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Fix a Squeaky or Slow Car Window in 5 Easy Steps Fix a Squeaky or Slow Car Window in 5 Easy Steps

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Does your car window make a lot of noise when you roll it up? Are the glass’s movements slow or fast? A simple product and five steps can quickly fix a slowing or squeaky window.

It’s easy and inexpensive to fix a squeaky or slow car window. The only thing you will need is the correct lubricant.

Best Lubricant for Squeaky or Slow Car Windows

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For this job, it’s important to use the right product. Spray silicone grease can be used to fix a squeaky window. One can of spray silicone grease will cost you about $5 at your local automotive or hardware store. It has enough product to repair 2 to 3 windows.

Avoid petroleum-based or oily lubricants. They will trap dirt and dust, and as the grime builds up, it will make things worse. This buildup can make your car’s windows noisier, and more difficult to see. The rubber and felt tracks can be further damaged by these lubricants, which may dry them out over time.

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Spray silicone grease and dry moly lubricants like spray silicone grease bond immediately to metal surfaces, creating a dirt-repelling shield which protects the surface from pressure and friction. This type of lubricant can be safely used on metals and other automotive components.

5 Steps to Fix a Squeaky or Slow Car Window

  1. With the vehicle’s window fully open, you’re going to spray the moly lubricant inside the seal on both sides of the window frame. Start with the left side. Spray the moly grease into the rubber seal at the top and work your way downwards. Some of the excess will slide down inside the seal, that’s fine.
  2. The same process can be repeated on the other side of the window. The lubricant should be evenly distributed along the vertical frame of your window, down to the corner of the seal. Use the rag for wiping around the window seal, car’s door frame, or body.
  3. After waiting a while, roll the window up. To ensure that silicone grease is absorbed into the track, make sure the glass moves up and down at least twice. You should hear a squeaking sound that improves with each passing day.
  4. If the squeak isn’t completely gone yet, you can add more spray silicone lubricant into the seal of the window with the glass all the way up and this will help transfer the lubricant down into the components inside the door of the car.
  5. You can continue repeating steps 1 through 4, until the car’s window is free from squeaks.
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Use a rag to remove excess lubricant spray from your car’s body, door frame and window seal. The silicone grease should not be absorbed into the horizontal portion of the window frame. This could cause streaky glass and make cleaning more difficult.

Clean Up

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It’s easy to clean up after this process. Give the lubricant enough time to dry before cleaning.

To clean around the rubber seal on the car’s window, and any other silicone lubricant remnants, first use paper towels or an abrasive to wipe it off. Next, insert your index finger into a rag and clean the bottom horizontal portion of the window frame. Press down as hard as you can on the seal with your index finger. Use a basic glass cleaner to clean the glass. Finally, wipe it with a paper towel.

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