How to keep your employees motivated with doing sport and investment Sports at work: is there a place for it?


A healthy mind in a healthy body” is a task that many Russians must meet, as well as the management of the companies in which they work. After all, it is important for every employer that all its employees perform their duties and demand excellent results. Therefore, caring for the health of employees is not an empty phrase for many and is an important priority in their work. Agree that the team where all the specialists are full of health will work more efficiently than the one where half is on sick leave.

Not all companies have a wellness direction, but nevertheless, many companies are making progress towards sports orientation. Employers should have that “healthy lifestyle” and “sports interest” are those additional keys that can win favor among both professionals and job seekers.

How Does It Work? 

“It should be noted that generation Y, which currently occupies an active position in the labor market, is always very concerned about their health than generation X. In addition, this generation today has seriously taken up the special need in order to be able to live a prosperous life and in 60, and at 70, and at 80 years old, to travel freely and lead a higher active lifestyle.

“In many companies, this area is included in the programs of non-material motivation of employees, and over the past 5-10 years the number of companies offering such programs has increased.

However, there is another point of view on this account. “In our time, the topic of a healthy lifestyle is very popular. But is it possible to combine work and health? Is this Russian company given due attention? Unfortunately, at present this can be possible either for a very large company, or in terms of already allocated budget goals, or family-type companies that do not have a large or even average number of staff. According to the stories of the older generation, the attention to the health of their employees is reproduced by a larger number of employees. Organized joint field trips, sports competitions between departments, open sports competitions, rented football halls, volleyball courts. Right now, the company might want to share a little more attention, but a lot of people just can’t do it.”

Investment and Sports

If you want to have proper health services and sports. Then you might also think about an investment platform for organizing your investments. You can start trading crypto and use the investment for sports management. 

There are still varying degrees of involvement in the “sports movement”. Particular attention should be paid to periodic maintenance activities (21%). “Within the framework of the company, sports competitions are held in popular sports (chess, swimming, running, bowling, tennis, skiing, etc.); at the end of the year awarding the best athletes of the company with diplomas and cash prizes”; “Rented paths in the city pool. In addition, there is a gym, mini-football and volleyball courts on the territory of the enterprise, table tennis tables in the offices of companies”; “We rent an ice arena for employees for 3 hours once a week to play hockey,” say the HRs.

Second-employed full or partial pay for employment of employees (16%). “We partially pay for a fitness center, a path in the pool,” representatives of the personnel services of enterprises specify. 

Social Packages for Doing Sports 

The social package is one of the additional benefits that an employer can offer to its employees. In each company, the issue of the content of the social package is solved in different ways, ideally based on the wishes of the employees themselves. Only a healthy person can withstand the rhythm of modern megacities, office workers leading a sedentary lifestyle are especially prone to ailments and ailments. Any illness of an employee turns into a lot of problems for the employer. Therefore, investments in the health of staff are more than justified. In addition, a good physical shape gives confidence, helps to achieve peace of mind, in a word – a healthy mind in a healthy body! Think about preparing customized award plaques at and motivate your employees. If they feel motivated then they will do their best for you. Awards are great for fostering a healthy environment in the workplace. If you want everyone to be engaged then think about purchasing awards. 

If your company has decided to include “fitness” in the social package, first of all, you need to decide on the set of services required by your employees. In the men’s team, the gym will be of interest, and the women will be attracted by the pool and group programs. For a traditionally mixed team, you will have to take care of finding a sports club that combines all these services. Fortunately, at present, due to the variety of sports services, there will be no problems on the market. Modern sports clubs are equipped with all kinds of exercise equipment, as a rule, they have several areas for group exercises and a couple of swimming pools; in a good club, you can choose a sauna according to your taste. The cost of club cards in institutions of this level is quite high. Therefore, when deciding on the purchase of subscriptions to a fitness club, conduct a survey of employees in advance in order to ascertain the need for sports. Otherwise, a gift from the company in the form of club cards may be a waste of time. 


Experience of Big Companies For Sports 

In some cases, experts are guided by their personal experience. “Often, when choosing a job, candidates pay attention to the presence of sports activities and the opportunity to monitor their health. For example, in our company we offer our employees insurance packages, while we choose clinics in such a way that they are located in close proximity either to the employee’s place of residence or from the office. In addition, of course, fitness is included in the social package: we cooperate with several clubs and provide employees with a choice. Also, these are our corporate events, which are based on a sports component.

Those who did not quite succeed in sports, switched to bicycles, scooters and beach volleyball. Beach cruiser bikes were great solutions for those who do not enjoy regular sports, as they can enjoy the breach and at the same time burn calories, be active and have mobility. 

It is also known that some companies prefer to arrange river rafting or golf in the summer. As it turns out, golf is a very physical game of chance, although in the past, golf was considered by many to be a pastime for the elderly.”

“Our company offers corporate discounts/subscriptions for attending fitness clubs, health days, on-site corporate trainings and, of course, additional health insurance programs are held in the summer. 

Final Notes

It is great to build sports culture and start developing your company.  Do not worry about these issues as you can have the best results and your employees will be more energized and motivated if they do sports. 

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