How to Fix Loose Rear View Mirror Ball Joint

A rearview mirror is one kind of flat mirror used in automobiles and vehicles. This mirror is particularly designed for allowing the driver to observe rearward. The rearview mirror on the anterior side is not always in the same position. It is constantly adjusted. The position of your car’s steering wheel drops a few degrees over time. This problem may be familiar to you as a user.

For you, today’s post will be effective in solving this issue stepwise. In this article, we will pinpoint how to fix loose rear view mirror ball joint. Let’s explore the solution with the post.

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Steps of How to Fix the Loose Rear View Mirror Ball Joint:

How to Fix the Loose Rear View Mirror Ball Joint

1st Step: In the initial step in fixing the loose rear view mirror ball joint, you have to pop off the thin needs to be done by using the mini flat cutting edge screwdriver. Above the edge, there are two small reliefs for using to pry off the clear lens. The whole process is simple and straightforward. This procedure is similar to replacing any damaged light bulb.

2nd Step: Now, you have to pull out the sole Phillips screw. The housing is held in place by the roof. Once you have screwed out the housing, lower it gently. This end portion is closer to you. Later, pull recompensing to disengage the two spikes which are holding up the anterior front margin of the housing.

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3rd Step: At this third phase, dropping the light housing as well as pushing this off to one border. Afterwards, you will notice three screws are attaching the mirror to the roof. These screws must be removed. Keep them safe. You will never lose them. Otherwise, you will be having a hard time to do further work.

4th Step: At this time, you should cautiously pull out that final screw. The mirror now separates from its ascending base. A little piece of cast metal and two roll pins will fall out of a pocket as the screw is loosened. These tube pins can be used to repair the ball joint on your loose mirror. It will eventually make it tighter again.

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5th Step: Previously in this post, we have discussed the function of the roll pins. Let’s focus on the interlocking jaws. After some time these jaws can be crushed together. It will cause the pot metal wedge to lose its tension. It will also loosen the mirror. There is no tension to tighten the wedge.

6th Step: At this point, you have to use thin point pliers for spreading open the scroll pins again. You can flip the portion you are working on. Then, turn the other side. You should do this to spread open the same amount reasonably. Tap down on the pliers until they are fully open. Flipping the pin is another option.

7th Step: We talk about so many things to demonstrate how to fix a loose rear view mirror ball joint. In this stage, you have to carefully concentrate on the pins. They are rounded. They can only fit on one side of the mountain base. This stage is where you will fix the broken rear view mirror.

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8th step: Now, drop the metal wedge together by aligning the back of the mirror back into the base of the mountains. There are little adjustable pins cast

Final Step

onto the base of the mirror to align. Release the screw rear end through the cast wedge’s hole. Now tighten the screw and turn it down. This will make the mirror feel tighter.

Final Step: You have to use the three screws for reattaching the ascending base with the roof. Place the trim piece on top of the ascending base. Two plastic tangs should be inserted into the opening of the roof panel. Next, tilt the panel upwards while aligning with your screw hole. Fix Attach the last screw to secure this backdown. Now you can put the thin lens in.

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This is all about the discussion of how to fix the loose rear view mirror ball joint.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Can You Tighten the Rear View Mirror?

Answer: Yes, you can. It is a simple process to make it from loose to tight. A slight turn of the tensioner can make a big difference. The stalk attaches to this mirror. Grab your Torx driver and tighten the tensioner. Let’s get the rearview mirror staying in the right place.

  • How Do You Remove A Rear View Mirror?

Answer: Firstly, remove your mirror from the car’s glass surface hardware. Locate a screw to remove the slide. You can use a heat gun to melt any adhesive that is holding the glass together. Apply the proper heat to the windshield’s outside. Now, mount the mirror’s hardware. Gently wiggle the top.

  • How Do I Stop My Rear View Mirror From Rattling?
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Answer: The basic way for stopping the vibration completely is focusing on the windshield. You must need to stop it from vibrating. Due to the distance of the reflection, the mirror appears to vibrate badly. Place any non-reflective material over the mirror. This can make your mirror appear more stable.

  • When Should You Use The Rear-View Mirror?

Answer: You should look at the rearview mirror whenever you start or stop, switch lanes, pass another vehicle, pull or turn over. Your mirror should be checked every 5-8 seconds. In high traffic or unusual situations, you will need to use the mirrors frequently. The mirror helps you to navigate any tough driving situation.


This is all about how to fix loose rear view mirror ball joint. We hope this post will help you to get the best information to solve the problem. Rearview mirrors are an important part of any vehicle. This ensures your safety while driving. You can use any kind of mirror for your rearview mirror. Some vehicles may have no functioning centre mirrors. Nevertheless, let’s have a safe journey with a tight rearview mirror ball joint.

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