How To Open Exe Files On Android Tablet 2021: Top Full Guide

How To Open Exe Files On Android Tablet 2021 Top Full Guide

Are you searching for How To Open Exe Files On Android Tablet? Don’t worry. Gone App will also provide you with the quickest and most accurate methods to link.

Typically, .exe files are pulled on Windows operating platforms, but fortunately, Android OS is smart enough to provide you with methods to open these documents.

But to start the documents on Android Devices, you have to download the .exe file, then move them from the PC to your tablet computer and set them up. Below is a review of the strategies to start the documents on the Android Device.

What’re a .exe Files?

What're a .exe Files

As we mentioned in the introduction, the “.exe” after the record’s name “weatherapp.exe” is a straightforward extension for your computer systems to learn how to shut it.

Unlike Windows programs, Android tablets don’t have an inbuilt .exe reader, but also the Android OS supports .exe subscribers software, so there isn’t anything to be concerned about.

Google Play Store has several different .exe subscribers, and all it requires is to form “.exe” from the search bar and also, the first couple of programs that look are sure to start .exe files.

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Understand The Way To Run EXE on Android Device?

Many Android smartphone users have this uncertainty if they could utilize Windows exe programs on this apparatus. Regrettably, you can’t use it straight or obtain .exe documents on Android OS. Regardless, you may use third-party programs which will assist you.

Before getting in the scene, the thousand dollar question; why would you desire .exe documents to operate on an Android platform. One reason may be to conduct older Windows games that have never been made compatible to run Android OS. Assessing the Google Play Store and getting an emulator can help you to a degree.

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Tactics to Open/Run .exe Documents on Android Tablet

Tactics to Open Run .exe Documents on Android Tablet

Method 1 – DOS BOX

If you aren’t mindful of precisely what DOS BOX is, then we recommend not use this measure since it is simple to make a wreck. The DOS BOX is a command prompt, pretty similar to the Windows CMD, but utilizing a direct link to the base OS (DOS) and that Android is installed.

As an example, computers also have pre-installed DOS inside their motherboard, in addition to which can be installed Windows. DOS BOX describes an application providing you using this device’s DOS OS.

This is the way to start a .exe with a DOS BOX:

  1. There are lots of DOS BOXes on Google Play Store, so only download and install them.
  2. Put the .exe document in a folder you will later access from inside the DOS BOX program.
  3. Provide the title using a descriptive title for more straightforward navigation.
  4. Open the DOS BOX program. (You will see a straightforward command prompt)
  5. From the typing filed kind “cd\Title of Your Documents.” For example, if your folder title is “Tablet,” the control should look like that “cd\Tablet.”
  6. Now, the control prompt understands that we’re searching for something in a folder named Tablet. Now we must inform the DOS that which we are searching for.
  7. Type “cd\Title of the File.” For example, if your document is named weather.exe, the control should look like “cd\weather.exe”.
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Do not forget to bring the “.exe” extension at the end of your file name, even if the Tablet doesn’t reveal it. Otherwise, the DOS won’t be able to detect the file.

If the .exe can be used with your tablet computer, it must install successfully.

Method 2 – Inno Setup Extractor

This is probably the fastest and most straightforward way to start .exe documents on Android tablets. Additionally, it applies to some Android smartphones or a different gadget.

  1. Proceed to Google Play Store and download Inno Setup Extractor.
  2. Install it.
  3. Transfer the .exe files to your tablet. (it doesn’t matter exactly how ).
  4. From inside the application, detect and start the .exe files.
  5. You’re ready.

Yes, it’s that easy. But if your own Android tablet computer is so old, it doesn’t encourage the Inno Setup Extractor; browse further to discover another (appropriate ) .exe opener which may be set up in your own Android program version.

The steps are essentially the same together. Exe opener software so that you can not go wrong either way.

The Way to Open .Exe Files On Android Phones?

There are several programs available that can open .exe files. Remember that not all of the exe files will run on Android, despite these distinctive apps.

If you were considering running Far Cry 5 in your new OnePlus 6, that is not likely to occur. But if you would like to run the Windows version of Doom, these exe file openers such as Android might be the best answer.

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An individual may acquire many programs that can help run the exe files on Android, but note that not all third-party programs can run an exe on Android.

You may try something from the way if you’re so desperate to run the exe files. Try it using Inno Setup Extractor – the simplest to use file opener for Android.

Download your own desires. Exe on your Android apparatus, and install and download Inno Setup Extractor in the Google Play Store, find the exe file, then open the file using the program. Inno Setup Extractor will extract the exe in your Android cellphone.

Even though there are many methods to run an exe file in your Android cellphone, we again cautioned that not all the programs could operate on your device, even though it has lots of high-end hardware specs. Nonetheless, you may still research based on your urgency and necessity.


Only the remedies that are going app has analyzed and successfully analyzed. In case you have some other options, please comment below. We’ll examine and update the quickest to make the post more complete. Last, thank you for your confidence and support for your Gone App!

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