How to Keep Children Safe Online


Children can come across a lot of things on the internet, and not all of them are good. For instance, there are predators, bullies, and inappropriate content, and parents need to do something to protect them.

The internet is a part of modern people`s lives, and more and more children have smartphones. That is why some cyber safety know-how must be a part of the parenting toolkit. Spy tools for Kik can definitely help you, but you still need to learn more things. So, here are a few tips for you to get started.

You Should Talk Openly With Your Kid About the Online Activity

When your kid starts using the internet, you should talk to them about what they are watching, reading, and who they are communicating with. This conversation should be going on as they become older. It means that you should ask your children what apps they use or websites they visit. It is critical to listen to your kid and reach an agreement about what is right for your family. You should also teach them about their online reputation and how children must be careful about how they interact with others, behave, and represent themselves online.

You Should Keep Devices and Screens Where You Can See Them

It is essential to always monitor your kid`s time online, especially when it comes to younger children. You should also keep the computer somewhere you can easily keep an eye on what your kid is viewing and doing. In the case of mobile devices, you can make sure that your children cannot go online without you knowing by setting them to forget Wi-Fi passcodes. For younger kids, you can check browser histories after they have been online.

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You Should Know Who Your Kid`s Online Friends Are

Being adults, we know that some individuals are not who they say they are, but kids can be too naïve about who they are communicating with if they are not taught to be cautious online. You should make sure to become friends and monitor posts within your child`s social media circles. Your kids may resist, but you should let them know that it happens to be one of the conditions to allow them to use the internet.

You Should Teach Them How to Protect Their Privacy

If your kid is a regular user of social networks, then they must know about the risk of personal data or images being made public after being posted. They will not fully understand the consequences, but you need to teach them to be thoughtful and cautious about what your children share or post.

You Need to Keep Control of Your Family`s Digital Footprint

Each personal detail and picture that is shared or posted on social media contributes to someone`s personal footprint. There is a risk that once something is shared publicly, it can be used in ways you can never control or expect. Consequently, young people and kids need to be smart about protecting their information and images. The same rules go for parents who post their children`s photos online.

You Should Teach Your Kids to Keep Their Location Private

The bigger part of networks, apps, and devices obtain geo-tagging features, which makes your location public and may lead someone to you. You should turn these features off for obvious safety and privacy reasons. Digital pictures tend to contain metadata, and they may also reveal more than you want. While some social media platforms remove this information, others don`t. Therefore, it is your task to make sure this does not happen.

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