will work. Doing this will allow you to enjoy your time and make the most of your trip.  


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