How To Fix a Hole In Leggings. Repairing Tears In Leggings

There’s not a single woman or man in the world who didn’t ask himself this one question ” How to fix a hole in leggings “. Anyone who wear leggings on the regular have come across a hole or train, it’s just a matter of time.

By being one of the most popular clothing items in the world, it’s a given that people should know how to take care of this issue, but to our surprise, it’s not that common knowledge. We will try and help you out here and teach you how to repair a hole in your leggings.

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How to fix a hole in leggings like a pro

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Before getting into the process of fixing a hole in your legging, let’s understand why holes are made in the first place. Wear and tear are the main reason why holes form in leggings. Wear and tear is the most common reason for holes in leggings, especially if your legs rub against each other while you walk.

Unless you purchase faux leather or similar leggings, the majority of store-bought leggings made from delicate fabrics. When you wear them, they start to unravel. You can see it happening near the seams. As the fabric tears, there will be many small holes that eventually grow into one large hole. At this point, you have two options: either you throw them away or fix them.

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Continue reading if you choose the second option.

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To fix a hole in your leggings, you have two major options:

  • Sew it with a sewing machine.
  • Sew it by hand if you don’t have a machine.

Fixing a hole in your leggings with a sewing machine

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The first thing you want to do is turn the leggings inside out, because it’s much easier to sew when you can see the seams.

If the inside seam needs to be repaired (which is likely), then you can simply track it from one leg to the crotch down the other. This is the easiest way to fix a hole in leggings because you basically just follow the original seam, you only need to ” take ” 1/4 of the fabric from the inside so you can cover the holes.

It will make the leggings a little bit more tight, but that’s the price you pay when you want to fix it yourself and not just throw it away. It’s your choice.

Make sure when you do this to NOT sew over a torn fabric section. You should be able to reach the legs and sew through fabric that is still intact. You should remove the rest from your machine.

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Another thing to consider is that if you do not use a sewing machine that cuts away the extra fabric automatically, you should just cut it by yourself with scissors after your sew the new seam or you can just squash the torn places together and sew them down ( which is less recommended because it’s just looks bad )

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Elastic fabrics are difficult to stitch with sewing machines, if you just use a regular straight seam it will most likely just bend and break. You need to use a stitching method that will give a little bit of extra fabric. Using a Zigzag stitch is a better idea for leggings fabrics.

Fixing a hole in leggings by hand

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So to fix a hole in your leggings by hand might be a little bit more advanced, you first need to choose the right needle size and right thread, below are some of the steps to repair a hole in leggings by hand:

  • For most legging fabrics I would chose a thin needle as the fabric is very delicate and you don’t want a thick needle that will get in and out too easily.
  • I would also go with a thread that is the same color of the leggings. For example, a black thread for black color leggings. This way people won’t notice the stitching so easily and it will look nicer.
  • Next, let’s make sure we have enough thread so we won’t get stuck without. Make sure you have at least 10 inches extra than you think you will need. Keep in mind that thicker fabric will require more thread so be sure to think about it before you cut.
  • Next let’s thread the needle by getting the tip of the thread wet with our mouth and threading it nicely so it won’t tear.
  • Now let’s tie the thread so it won’t pass through the fabric every time we stick the needle through. You may need to tie a knot, depending on what fabric you have.
  • Turn the fabric upside down. We always want to flip the fabrics so we get a better view of the seam, and not expose our new stitch to the outside.
  • You can use your fingers to hold the fabric together while you stitch.
  • Stitch along the original seam line, make sure to do small and steady seams so it will last longer and won’t break easily.
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Here’s a short video showing you how to repair a hole in your leggings if it’s not close to the main seam:

That’s pretty much it, it’s not overly complicated to repair a hole in leggings and with a little bit of patience, you can get it done in like 30 minutes. We hope that this article was helpful.

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