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Fixing a scuff, scrape or gouge in leather

Kay asked:

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I have a pair of Rios of Mercedes boots belonging to my late husband. The toe of one of the boots has a small gouge. Is this possible to repair?


Yes, your boots can be fixed. Our repair dept. Boyers Bootnshoe can remove most scratches, scuffs and gouges. The amount of damage that can be removed will depend on the leather’s color, its softness, and the depth of the damage. A black boot made from a hard leather will be more durable than a boot made of a very soft, light-tan leather. You can make your black boot look brand new. Although the boot might still have some damage, it will look amazing.

You can do it yourself. Yes. It’s like any other thing, knowledge and experience make all the difference. Here’s how I might help you.

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-First step: Clean the leather really well. This is done with a spot remover such as Fiebings Spot Remover. This is used to prepare the boot’s surface. It should dry completely. It could take between 10 and 15 minutes.

-2nd Step: If there are any raised-leather scuffs you may need to glue these down.

You can use Crazy Glue or Barge Contact cement. But be careful not to use too much. Put a dot of glue onto a piece of paper, then use your toothpick to get a small amount of glue and apply it to the scratch.

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We can smoothen the surface by using very fine sandpaper. It depends on the leather color and type. Remember that I am speaking very broadly here. Your experience will tell you what and how to proceed.


  • Fixing a Scuff Before and After

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3rd Step: Now the leather needs to be “buffed” to smooth out the blemishes. The leather will be prepared by applying Kelly’s Cream Polish. This fills in the dry leather and adds color

4th Step: Buff the leather with a brush (get a buffing brush here)

-Final Step!: Lastly, we rub in a good hard wax like Angelus Shoe Wax Polish. It contains hard Carnuba Wax, which fills in any blemishes and also gives the skin a shiny finish. To make the scuff disappear, it may take 2-6 applications of wax.

(for more about using polishes check out our polish blog post)

With severe blemishes, well honestly we have “secret sauces” that we use. These secrets aren’t all mine, they just depend on what the problem is. If the above information doesn’t solve your problem, you can ask me more specific questions and attach a photo. Then I’ll give you the solution. You can ask a question of the Boot Guy at [email protected] or leave a comment below.

Slim, The Boot Guy

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