What to Do If Your Jeans Are Too Long

Are your jeans too long? Jeans should be worn about 1 to 2 inches beyond your ankles, just like full-length pants and trousers. If If they are too long, there may be several problems. Your jeans may bunch up in the middle to create a messy appearance, or they may drag on the ground. In the latter scenario, allowing the bottom of your jeans to drag on the ground will likely damage them. They’ll slowly begin to degrade and unravel, resulting in permanent damage. You can take a few steps to shorten your jeans.

Wear Them Higher on Your Waist

If your jeans are too long, try wearing them higher on your waist. Most jeans are designed to sit directly on your waistline when worn. Others are designed to sit a little lower or a little higher. However, if you wear your jeans lower on your waist, they will be shorter. If your jeans are 2 inches too long, for example, you can wear them 2 inches higher on your waist, allowing for a more appropriate length in which they don’t bunch up in the middle or drag on the ground.

Shrink Them

If your jeans are both too long and too wide, you can try shrinking them. Assuming they are made of pure denim — which most jeans are — they should shrink at least somewhat when exposed to heat. Heat causes organic materials, including denim, to permanently contract. What’s the best way to expose your jeans to heat exactly? You can wash your jeans in hot water to trigger shrinkage. Don’t just wash them in hot water a single time. Instead, you should run them through the washer three to four more times with hot water. They will shrink slightly after that.

You can also shrink jeans by using a regular clothes dryer. Clothes dryers have many settings. One of these is the hot-air setting. Like hot water, exposure to hot air will cause your jeans to contract. If you wash your jeans in hot water and dry them using hot air, you should be able to shrink them. This will reduce both the length of your jeans and its width. If your jeans currently have a proper width that fits around your waist, shrinking them may cause them to no longer fit.

Roll Them Up

Another way to deal with jeans that are too long is to roll them up. You can do this by taking a small piece of denim material from the bottom of each leg and rolling it up a few more inches. The jeans will look shorter and fit better when they are rolled up.

There are a few different ways to roll up your jeans. The pin-roll method is perhaps the most well-known. It’s called the “pin-roll” method because it involves making short and narrow folds. The pin-roll method involves taking the bottom of your jeans, and rolling them in short and narrow folds to achieve the desired length. When finished, you can put on your shoes or boots, at which point you should be good to go.

Along with the pin-roll method, you can simply “cuff” the bottom of your jeans by folding the denim material up a few times. Just be sure to fold them tight enough so that they don’t unroll. If They will roll throughout the day if you don’t fold them tightly enough.

Choose Selvedge Jeans

Rather than trying to make oversized jeans fit better, you may want to replace them with a pair of selvedge jeans. Selvedge jeans can be purchased here at MakeYourOwnJeans. They are distinguished from other types by the presence a band at each leg’s bottom. If you look at the bottom of the pant legs, you’ll see a small band in which the denim material has been folded and sewn into place.

This band gives selvedge jeans a more snug fit than traditional jeans. The band stops the pant legs from dragging, which allows for a better fit. Selvedge jeans can also be considered to be high-quality. Selvedge jeans are made from premium denim and skilled craftsmanship. If you’re looking to buy a new pair of jeans and are worried that they’ll be too long, you can’t go wrong with selvedge jeans.

Place Over the Top of Your Footwear

The way in which your jeans can affect their perceived length. You can wear jeans that are too long higher on your waist, as previously discussed. An alternative solution, however, is to place the bottom of your jeans over the top of your footwear. Whether you’re wearing tennis shoes, boots or loafers, you should be able to place the bottom of your jeans over the top of your footwear.

Some types of jeans are even designed specifically to be worn over the top of footwear. For instance, boots-cut jeans have a wider lower leg than regular jeans. They are wider towards the bottom of the pant legs and more open. They can be easily layered over your shoes.

Buy Custom-Sized Jeans

When all else fails, you can buy a pair of custom-sized jeans. The majority of stores sell jeans in standard sizes that include a measurement for length and width. The problem with this generic sizing method is that it doesn’t always reflect a person’s true size. A person may wear one size in one brand of jeans but a completely different size in another.

This problem is solved by custom-sized jeans. MakeYourOwnJeans allows you to order custom-sized jeans. Instead of choosing a standard size, you’ll have the freedom to provide us with your exact body measurements. We’ll then use these measurements to design a custom pair of jeans that fit your body just right.

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