Fix LG Keyboard has stopped: Best Way to Solve “Unfortunately, LG Keyboard has stopped” error

There is a strange problem with almost all the LG Android phones. All seems fine until suddenly the LG keyboard stops working. If you are facing the “Unfortunately, LG Keyboard has stopped” error, you are not alone. Many people have reported that the LG keyboard has stopped working. Thousands of people have complained about LG keyboard issues all over the globe. Experts believe this is a hardware issue due to the fact that LG could not produce high-quality phones at a low price. Regardless of the reason, you can fix LG keyboard problem. There are many ways to fix LG keyboard stopped working. I will list the top solutions.

Fix LG Keyboard has stopped

Changing the Keyboard

Go to the settings app in your LG Android phone.

Now scroll down and tap on the “Language and Input” section. If you are using an older version of the OS or the phone, find the section similar in the Settings app. There are not many differences between the versions. Here is Keyboard Users Manuals .

fix lg keyboard has stopped 1

Now you will see the option saying “LG Keyboard”. If you were using the LG Keyboard it will be tick marked. As you can see, this is the default keyboard on all LG phones. The default app section shows you the LG keyboard.

fix lg keyboard has stopped 2

You can fix the problem with the LG keyboard by switching to the Android keyboard. This keyboard is preloaded on your LG Android phone.

Now tap on the “Default” button and select the “English” keyboard language instead of the LG.

fix lg keyboard has stopped 3

That’s it. You will notice that the keyboard app has been changed when you return to the messages app or to any other place you use the keyboard. You’ll see the smooth, clean, and stable Android keyboard that shows the cleverness of Google.

fix lg keyboard has stopped 4

Android keyboard is never slow. It is stable enough to be the default keyboard. Users have had many problems with the LG keyboard in recent years. It has not been fixed with an update.

But, the Android Keyboard option is not visible to me.

It is important to note that not all users will find the “Android” keyboard alternative. You can download and install any third-party keyboard. I would recommend Swift Keyboard and GO SMS. Or if you want the Android keyboard, you will have to hard reset the phone or try searching the apk or app of the Google’s Android keyboard.

After installing the keyboard, you’ll be able to choose it as your default keyboard.

Deleting Data and Cache to Fix LG Keyboard

Another method to fix LG keyboard has stopped working is to clear cache and data of the keyboard app. This method has been tried by many users.

Start Settings on your Android smartphone.

Go to the General section and move on to “Apps”. List apps by switching to the “ALL” tab.

Select the LG Keyboard app and find it.

Now tap on the Stop and Clear data buttons.

This will clear all data variables and threads that are stuck to the app.

This will fix the problem with the LG keyboard not functioning.

This was how to fix “Unfortunately, LG Keyboard has stopped”. These are the two methods that will fix LG keyboard stopped issue. If you have any questions or confusion, please comment on this post.


1. How do I fix a problem with my LG keyboard?

Answer: If you’re experiencing issues with your LG keyboard, try restarting your device or clearing the keyboard’s cache. You could also try installing a different keyboard app to see if that resolves the issue.

2. What should I do if my LG keyboard is not working at all?

Answer: If your LG keyboard is not working at all, try resetting the keyboard settings to their default and restarting your device. If the issue persists, you may need to replace the keyboard hardware.

3. How can I adjust the keyboard settings on my LG device?

Answer: To adjust the keyboard settings on your LG device, go to Settings > Language & Keyboard > LG Keyboard. From there, you can adjust settings such as keyboard language, layout, and autocorrect.

4. Why is my LG keyboard typing the wrong characters?

Answer: If your LG keyboard is typing the wrong characters, it may be due to a language or keyboard layout setting. Check your keyboard settings to make sure that the correct language and layout are selected.

5. How can I troubleshoot an unresponsive LG keyboard?

Answer: If your LG keyboard is unresponsive, try clearing the keyboard cache, restarting your device, or resetting the keyboard settings to their default. If none of these solutions work, you may need to replace the keyboard hardware.

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