5 Common Glass Shower Door Repairs

With normal use, your glass shower door is going to experience wear and tear. There’s no way to avoid that. The issues you might encounter can be broken down into two main categories: those you can fix yourself (DIY) and those you’ll need a professional to handle.

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Here are some common problems that can occur with your shower doors and how to fix them.

Glass Shower Door Repairs You Can DIY

If your glass shower door sticks(*5*)

Your shower door might be sticking due to a loose screw or buildup of soap scum.

To fix it, first make sure you check the hinges to ensure that they are tightened properly. You can tighten them with a screwdriver, and your door will return to normal.

If that’s not the issue, it could be a result of buildup. In that case, you should do a deep cleaning:

  • Start by spraying your glass shower door with a homemade solution of lemon water or vinegar and dish detergent. After that, you can wipe it down.
  • Next, use a Magic Eraser sponge to clean your shower.
  • You can then scrub the shower using a sponge or a brush to get at any problem areas.

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If your shower door won’t stay closed(*5*)

This is another case where the issue could be that the screws are loose. Make sure to check all hinges, handles and latches for loose screw. You should remove any loose screws from hinges, handles and latches.

If this doesn’t work, try cleaning the hinge area by scrubbing or brushing it with vinegar.

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Glass Shower Door Repairs You’ll Need a Professional to Handle

If your shower door drags(*5*)

If you have a sliding shower door, you might experience it dragging. It is likely that your shower door drags. The clamps should be adjusted and realigned. This could be caused by water buildup or debris.

You could do this yourself but it will require you to take the shower door off the track. This is why we recommend that you hire a professional.

If your shower door has scratches(*5*)

Scratches are actually easy to fix, but you will need a professional to do it. You can have the glass repaired by a professional who will fill in any cracks or repair them.

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If your glass shower door leaks(*5*)

If your shower door leaks, that usually means there’s a problem with the seals around the edges. To check the seals, you should call a professional.

Repairing your glass shower door doesn’t have to be a pain. There’s usually an easy fix. Make sure you clean the shower door and inspect for loose screws.

If that doesn’t fix the problem, then you might need a professional. Most repair technicians can handle any issue that arises from normal wear and tear. Now that you know all about the common repairs and who can fix them you’re well on your way to reducing the chance of future costly repairs.

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