Skyrim Special Edition Lags Badly in PC

Skyrim is an action-based video game published by Bethesda Softworks. In the Elder Scrolls series, it is the fifth installment, which is available for PlayStation 3, Microsoft Windows, and Xbox 360. Skyrim is a huge success but it has also encountered several technical glitches that have confused gamers.

Some of these problems include extreme lagging in PCs. Let us discuss how you can solve the problem if you are a Skyrim player.

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Solution 1

The first solution requires visiting the Documents folder. Once you have opened this folder you will see the My Games directory. Double-click this folder and you will come across various folders including Skyrim. Open the Skyrim folder and then click the SkyrimPrefs file.

After the file is opened, you can use the Control + F shortcut keys combination for the search bar to activate it. Next, type Gamepad in the search bar and click Find Next. You will find GamepadEnable=1. Replace 1 with 0 and then click the Find Next button twice until you come across GamepadRumble=1. Change the 1 to 0. Change the 1 to 0.

Solution 2

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The second solution involves changing the power settings. Navigate to the Power Options section of the Control Panel. Click on the leftmost button to create a power plan.

A new window will open, offering several power options.

Select High performance and give your plan a name. Click Next.

Saving your custom power plan

Click the Put the computer to sleep option, and select Never for both On battery and Plugged in drop-down menus. To save this plan, click Save.


Close the window, and then launch the game.

Solution 3

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The third solution to fix Skyrim lags requires visiting the Documents folder. Now open the My Games and you shall see the Skyrim folder. Open the Skyrim folder and then double-click the file. Now add up iPresentInterval=0 to the bottom of the display section.

Next, make use of the Crimson’s Frame Target Control to limit the game to 60. In most cases, this will solve the lag issue in Skyrim as most of the time the lag issue is due to the ultra-frames required.

Solution 4

If the above-mentioned tweaks did not work, try using ST Cleaner. It often happens that the lags occur in games due to junk files. ST Cleaner can be used to quickly and easily get rid of junk files.

Download ST Cleaner for Windows from the official website. The program can be installed and launched. Click on Scan to launch ST Cleaner’s junk data scan.

If you want to search for specific junk files, ST Cleaner will allow you to search for software, social, and multimedia-related junk files.

ST Cleaner scan in progress

Once the scan is over, ST Cleaner will present a list of the junk files, which you can delete without any issue.

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