How to Fix Unsent Messages in Kik

how to fix unsent messages in kik

Kik is one of the most popular chatting apps among youngsters around the world. The app is easy to use. On top of that, you don’t have to give out your phone number to register.

Still, Kik is not perfect, and sometimes users run into issues when trying to send a message. If your Kik message won’t go through, what does that mean?

Is there anything you can do? In this article, we’ll explain how Kik’s messaging receipts work and how to optimize the app.

When the Message Is Stuck

Kik has a straightforward way of letting you know the status of your sent message. If you see the letter “S” next to it, that means your message is still on the Kik server. It is not yet delivered to the recipient.

If you see the letter “D” in the top left corner of your text, it means that the message is delivered to the recipient, but they are yet to open it. Finally, if the letter “R” is hovering over your words, that means that the person you texted has read your message.

What if there are three dots instead of letters in your message? The three dots “…” mean that your message hasn’t reached the server and that it’s somewhere in the Kik message purgatory.

When you see the three dots, that means you’re either having connection issues or something is going on with your phone. The three dots might linger for a few seconds and then turn into “S” and then “D.” But if you don’t see “S” for longer than that, it’s time to act.

Check Your Connection

You should first check your internet connection. Are you connected to Wi-Fi? And if you don’t have a router near you, is your mobile data switched on?

In case you’re home, you can try rebooting your router. Also, for your phone to get the best Wi-Fi signal, you have to be close to the router.

Update Kik

Long-time Kik users know that the messenger, although excellent, can be quite buggy sometimes. When the bugs and glitches start to happen, it probably means that an update is on the way.

So, head to the Play Store or App Store to make sure you have the latest version of the app. If you can’t send messages, an update will likely solve your problem.

When the Message Is Stuck on “S”

The three dots in your Kik messenger mean that your device wasn’t communicating with the app. But as soon as the connection gets established, you should see the letter “S” on your display. If you’re new to Kik, you might confuse the “S” with the delivered status.

And then wonder why the person you’re messaging isn’t responding. This receipt means that Kik has your message and will forward it to the recipient – if that’s possible. And if you see the “Sent” receipt hanging on for too long, that can mean several things.

Recipient Is Offline

The most frequent explanation as to why your message says “S” is that the recipient is offline at the moment. They might not have Wi-Fi access, or they’re all out of mobile data. Also, they could be traveling, and they don’t want to use their phone abroad.

Recipient Deleted Kik

Are you sure that the person you’re trying to message is currently using Kik? They might have used the app before, but if the “S” is persistent, they may have deleted the app.

To make sure, you can try reaching out via a different app and let them know that there’s an issue. If your friend still has the app on their phone, perhaps then they need to update it.

Recipient Has Blocked You

It’s not a pleasant thought to entertain, but the person you’re texting may have blocked you. Blocked Kik users will only see the “S” receipt and nothing else.

If you want to check whether you are blocked, you can try adding them to a group chat and see if that will work. If you can’t add them, then you’re blocked.

Kik Might Be Down

There’s a chance that Kik servers are down. That doesn’t happen often, but to make sure you can go to this page and check the status.

You’ll be able to see when was the last time Kik has an issue and what the most common Kik problems are. You can also report any problem you’re experiencing on this page, even if nothing is officially reported.

From Three Dots to “R” Receipt

The most frustrating Kik read receipt is the letter “S.” If you see the three dots, you know it’s just a connection issue, and that’s easy to fix. Your message will get sent in no time. But if the “S” doesn’t turn into “D” quickly, that’s when you start to worry.

Are they still online? Have they deleted Kik? Oder, have they blocked your account? All options are available. But also, Kik might be down for a moment.

Have you ever had a problem sending a message on Kik? Let us know in the comments section below.

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