How to Repair Scratched Leather Car Seats – At-Home Solution

Are you stressed on how to repair scratched leather car seats? Don’t worry. You can achieve the best results from your auto detailing by following a few simple steps. Leather car seats are durable but they may be exposed to different objects which end up damaging the leather. Even if the leather has been affected, you should not worry on how to repair it. After you have repaired the damage, you’ll need fillers and sandpaper. Here is how to repair scratched leather car seats.

1. Clean the area

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The first step you need to get is to have the area cleaned well. You can apply alcohol to clean the area so that you can achieve a perfect surface for the next steps in your car leather seat repair process. There are several types of dirt that can accumulate on the surface. You must ensure that you thoroughly clean it. You can also use homemade vinegar to clean your leather.

2. Sand rough patches

The affected area on your leather should be sanded first so that you can remove all rough surfaces. If you have several surfaces which have been affected by the cracks on the leather, then you need to sand each patch so that you can achieve a perfect finish on your car seats.

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3. Apply filler how-to-clean-leather-and-remove-scratches

After applying the sand, you need to apply the fillers so that you can fill the hollow which was left hollow after the original material was removed. Fillers can affect the quality of your work if they are not applied correctly. Make sure you only purchase fillers that can be used with the lather material.

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4. Sand filler level

After application of the fillers, you need to sand them so that the surface can be left smooth. To achieve a flawless surface, you can use 1200 grit sandpaper. Try to sand the area till it achieves the look of the adjacent surfaces.

5. Apply colorant

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The repaired area should be colored the same way the original material was appearing. If you can apply the right color, then it will be easy for you to achieve the perfect look on the repaired surface. You need to apply to colorant evenly so that the car seat can look attractive.

6. Prepare the finish

You need the right finish which can assure you a great look. Different car seat finishes will come with details on how to mix them. It is necessary to follow the steps provided on the car seat finish so that you can achieve a perfect finish on the car seat. If there are other additives you need to apply, you need to apply them before you proceed.

7. Apply the finish

The final step you need to take is to apply the finish you have applied. Make sure you apply the finish properly to ensure that your car seat remains attractive. If you can have the best fillers and car seat finish and apply them, then it will be easy for you to achieve a perfect finish.

How to It is easy to repair leather car seats that have been scratched. Be sure to apply the above steps to get optimal results.

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