Should your Polaris generator’s maximum load be exceeded, the circuit protection device will trip and cut all current to the receptacles. The engine will continue to operate. You can correct the load by unplugging any appliances from the receptacles. Next, press the circuit protector button and then the Overload Reset button. AC power will be restored instantly. The overload reset button can only be used up to five times per full start of the generator. Turn off the generator, then turn it on again using the power switch to reset the number of times.

Although it may not cause the generator to turn on, overloading it slightly (30 minutes) or running at maximum power will reduce the generator’s lifespan. You should not overload the generator. To ensure that you have sufficient wattage to power the appliances you want to power, refer to the wattage specifications.

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Circuit protectors protect the DC receptacle from overload. The circuit protector protects the DC circuit from overloading. If this happens, the protector will trip and the DC receptacle will stop functioning. If the circuit protector keeps on tripping, you should stop charging and consult your Polaris generator dealer. The circuit protector will not stop you from charging the battery too high. The protector can be found above the receptacle. It is opened by pressing the button.

Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to start and stop overloading your air conditioner. A start capacitor is an optional cost-saving option offered by some manufacturers of air conditioners. A start capacitor is an option that can help prevent the generator overloading and excessive starting current. If you have trouble starting your air conditioner, please contact your dealer.

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P5500 and P6500 The 240V circuit breaker will automatically switch off if a short circuit or significant overload of the generator occurs to the 240V receptacle. Before the circuit breaker switches off automatically, make sure that all connected appliances work properly and don’t exceed the generators maximum output.

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The 120V circuit protectors shut off current to the receptacles if the circuit is too full or if there is an issue with the DC battery charger circuit. These circuit breakers include the AC, DC, and electric start.

P2000i and P3200iE The overload reset button is used in the case of sudden engine shutdown resulting from prolonged engine overload. If the generator overload occurs, the AC power will be cut, but the engine will still run. After correcting the overload condition, press the overload reset button on the front panel. AC power will be restored instantly. Below are the locations of the reset buttons.

Reset button locations

In case of engine overload:

1. All electrical appliances should be disconnected.

2. To reset the engine, hold the reset button down for one second.

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3. Reconnect any electrical appliances that have been switched off by the overload indicator and re-illuminated.

4. If the overload indicator is still lit, switch the power switch off and turn on the generator.

For every full start of the generator, the overload reset button may be used up to five times. Turn off the generator, then turn it on again using the power switch to reset the number of times.

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If there is a short circuit or severe overload, the AC and DC circuit breakers will automatically turn OFF. Push the button into the ON position to reset the circuit protector. Before you reset the circuit breaker, make sure that all appliances are in proper operation. Also ensure that the rated load has not exceeded.

If a short circuit is detected in a connected device, or if the generator produces more than 2800W, current to that appliance will stop. The output indicator (GREEN), and the overload indicator (RED), will flash.

See your Polaris Dealer for more details. The Dealer Locator will help you locate a dealer close to you. Your Owner’s Guide contains more details about maintenance and operation procedures, including the P5500 and 6500 Owner’s manuals, P3200iE owner’s manuals and the P2000i owner’s manual. Use the online parts catalog to search for replacement part numbers.

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