How to Make a Balloon Arch

How to Make a Balloon Arch

It’s hard to imagine a good party without a balloon decor. A variety of decorations, especially grandiose arches, immediately transform the area and draw the attention of all those invited. The main thing is to choose the right place and balloons color ideas for your centerpieces. And do not forget to strictly follow the instructions!- a Balloon Arch

Now, we will share with you some techniques for creating a stunning balloon arch.

What materials will you need to create an arch?

  • Balloons (about 200 items): if you are just starting to master various decorating techniques, then opt for the items of the same size and shade. When you learn how to do it, then you can easily create multi-color compositions;
  • a helium tank and a balloon pump;
  • hard hose, ready-made wire garden arch, or a thick rope for creating the frame;
  • adhesive tape, fishing line, or floral wire for attaching balls;
  • ribbons, corrugated paper for decorating the fixing the inflatables;
  • cinder blocks, buckets with sand, or other heavy objects that can help you fix the frame.

How to make a frame for your arch?

Use a stiff hose and small cinder blocks to secure your frame to the ground for an outdoor party. Just place the blocks at the desired distance, and attach the hose to them securing it with electrical tape.

For an indoor celebration, you can use a regular medium-thickness wire or just a dense fishing line.

How to make an arch: the easy way

  • Inflate 2 balloons and tie their necks with each other (this skill will come in handy if you want to improve your aero design skills) — this will create a bundle of 2 items. Make sure that the inflated balloons are the same size (you can use a ready-made or DIY balloon sizer), so that the composition is neat and beautiful.
  • Tie together 2 bundles of balls as follows: take the connected balls in each hand and twist them together. This way, you will get a bundle of 4 items.
  • Do the same with all pairs of balloons — these bundles will be the main elements of your arch.
  • Take one of the bundles in your hand and tie it to the fishing line. Wrap it around each balloon neck, then make a few knots.
  • Attach the bundle to the lower part of the frame. Then, add a second bundle and push it tightly against the first one so that there are no gaps between them. Tie the balloons twice with a fishing line.
  • By repeating all of the above steps, you will gradually form your balloon arch.
  • To decorate the arch, use satin ribbons, organza, fresh or paper flowers, and greenery.

How to make an arch: an advanced way

  • To make the base of the arch, you will need a thin rope; you will have to measure it, taking into account the height and width of the arch you want to get. This way is good because, if necessary, you will be able to adjust the height of your frame at any moment.
  • Lay the rope on the ground and make loops, leaving 1,20” from each end. This will help you easily install your arch later.
  • Take one end of the rope and temporarily fasten it — this will make it easier for you to attach the balloons.
  • Fix the inflatables on the rope using tape or floral wire, wrapping it several times. Start making bundles of 4 balls as described above.
  • Continue fixing the items to the rope. Because of helium, they will start to gradually rise, forming an arc shape.
  • Decorate the arch with colorful bows, ribbons, tissue paper flowers that match the theme and color scheme of your celebration.
  • Finally, secure the free end of the rope!

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