Here’s How to Fix A Bent Phone

So you left home in the morning feeling good in your new skinny jeans. Unknowingly, you reached for your phone and slipped it into your back pocket. The worst case scenario was that your smartphone was bent.

To be candid, damaging our smartphones is somewhat related to having a flat tire in most cases. But thankfully, having a bent phone doesn’t mark the end of its life. Instead of preparing to buy a new one when your phone is bent, you can actually fix it. Don’t you think so? We’ll show you how!

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how to fix a bent phone

Can you fix a bent phone?

If what comes to your mind after seeing your lovely phone in a new awkward shape is “Can I unbend my phone?” It’s not unusual for anyone to think about changing the shape of their phone right away. It is not so simple.

A A bent phone is usually a phone whose frame has been warped. This happens with phones made of weak aluminum or plastic frames. And in such a case, the frame needs to be changed.

Normaly, you cannot change a phone’s frames at home using a basic repair kit. It requires dismantling all the phone’s components from the bent frame and coupling it to a new one. A professional is the best person to do this.

Replacing your warped phone’s frame is a delicate job. And in most cases, it requires more time, experience, and professionalism to get the job done.

Trying to straighten your bent phone by yourself is risky as it will cause further and perhaps expensive damages. That means you need to visit an authorized service provider to fix your bent phone. If the bent phone was not intentionally caused, this should be provided as a complimentary service.

How to prevent your phone from being bent

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Even though it’s unlikely for any 2021 modern phone to get bent, there’s nothing impossible. Meanwhile, if your phone is still in a pristine condition, it should be your best interest to prevent it from bending. Here’s how:

1. Your phone should not be kept in tight places.

The first step to prevent your phone from warping is to keep it off your tight pockets – usually the back pocket in most cases. People who keep their phones in tight pockets are often responsible for bent or warped phones.

While tight jeans and dresses may seem appropriate for most people, they can cause damage to your phone’s health by causing it to squeeze when you bend, squat or sit.

If you must keep your phone in your pocket, ensure there’s enough space to contain and prevent it from heavy pressure when you move your body.

2. Protective cases are a must.

Don’t blame the phone manufacturer for making mistakes. However, if your phone’s shape is still in impeccable condition, we recommend you attach a sturdy protective case to it. The case will keep your smartphone safe from accidental bends, even if it’s in tight places.

Protecting your smartphone from being bent by using a bumper case or protective/bumper case will keep it clean and free of marks and scratches.

3. Your phone should not be placed near your bedside.

You can also bend your phone by pressing and squeezing it in tight pockets. To ensure you don’t wake up to a bent phone, learn how to keep your phone off the bed before sleeping.

4. Use light pressure to your phone.

You probably have watched the viral “Bend Test” video on YouTube where a YouTuber was trying to bend a phone to see how durable it is. Isn’t it?

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However, to prevent your phone from bending, you should never try to curl, squeeze, or apply too much pressure on it. Now that it’s not accidental or unintentional, you shouldn’t be the one to damage your phone’s frame by bending it.

Where to repair a bent phone

Like many delicate mobile repair services, the recommended place to repair your bent phone is the official service centre. The good news is that the official service provider will fix your phone free of charge if it was bent by accident due to a factory defect.

Meanwhile, if your phone should bend naturally, then you’re probably not the only one facing the problem. So, chances are your manufacturer is aware and ready to fix the problem for free. However, they would check if the bending wasn’t done carelessly before they agree to fix your bent phone for free.

Are you experiencing a bent Infinix, Itel, or TECNO smartphone Don’t panic – we can fix it for you!

As the official after-sales service provider for TECNO, Infinix, and itel phone users, we exist to provide top-notch repair solutions for your devices. Whether it’s a cracked screen, damaged battery, water-damaged phone, or anything, our competent technicians can fix it in minutes.

Now that your phone has been bent by any means, we can help you repair it. All you need is to visit any of our repair centres near your or book an online appointment with us to hasten the process.

We offer same day repair services. So, you never have to worry about waiting forever to fix your bent phone.

Itel, Infinix and TECNO have proven to be strong and resistant to natural bends over the years. Nonetheless, smartphones are far from being perfect as none of them is impervious to damage.

You can damage your phone by applying too much pressure to it, such as dropping it from a height or keeping it in a tight place. Nonetheless, we’re always ready to help when your phone gets bent. Visit Carlcare service centre today!

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