How to place your first bet and win in 2023 with Parimatch


If a person wants to start 2023 with a profit and an exciting pastime, then the Parimatch website will help him with this. This is a modern and high-quality bookmaker, whose activities are actively carried out in many states, including Cyprus. The legal work of the betting company makes it in demand. Many modern users, beginners, and experienced gamblers choose Parimatch for its main advantages – legality and high odds. Before using the services of Parimatch, the player must familiarize himself with the features of the site. This is important for beginners and those who are planning to bet on this resource for the first time.

Preparation for using the functions of the bookmaker Parimatch begins with the theoretical foundations. The participant studies all statements about the license, allowed sports, bet variations, and possible payments. After that, he needs to go through the registration process on the site, and deposit funds into the account to be able to online bets on sport. The company operates legally, so it is impossible to bypass the registration process in it.

The first bet in Parimatch

When a player has decided that he will bet on a specific event or, in principle, on sports in Parimatch, he needs to perform the following mandatory actions:

  • registration in the system;
  • login to the account;
  • making a deposit;
  • choice of sports and events;
  • rate fixing.

A beginner needs to choose a type of bet that will be cost-effective and not very difficult for him. It depends on how he gets acquainted in principle with the betting process and will be able to manage them in the future. The very first bet in Parimatch should be small and for a high probability of the forecast. It is recommended to choose an event that offers real favorites and underdogs, as well as low odds. If there is such an event, then it is necessary to start a career in betting with it.

The Parimatch company offers good odds for sports events, so due to this, it is very popular among both beginners and regular users.

How and what you can bet on Parimatch

To win at Parimatch, you need to make profitable bets. Each registered player can count on 20+ sports that are allowed to bet on. Among the most popular ones are football, basketball, boxing and MMA, volleyball, tennis, cricket, and esports. These sports are in demand among players in Cyprus. If the user is not sure what to bet on, then first he must familiarize himself with the features of the chosen sport and the opinions of experts.


After careful preparation, the player can proceed to bet. The more of them in one coupon, the higher the overall win rate, but the lower the probability of winning. Betting options vary depending on the sport. Common and typical for sporting events in Parimatch are single, total, and express. There are also internal types of bets, which are provided for each sport on its own.

Parimatch is the type of betting company that offers simple management and profitable bets. If necessary, you can use the betting tips on the bookmaker’s website. The company in its list of functions includes a variety of types of sporting events so that a player with any request has the opportunity to profitably bet. To become a full-fledged client of the bookmaker, a participant must register in the system once. After that, real winnings will be available to him, and the most profitable bet will give a huge reward.


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