How to Increase Student-Teacher Interaction in Online Classes?

Online Classes

When it comes to teaching, an educator needs to interact well with all students. However, they need to little careful when they are teaching online. Good communication and interaction is the only way to make learning efficient. Educators need to connect with students to increase the interaction and take care of every child’s performance. Here in this article, we provide some helpful tips that will help you improve interaction during teaching through the online classes app with the help of different LMS portals and another model. 

 Helpful Tips to Increase Interaction in Online Classes

Be Prepared and Enthusiastic

Showing enthusiasm using virtual learning platforms might sound hard, but keeping in mind while taking online classes is crucial. You must enjoy the whole session while delivering a lecture in class. You must take care of your tone and use motivational quotes to encourage students to be more attentive.

Students might find it challenging to attend online classes and find it tiresome sometimes. However, meeting their classmates and interacting with them can be exciting. It helps students focus more on their studies and keep their minds healthy. It increases the overall enthusiasm and energy level of students. The educator must impart positive energy with their action. Building trust and making students feel important are two essential aspects to make classes more interactive.

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Talk & Interact with Students During Online Classes

 During live classes, it is necessary to analyze each student’s performance. It will become a more manageable process for school management and students if you raise questions in the classroom. If the number of students is more in the school, you can ask one question after another to pass on to all students.

No rocket science technique can increase the interaction of teacher and student manifolds. It is all about utilizing all the simple methods to expect a fruitful outcome.

Group Presentation or Assignment will be Beneficial

Group assignment is a helpful way to increase the interaction among students. In group assignments, students get to know each other points of view. It would help if you took special care of children during the allotment group for the task. It makes students feel like they trust and join the work with enthusiasm and excitement.

Guide Them Right Path

Educators need to take special care of the students attending online classes. E-learning is a valuable invention of this era if used in an organized way. Guide your students to differentiate between right and wrong. Be open to discussion, doubts and mentor them whenever required. You can arrange online meetings with students to know their problems and feedback on different subjects.

If you interact with students during your free time, you can build a strong relationship with them. Create a communicating channel so they can ask their doubt easily. Taking out extra time for them and providing feedback will be helpful for all.

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Ask for Feedback from Students

You can ask your students whether they enjoy the class or not. It makes you aware of how students understand the concept taught by you. Many online learning platforms have a feedback section to submit whatever remarks they add. It helps in the proper growth of the classroom and students.


Feedback plays a crucial role in the overall development of the classroom. It will help the online teacher to improve the class accordingly. It will make your students feel important, and they can ask anything in class without any confusion.

Final Words

The interactive session is crucial in online classes. It helps build trust and a strong relationship between students and teachers. It makes students able to participate in classroom activities easily. Bring a positive impact in the classroom to provide overall development of students.

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