How to Easily Replace Caster Wheels

How to Easily Replace Caster WheelsThe convenience of caster wheels is a benefit for any home or office. Problems arise when one of these wheels is broken or damaged. Furniture that was once easy to move across the floor becomes a lumpy mass. Some people adjust to the idea that the piece of furniture will never move easily again. Others may deem the piece of furniture as useless and make plans to purchase more.

A broken or lost caster wheels don’t have to ruin an entire furniture piece. They are easily replaceable and can be done inexpensively.

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Learn How to Easily Replace Caster Wheels

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1. Take the wheel off and bring it with you for fitting. Caster There are many options for attaching wheels. The easiest and most accurate way to ensure a good fit with the new caster is to take the old one along to make your purchase. When purchasing online, be sure to correctly measure the old caster “stem or mounting plate” and purchase a replacement caster that will fit.

2. Think about the job the wheel will do. If the wheel is to be used on a heavy piece of furniture or equipment it will need to be sturdy enough to hold that weight. Before making a purchase, check the ratings of a replacement caster wheel to make sure it will be able to meet the weight requirements of the item where it will be mounted.

3. Take into account the surface type. There are many surfaces that could be covered by equipment. Different types of caster wheels are designed to work well with different surfaces. Make sure to get the type that will work on the surface where it will be used. Carpet needs a different kind of wheel material than wood, tile, and marble floors.

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4. Determine whether there are other issues to be considered. If the casters will be used on a slanted surface, it might be wise to get casters with a braking mechanism to keep the item from rolling around. Some items may require casters that can swivel. The ability to swivel might be a negative point for other items.

5. It’s time for the easy part. Many people put off replacing the casters as they believe it will be too difficult. It might not be difficult to replace the casters. The new caster should be able to slide in the same place as the old one. Some casters can be screwed in and out. The old caster post may have broken in the hole. This can lead to complications. If this is the case, a pair of pliers can be used to remove the broken piece.

Don’t discard old furniture and equipment simply because a caster wheel has broken or become lost. Don’t use lopsided furniture that has lost one wheel. It can be difficult to find the right replacement for a broken caster wheel. So, next time a wheel breaks, follow these simple steps to discover how to easily replace caster wheels.

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