What to Do If Your Hot Tub Water is Cloudy, Foamy or Green?

What to Do If Your Hot Tub Water is Cloudy, Foamy or Green?

Hot tub water care is crucial to ensure the water stays clear, sanitary, and ready to use, paying attention to any problems. Maintenance is key to enjoying the best experience of a clean hot tub, eliminating the risk of bacteria growth and unclear water.

If you’re having some problems with your hot tub water, read our tips below on how to restore your tub for a clean, healthy environment to relax in.

What What makes your hot tub water turn green?

Green hot tub water can be caused by algae which is usually a sign of insufficient sanitisation level (Chlorine or Bromine) in your tub. The water can also turn if it contains minerals like iron, copper, or manganese. These minerals could be from copper pipes, the corrosion of equipment or even just minerals from your household water.

Fake tanning products also are a no-no! The chemicals in your hot tub will remove the tan from your skin and turn your hot tub shell, pipework, and internal systems brown or green.

How to clear green water in a hot tub?

If your water has been green for less than 24 hours then you may be able to bring it back around again. Remove your pillows and use 60g of your sanitiser (chlorine or bromine) per 1,500l of water. The hot tub cover should be left on for 20 minutes. After that, turn the jets on and wait for the cycle to complete. You will need to leave the hot tub for a few hours, if this has worked you will see the hot tub water begin to clear within 12 hours. Once clear and the sanitiser has dropped to a safe level, you can use the hot tub again.

If the water has been green for over 24 hours or the above has not worked then the best way to clear green water from your tub is to drain, clean thoroughly and then refill with fresh new water. Make sure the filters are cleaned and wipe down the interior so that any remaining algae is removed. Make sure to add your sanitiser and balance the pH once the hot tub has reached temperature. Getting the balance right is crucial so make sure you don’t overdo it with the chemicals as something like too much chlorine can damage the hot tub and irritate your skin.

For more information on chemicals for your hot tub, check out our guide here: thegoneapp.com/blogs/inspiration-advice/hot-tub-chemicals-guide

Why does hot tub water get cloudy?

The main reason you could have cloudy hot tub water is just because the water is old and needs refreshing. Hot tub water should be emptied of any chemicals and refilled with hot water every 3-4 month.

If this isn’t the case, then there are a few more things you should check:

Sanitiser levels

If your chlorine or bromine levels are low, it can lead to poorly sanitized water, causing it to go cloudy.

PH levels

Check your waters pH levels to see if they are off-balance. If the water becomes more alkaline, scale can accumulate contributing to the cloudiness of your water.

Hot tub filters

Hot tub filters are used to clean water, but if they’ve not been cleaned or changed for a while, they can become clogged unable to filter the water, leaving behind dirty, cloudy water.

External substances

Most causes of cloudy water are actually caused by what you unknowingly bring into the hot tub. This can be deodorant, moisturiser, even conditioner in your hair or debris from your feet as you enter the spa. A huge cause is residue wash powder left in swimwear. The best way to stop it is by not bringing it in, so be conscious of what you are taking into the hot tub with you and how you wash your swimwear.

How to treat cloudy hot tub water?

The first step to treating cloudy hot tub water is to test the chemical levels in your water to make sure the levels are correct. Balancing your water is easy when using hot tub test strips. A hot tub shocking treatment will kill any bacteria and reactive sanitisers and make sure you deep clean or replace the hot tub filter.

Prevention is always the best – prevent the cause of cloudy water first. If this fails, you can drain your hot tub and clean it thoroughly before filling it with fresh water.

What What causes hot tub foam?

The cause of foam in a hot tub is usually water contamination from things such as detergents and beauty products.

If you’re having trouble with hot tub foam, it could be caused by any of these things:

Hair products

Your hair will always contain residue from shampoo, conditioner, gel, hair spray, mousse, and other hair products. It is transferred into the hot tub water when your hair comes in to contact with it.

How to prevent hot tub foam?

The easiest thing to do to prevent hot tub foam is to shower before getting in. This will remove all cosmetics, perfumes and moisturisers, as well as fake tan.

Make sure you tie long hair up to prevent it from entering the water and give your swimming costume an extra rinse in warm water to ensure no soap is trapped inside the fibres.

Prevent spills in the hot tub with a Spa Caddy Table so that your drinks are stored upright to avoid any spillage.

You should always verify the chemical grade before purchasing chemicals. We don’t sell any chemicals lower than grade 5 and we recommend you read the guidelines provided for chemical usage with your hot tub make and model.

So, make sure you always pay attention to any obscurities in your hot tub water. You should cover your hot bathtub when it is not being used and ensure your hot water heater is working properly.

If you have any further issues or would like to book a service, you can find out more here: thegoneapp.com/pages/outdoor-living-hot-tub-servicing

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