Annoyed That Your Office Chair Keeps Sinking?

We spend a lot of money on our office chairs, making sure they are comfortable and ergonomic for our long work days. After a few years, the chair just stops working. Although it looks nearly new and is in great shape, the chair sinks and won’t stay up. No matter how much you spend on a desk chair or whether it costs $1,500, an office chair that is constantly sinking should not be a problem.

office chair won

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Here’s a quick story. What has happened to you in similar situations?

Jack just came out of a meeting to find out that the deadline for his major project had been extended. He sipped his coffee and entered his office, ready to do some work. He sank to his knees as soon as he settled down into the office chair. It felt like he was in an infant-sized chair. He couldn’t reach his keyboard because of the low chair. He stood up and pulled the lever of the chair lift lever. Nothing happened. The lowest setting was the one that the chair was at. Jack was frustrated and annoyed. Or would he have to purchase a new chair?

Jack (and you) have been there. is stuck in the lowest setting of an office seat that doesn’t allow you to get up for work. It’s not enjoyable.

It’s time to replace the chair with a new one. But not so fast. You don’t have to spend hundreds of money on a new chair. Instead, you can fix it. Restoring your sinking office chair can help you save tons of money.

Why do office chairs often sink?

Sinking office chairs doesn’t necessarily mean that the chair is in bad shape. This is actually due to a simple reason. The lift has gone from the office chair cylinder to the base.

sinking office chair

The office chair cylinder connects the base and the seat. It is the part that allows us to adjust our chair up or down. The chair cylinder contains nitrogen gas. When you pull the chair lever, nitrogen gas switches chambers within the cylinder that allow it to move up/down. Here are more details about gas springs.

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The seal inside the cylinder can wear down and become leaky over time. The cylinder is what causes the chair’s sinking.

What now? How can I repair my swivel armchair if it keeps sinking. How can I fix my chair? We’ve listed all the options for fixing an office chair below.

How to fix a sinking office chair options:

Option 1: Use a Hose Clamp & Duct Tape

Main Points: Cheap Fix, Temporary, Not Adjustable, Not Professional

computer chair sinking clamp

One of the more common DIY quick fix or hack is to use a hose clamp and some duct tape. Although it won’t fix the chair, this can temporarily stop it from sinking. The hose clamp must have a diameter of 20 or 13/16”-1-3/4”.

The hose clamp is attached to the piston of the cylinder at a height that suits you and acts as a stop. To prevent the clamp sliding, duct tape is used. This may not work for very long and eventually the clamp will slide. Before you know it your chair will start to slide again. This is not the best look for your office or home.

Option 2: Use a Plastic Spacer / PVC Pipe

Main Points: Cheap Fix, Temporary, Not Adjustable, Not Professional

desk chair sinking spacer

Another DIY office chair hack is using a plastic spacer or piece of PVC to prevent the cylinder from sinking. You can wrap the plastic spacer around the piston of the cylinder if it is cut in the middle. It is necessary to remove the cylinder from the frame in order for the spacer to fit.

Like the hose clamp it acts only as a stop, and doesn’t allow for height adjustment. The plastic can crack or break from sitting in a chair. This method may not work in a professional environment.

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Main Points: Costs ~$30, Permanent Solution, Adjustable Chair, Professional

Click here for a complete Chair Cylinder Replacement Kit (includes new cylinder, all required tools, instructions & 6 year warranty)

fix sinking office chair

As mentioned previously, the hose clamp and spacer options are temporary, only allow you to sit at one single height, and are not very professional looking. Instead, replace the cylinder. This is especially important for office chairs that are expensive, such office massage chairs.

The process of replacing the chair cylinder is much simpler than you think. This will allow your chair to feel new for six years.

Many of the parts that make up a desk chair, such as the base, caster wheels, and the chair cylinder, can be replaced easily. A standard-sized chair cylinder can fit approximately 95% of office chairs.

If your computer chair is constantly sinking, you can find the solution at thegoneapp.comace your cylinder.

Is this too hard?

Not at all! (it is actually quite simple and straightforward)

So you might not know where to start. You might be thinking that you don’t have enough tools. The complete cylinder replacement kit is here to help. The kit includes a replacement cylinder of heavy duty, tools to remove your old cylinder and step-by-step instructions.

This video will walk you through the entire process step-by-step.

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