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Have you left your toner for a little too long or had a disastrous visit to the hairdressers? And now, to your horror, you’re left with shades of blue, purple, grey or silver? Don’t stress – read on for a few ways on how to fix over-toned hair. These techniques are very easy and won’t damage your hair.

how to fix over toned hair

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What is the reason your hair has become stained? Well, you may have either over toned your hair, the toner is too strong, you’ve applied too much or your hair is very porous. Uh oh! There are ways around this! And they’re not too damaging either – bonus! Let’s get into how to fix over-toned hair:

How to Fix Over-Toned Hair

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how to fix over-toned hair

Clarifying Shampoo

The first and most obvious process of removing toner from your hair is to wash multiple times with a clarifying shampoo. Although it’s not the best, this method is the most efficient and least damaging. If you notice that your locks have become too toned, it is important to get washed immediately. Most toners are not permanent, therefore eventually, after several washes, the ‘cool’ tones will fade. If you’re wanting that toner gone quicker, 2-3 washes with a clarifying shampoo will start to remove the blue, grey or purple stains.

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Baking Soda

This next method can be used after shampooing your hair. Take 1-2 tablespoons depending on how long your hair is and massage it into your scalp. Allow the mixture to sit for at least a minute, then rinse off. Because baking soda has brightening properties, it will help strip the toner and slowly bring back golden tones.

Dishwashing liquid

A slightly more stronger ingredient in the quest of how to fix over toned hair is dishwashing soap/liquid. Use a small amount to lather into your hair. Do your hair right away and let it sit for at least two minutes before washing off. Dishwashing solution is very clarifying, and can strip hair of its natural moisture. It will cause your hair to feel dry and brittle. It’s super important to follow up with an intensive, deep conditioning treatment to bring back the moisture into your hair.

Hydrogen Peroxide

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Lastly, diluted hydrogen peroxide will strip those unwanted shades from your over toned hair. This can be very damaging to your hair and is not recommended for use. Spray the toner onto your hair by diluting it with water. You should not leave it on for more than a minute to avoid any damage. Apply a deep conditioner treatment after you have rinsed your hair. For the best results, leave it on for at night. This will restore your hair’s natural beauty and make it look super healthy.

how to fix over toned-hair

That’s it! Now you know a few simple ways to get rid of over-toned hair. These methods are safe for natural hair, but not recommended for ZALA extensions. You’ll be getting rid of those purple hues in no time, and can thank us later! Good luck xx

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