How To Fix Check Vsc System Toyota Camry

Any automobile is a precision vehicle that has to be taken care of in a variety of ways. Although routine maintenance is essential to keep your vehicle running smoothly, unexpected issues can happen from time-to-time. We’re fortunate enough that science will help us find out what’s going on and what we can do about it for a long time. The dashboard will show a variety of warnings and lights to indicate that something is not right. One of them is a VSC system and how to fix check VSC system Toyota Camry for 2002 upper models.

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What does VSC mean on a Toyota Camry?, Before Fixing Check Vs.

VSC refers to the vehicle’s inner traction control system. The VSC is the inner traction control system of the vehicle. It roars to life when you drive on slippery roads. You lose control and get more steering power. Both of the car’s wheels would have electronic sensors that interface with the Powertrain Control Module (PCM) of the car.

How VSC System Toyota Works?

Because Lexus is manufactured by Toyota, the technology is common across the brands. In the same manner that Infiniti is Nissan’s premium brand and Genesis was Hyundai’s luxury division, Lexus is Toyota’s luxury brand.

If your vehicle stability control is operating properly, it will activate while you’re traveling on a wet or snowy road. To To avoid skidding, the technology applies brakes automatically as necessary and reduces engine output to prevent accidents.

It’s an integral element of any Toyota or Lexus’s safety system. Sensors can tell which wheels have traction and which don’t. The system may apply the brakes to all of the tires at once or to individual wheels based on the sensor data, depending on which ones are sliding and which aren’t. An equivalent safety feature can be found in modern cars.

VSC Light Toyota

VSC Light Toyota

What is the cause of Check VSC light on Toyota Camry?

The check VSC light on means that the system is experiencing an issue. This could be due to a problem with either the sensors or the steering rack.

The ABS and VSC work together so if the check VSC light goes on it could also mean that the ABS is not working properly.


  1. Heavy blizzard conditions: If the VSC light comes on during snowy weather, then parking somewhere warm enough to let the snowmelt is your safest and easiest alternative and then reset the light with an OBD 2 scanner and the system should be okay.
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  3. Sensors Damage: Physical damage to the sensors in case of an accident may also damage them causing them to stop functioning, and in such instances, the light will also come on.
  4. Malfunctioning System: In addition to damage and snow or debris accumulation such as being worn out if the sensors do not feed information to the PCM due to some other cause, the VSC light check would also come on as this is also an indicator that things are not functioning properly.

What Are the Symptoms of a Bad Alternator

Steps of How To Fix Check Vs. System Toyota Camry

For all these 4 errors, and how to fix it can be depended upon the identified issue, you have to go through simple steps one by one and see the problem is fixed.

It could indicate a malfunctioning system. If the problem persists, it is best to consult a specialist.

1st Approach

Rest can be done in Four Ways.

There will be a button either by your shifter or your steering wheel (depending on the model year of the Toyota) that has the same icon as the light in your gauges. Once you’ve located it:

  • Make sure you are completely stopped. If possible, park the car.
  • For a few seconds, hold down the VSC key.
  • The VSC OFF and TRAC OFF indicators lights will turn on. Both systems have been turned off.
  • Again, press the VSC button. The lights will switch off, and the systems will be reconnected.
  • Next, if the VSCOFF light is still on then proceed to the second approach.

2nd Approach

  • If you have a scan gauge then resetting the VSC light should not be difficult.
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  • First switch on the engine to ACC
  • Press the odometer
  • Holding until it reads the actual mileage
  • Switch off the engine completely and turn it on again but this time pressing the odometer button
  • This should clear the VSC light in case of heavy blizzard condition.

3rd Approach

  • Switch off the Vehicle: Parking the car in a quiet position from which you can work, shutting it off and then applying the parking brake would be the first step before having to reset this light to ensure that it does not change when running.
  • Examine Engine Compartment: Next, pop the hood and then examine the engine compartment to check whether you can identify the issue causing the light to switch on. You should locate the air filter box which should be on the engine’s left-hand side.

You should inspect the vacuum lines leading to the box and make sure they are not broken or missing. You will need to reconnect or retighten any loose lines.

  • Start Vehicle and Drive: You can now restart and push the car to see how the mistake clears up. If the light turns off that means the problem is solved and the steps below would be very helpful if it is still there.

4th Approach

  • Clear Error with OBD 2 Scanner: Using this scanner is also quite straightforward as it is all about hooking up to the respective port which is usually under the driver’s side of the dashboard, scanning to display the error codes and then clearing them.
  • Hard Reset: If the OBD 2 scan still does not work, it is hard to reset the other option to get rid of the VSC system light search.
  • To do this, you can park your car in a safe place and then lift the hood. You can then remove the battery terminals by holding down the hood for at least 10 second. You can then reset the car’s device by doing this. This will cause the VSC warning light to turn off.

The last step is always to take the vehicle for a test drive to check whether the light is gone or not.

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