Suorin Air: Do This When It’s Not Hitting

Everyone that has a Suorin Air has been here; your vape isn’t working, and you’re not sure what to do. There are steps that you can take to fix your Air.

If your Suorin Air isn’t hitting, or firing, first make sure that it’s charged. Make sure your Air is fully charged. If cleaning isn’t effective, buy a new pod. If buying a new pod doesn’t work either, you may need to buy a new Air.

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These steps sound simple, but when you’re cleaning your Suorin Air, there’s always a risk. Below, I’ll go over all of the steps above and show you how to clean your device safely and effectively.

Gold Suorin Air sitting on a table.

Make Sure Your Air Is Charged

Fortunately, the first step is the easiest. You need to make sure that your Suorin Air is charged. As simple as this is, it’s one of the most common reasons for Air’s not firing properly.

This step sounds very obvious, but if your Suorin is out of battery, it isn’t going to hit at all. Make sure your Air is plugged in for at least a few minutes before you start to do anything else.

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This This is the easiest fix and will help you get your Air working again.

Clean Your Suorin Air Thoroughly

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The next, slightly longer step, is to clean your Suorin air. I’m going to give you a quick rundown here, but if you want to read how to do this more in-depth, check out my article on how to clean a Suorin Air V2.

The first step in cleaning your Air is to remove it from its case. Take out the pod and use the tool or the pod to push the electronics off the top. (Also check out my article on how to take apart a Suorin Air).

Using a pod to take apart a Suorin Air.

Take a cotton swab and gently clean your Suorin Air’s airflow sensor, contact points (metal bits at the top), the rubber piece on top of the contact points, and any other places where you see juice.

Graphic showing different parts of a Suorin Air

Use a cotton swab, or a rolled-up tissue to clean out any remaining juices from your pod. Clean up any remaining juice.

A Suorin Air

You can also clean out the inside of your Suorin’s skin (metal piece that surrounds the electronics) by inserting a tissue.

Once you’re done, place the rubber piece on the electronics and then put on the metal skin. Check that your Air works by putting your pod back on. If it doesn’t, keep reading to check out the next step.

Buy a New Pod for Your Air

If cleaning every part of your Suorin Air doesn’t work, you might just have to buy a new pod. Some pods come from the factory defective, and won’t work no matter what you try.

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Other times, something breaks inside the pod and makes it so that it won’t hit. Unfortunately, if you’re at this point, there’s not much you can do to fix your broken pod.

Fortunat4ly though, Suorin Air pods are cheap, and you can find them for as little as $4 apiece. If your Air still isn’t hitting by now, consider picking up a new pod.

Purchase a New Suorin Air or Other Device

Gold skin for a Suorin Air.

At this point, if your Suorin still isn’t firing or hitting properly, you might need to buy a new one. Suorin Air’s are built to be somewhat disposable, and they’re definitely not going to last forever.

Things wear down and break over time, juice leaks into the device, and if you’re like me, you drop things a lot. To put it simply, your Suorin Air is going to break eventually, as is every other device that you own.

You may have to replace your Air. Of course, if your Suorin is giving you too many issues, you can always buy a different vape, but my point is that no matter which device you own, you’ll have to buy a new one eventually.

Give Your Suorin Some Time

This might sound stupid, but one thing that’s worked many times for me is to let your device sit for 30 minutes to an hour. Sometimes Suorin Air’s get too hot, and all they need is a little time to cool down.

Let it cool down for a few minutes before you buy a new one. It can be frustrating, but it’s worth the wait if it can fix your device.

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