A Guide on How to Make Your Shoes Less Slippery

Grabbing your kicks and heading out for the day isn’t as easy in the winter as it may be in other seasons. It might even seem like your options are limited during the winter because you’re afraid of slipping on pesky ice. At KOIO, one of our design principles is that you shouldn’t have to sacrifice comfort for the sake of style, and we also believe that you shouldn’t have to sacrifice your safety either. Don’t keep winter shoes hidden in your closet. There are plenty of ways to avoid slippery shoes.

Let’s Talk About Slippery Shoes

It’s safe to say that we’re not the first ones to ask the question “what can you put on your shoes to make them less slippery?” The first thing to keep in mind is that some new shoes are naturally slicker than a pair of well-worn and well-loved shoes. Breaking in shoes is an excellent first step in getting rid off that extra slickness. Soles generally get a little more grip once they’ve been worn in because they soften and small nooks and abrasions from walking allow them to make better contact with surfaces.

However, if your slippery shoe problem persists, thankfully, there’s a wide selection of products that can create more traction on the bottom of your shoes. Keep reading for a list of ideas you may want to check out:

Non Slip Outsoles

These outsoles are made of rubber or have some grit to them that will not only add traction to the bottom of your shoes but also protect the soles of your shoes if you’re concerned about scuffing or scratching. A Non-slip soles have a peel and stick adhesive that turns your shoes into a winter.

Grip Spray

Picking up a can of grip spray to add to the bottom of your shoes is another quick solution. The best part about this solution is that you have options on the type of grip you’re searching for. For your workout shoes, grab a can of light grip or for navigating the snowy streets. There’s no real science to the application of this product, just spray it onto the sole of your shoes, and make sure to wait the recommended amount of time before putting them back on.

Ice Grips

Think snow chains but for a shoe. Picking up a pair of ice grips might be the perfect solution for the man or woman who is planning on spending their time in the ice and snow. Often referred to as ice traction cleats, you can slip these right over your shoes or boots. This product is not only easy to use, it’s also removable for whenever you don’t need the extra grip.

How to Make Shoes Less Slippery: DIY Style

While the products above might solve traction issues, you might be in a pinch and need a quick fix for your day out in the elements. Let’s talk about some easy DIY fixes and share how to add traction to shoes.

Scuff the Sole

By scuffing the sole, you can create that much needed traction for your shoe. This is basically giving your shoes a kickstart to being worn in. You can use a low-grit sandpaper or a low-grit nail filing to do this. Start scuffing up the bottom of your shoe by rubbing the rough item on the outsole of the shoe until you see small groves appear or until you feel like you have achieved the amount of grip you’re wanting. Obviously, this is a very permanent solution, so start slow, and don’t go too crazy with it in order to prevent any large damage to the bottom of your shoe.


This is a fast age old home remedy for really anything that’s slippery. For shoes in particular, all you have to do is spray a generous coat of hairspray on the bottom of your shoes. This will provide a little extra “stick,” especially for those shoes with smooth soles. You’ll want to give the hairspray a minute and a half or more to dry and become sticky before wearing the shoes. Note that this solution isn’t permanent and will require reapplication as needed, but it’s a quick solution that will keep you grounded on your feet without damaging your shoes.

Puff Paint

We did say these were DIY hacks, didn’t we? Next time you find yourself in the craft section, think about grabbing some puff paint while you’re there. Since puff paint naturally dries down into a bumpy surface tacking on some puff paint to the bottom of your shoe can create traction between the outsole and the ground. All you have to do is use your preferred color of puff paint and make a design on the sole of your shoe.

Introducing the KOIO Chelsea Boot

If your slippery shoe situation is bad enough to result in some of these out there DIY hacks, may we suggest a new pair of shoes instead? KOIO has you covered. The Chelsea boots, which are lightweight and weatherproof, are perfect for winter. With its jagged-edged, surface-biting LIVE TECH outsole, you won’t have to worry about slipping around in these shoes. You’ll enjoy excellent resistance, flexibility, and height, even while cutting directly through the snow. Shop our Chelsea boots for women and for men to find the boot that will last you for many more winters to come.

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